• We don't pay Overtime rate on PTO. How can we get Sage 300 Payroll to deduct PTO hours from OT calculations?

    Like most companies, if an employee has over 40 hours solely due to PTO (vacation, holiday, sick, etc..) in a given week, we do not apply the overtime rate to the hours over 40.

    However, we can't find a way to get Sage Payroll to not factor in the PTO…

  • Payroll error (print cheque control)

    We have a client that is getting an error message during the print cheques function in Payroll.  They are getting an error has occured during print cheques control.  The error returned was 1020 errupdateBKtran -20, plus another 3 similar messages for upding…

  • 2021 Second Quarter 941 - can not get rid of worksheet 1

    We are working on our second quarter 941.  It appears when we type in a number on line 21 the system created worksheet 1.  Worksheet 1 is for covid wages prior to April 1.  We do not have any wages prior to April 1 that we need to declare on this worksheet…

  • EFT Payroll Reconciliation - HELP!

    I have had success setting up our EFT Payroll (Orchid) with Sage 300.  However, when I go to reconcile my bank through an OFX statement the bank has processed the payroll as a full total withdrawal and of course, on the Sage side, it sees the individual…

  • Box 52 Pension Adjustment not showing up on the T4

    We have 2 deductions set up for Pension.  One is for the Employee contribution, and one for the employer portion.  Both are set to 5% (Percentage of Base).  The employee portion is set to go to box 20 and 52, and the employer is set to go to 52 only.  They…

  • New t4 boxes

    Is there a way that we can enter amounts and have them go directly to the new T4 boxes (57-60) that are required?  We had someone start Payroll partway through the calendar year, and up to July, they just did one lump some history entry.

  • Work Force Analyzer hangs in startup

    I have a client that replaced their workstation and now they are unable to run the Work Force Analyzer.  We installed the latest updates of Sage 300 payroll and the Work Force Analyzer, but when they launch the program we see a message Connecting to Sage…

  • Payroll Transaction history and the ROE

    We have a client that noticed that the entries she is doing in history to update hours for employees are not being reflected in box 15C of the ROE.  They are using the latest payroll tax updates and running version 2020.

  • Q4 2020 Canadian Payroll tax update

    Can anyone confirm how the amounts in Boxes 57 to Box 60 are accumulated?  Does the form use Pay Period End Date or Pay Date for inclusion?

    Client is questioning the amounts and saying they are calculated wrong.  I looked at the CRA website and the example…

  • error installing Tax table update

    Getting the following error while attempting to install January Tax Table update for PAyroll 7.3

    Error determining program edition.

    It is Sage 2019.  I seem to recall seeing this one at least once before, but do not recall the resolution

  • What is the effect of deleting a Pay ID that has not been used for a few years?

    I ran a report and see that I have 7 Pay IDs that were not used in 2019 or 2020. I would like to delete them so they are not used by accident. My only question is what happens if I run a pay history report for an employee that was paid using one of the…

  • EMP501 Reconciliation cents versus no cents

    The file from VIP which is been imported in Easyfile; the EMP501 recon is rounding the PAYE, SDL and UIF at the total liability and total tax certificates, but the values at the top of the EMP501 which is being imported from SARS show cents.

    This cause…

  • taxable fringe

    i need to setup a taxable fringe for the personal use of company vehicles,  sage knowledge base for taxable fringes recommends the in/out pay type.  my issue is that the out deduct gets hard coded to a single liability account and I have no liability to pay…

  • How does Sage 300 handle the CPP 3500 exemption

    I am working with someone that is new to Sage 300, but not new to Payroll.  They have payroll setup, and we are trying to match the calculations from the other system (Sage 50) to Sage 300.

    We have entered all of the employees, and also entered their pay…

  • Trying to set up the Sage HRMS/300 Link to run on a schedule automatically

    I'm trying  to run the HRMS and Sage Link Automatically by setting it up in the Schedule Profile Configuration and Schedule User Login Configuration under Sage Payroll Link- Sage HRMS Setup. I'm following the steps provided to me in the user guide…

  • 2020 Aatrix 941 Form

    Does anyone know when the 2020 941 form will be available?  When I select the 2020 form in Aatrix it generates as the 2019 form and says I'm unable to e-file.

  • Sage 300: COVID-19 Legislation

    This forum post will be updated when there is legislation that impacts your Sage 300 product.

    United States:

    Sage 300 U.S. Payroll Update

  • Sage 300 Payroll: H.R. 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act & Canada Temporary Wage Subsidy for Employers

    H.R. 6201 Families First Coronavirus Response Act & Sage 300 U.S. Payroll

    The Families First Coronavirus Response Act, which includes the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and the Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act, takes effect in the U…

  • Sage is reviewing U.S. & Canadian economic response plans

    In the United States, legislation has been passed – H.R. 6201 "Families First Coronavirus Response Act" – to provide emergency supplemental appropriations and support to people during the COVID-19 pandemic. To read the full bill click …

  • Sage 300 U.S. Payroll Tax Update (Q1 2020) is available

    What’s new in Sage 300 U.S. Payroll 7.3H (Q1 2020)

    • State and local legislative updates

    For more detailed information about the update, see the Release Notes.

    Download and install this update

    Important: If you use third-party products that integrate…

  • Weird Sage 300 US payroll rounding

    Sage 300 2019 PU2 + UP73A PU18 + UT73G PU1

    We found a rounding error in the payroll pre-check register.

    A time card was entered for 15 hours @ 62.2743 = 934.1145

    Normal round would give 934.11 but the pre-check register shows to 934.12

    Yeah I know it's…

  • Box 013 T4A

    Since the T4A forms come from Payroll, has anyone figured out how to get the Vendor's business number in Box 13 of the form, since there is no place to add it in Payroll.  

  • CPP Not calculating

    Starting in 2020 our Status employees will be paying into CPP - I have added the CPP tax code to their Employee Profile under the Taxes tab - just ran a pre-cheque payroll register to see if it was calculating and it's not. Any suggestions ?  The non…

  • PO module reports

    Which report do I use to get status of POs? The report should provide Receipts & Invoices for all POs created

  • Sage 300 Licenses

    Customer with Sage 300 2019 and Payroll 7.3A receives message that a valid license could not be found when opening payroll screen.

    I verified all the 66A and Payroll 73A licensing is in place on the Sage 300 share.  Open license manager and see licensing…