• AR Customer default price list

    Every year I have to change AR Customer default price list. We have 90K customers and import from excel takes more than 72 hours. Hardware is definitely not an issue since ship to locations are updated for less than 12 hours. Using minimum of data in…

  • A/R Receipt Batch List -> Default Ordering

    I was recently asked if there was a way that one could change the default sorting method for the selection of documents in an A/R Receipt Entry. It defaults to "Order By: PO Number" however, it was requested that I change this to default to "Order By…

  • AR - How do you correct a prepayment paid via credit card and posted to wrong customer?

    A prepayment receipt was entered paid via a credit card (Sage payment solutions) and posted.  But it was entered under the wrong customer id.  How can this be undone?  You can't reverse it because its a credit card payment. 

  • Can you use the WebAPI to send Credit and Debit Notes

    Is it possible to send credit or debit notes using the SageWepAPI calls?

    I'm able to send batch invoices using the APInvoiceBatches/ARInvoiceBatches but my customer also wants to pass negative invoices and these are rejected when passing  them using…

  • Unapplied Receipt in AR Subleger

    I have an unapplied receipt showing as -ve receivable in my AR Sub Léger, how can I go about correcting this?

    The AR ledger looks okay.


  • Credit Card Payment made with Sage Payment Solutions in Sage 300 to Wrong invoice

    A credit card payment was entered, posted to the correct customer, but to the wrong invoice.  Is there a way to fix this.  We attempted to reverse the entry, but since it was made with Sage Payment Solutions this was not allowed.

  • Using the e-mail capabilities in Sage 300 using a Yahoo e-mail account

    I have a client that would like to use the e-mail capabilities in Sage 300, but they only have a Yahoo e-mail account.  Will this work and if so, I do we make it work?

  • Reg Opening Balance

    Hi, we are migrating from other rep to Sage erp300 std edition. My question is how to create a opening balance for Vendors and customers in new system,

    Thanks. Ganesh

  • OPS Inquiry Sage ERP 300 2012

    Hi All

    We have a number of users who extensively use Ops Inquiry.  We are not getting any error messages but the users are reporting that the screens take a good 5 minutes to load and they are very very slow.

    Is any one else out there having any speed…