• PORCP1headerFields.FieldByName("RCPHSEQ").SetValue("0", false) || Returns "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    Good day,

    Please assist,

    I have C# code to export data from my local DB to Sage. When inserting invoice headers I get "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    I am fairly new to project and Never worked on sage before. I have a…

  • Order entry - Is it possible to change an order back to a quote using order type? sage 300 2014 advanced

    We had someone enter a quote and instead of changing "order type" to a quote, they posted it to an order. Is there a way to reverse this? In the order type field you can chose quote. When selected it doesn't change the order number but will it treat the…

  • Excel is busy

    Hi, we are receiving this message when an Intelligence report is being launched. The remaining of the text:

    Excel is busy. It may be that a dialog box is open or that a cell is being edited. Please switch to Excel and complete any pending actions and…

  • Business Intelligence Not changing financial Year

    Has anyone encountered this issue:

    The financial year has just ended. I created the new year and i closed out the year so that the GL can start posting for the current year. The year is moving from 2019 to 2020. it all changed as usual.

    I went to the…

  • Print Windows disappears and No Error

    Client running Sage v2014

    Yes aware that v2014 is unsupported, but awaiting new equipment to upgrade.

    Windows 10 workstation - programs installed locally

    When the try to print any report open the print window and make the selections then click on Print…

  • Sage 300 erp 2014 (6.2) email function

    Hello, Does anyone know how to set up the email function to sent email directly from the system? How to connect The outlook to the system? Thanks. 

  • qty on s/o with decimal?

    The product has an odd number of quantity on S/O.   There shouldn’t be any decimals in this field because all quantities listed in S/O should be for each. 

  • Sage 300 2014/2018 with Microsoft Excel 2010 32 bit

    Is there a work around or fix available for FR Reporter not working or playing up for sage 2014/2018 versions with Excel 32 bit office 2010. 

    Get the error below when executing reports "PrintReport: Error on opening the xla macro.

    Have received…

  • Maximum number of lines in O/E Shipment Entry


    May I know what is the maximum number of lines can be entered in O/E Shipment Entry?

    One of our client requested to do import into O/E Shipment Entry with big volume of data.

    Is it possible to import 20,000 lines of data into O/E Shipment Entry?

  • Inventory Items - Last Sales Date

    Where can I find the last date of sale for particular item or items?

  • Importing «Receipt» data from external...

    We have «Sage 300 ERP AccPac v2014».

    We export IBM Notes data in XML to  TransAcc module.

    I must modify le doctype for actual data, they are considered as «Prepayment», and I must change doctype for «Receipt».

    Here the…

  • Accpac Database 5.5 upgrade to 2014

    Hi All,

    Can anyone please tell me how can I read my archive database which is in 5.5 in our Accpac 2014?

    It says I need to upgrade the database to 5.6 so how can I do it?


    Tom Menace

  • Sage 2012 (v6.2) with SQL Client Native 11?


    We are installing a Sage client in a new machine as user change its PC but when trying to set up ODBCs we dont found Native 10 that is installed in old machines. Just Native 11. Any problem? Not at all?

    Thank you

  • CRM & Sage 300 integration stops working for no reason (reboot to get it to work again)

    cCRM V7.3 / S300 V2014 / SQL 2008 R2 / Win 2008 R2

    A couple of times a month the integration between CRM & Sage 300 stops working.

    We get the message (session could not be opened) with number (2147221230)

    I have checked the services and IIS and all…

  • Current fiscal period for a company in database?

    Can someone please tell me what table/column will give me the current fiscal period for a company?

  • User Creation Date and License Type Fields in Sage 300 2014 Database


    I was hoping someone might be able to assist me.  I am trying to create a report using the Sage 300 2014 database.  I need to see the date that a user was created in the system and also need to know what type of license the user is assigned to.  For…

  • Get Your Compatibility Guides

    Have you checked your Sage 300 "To Don't" list lately?

    It should definitely include, "Don't wonder if your version of Sage 300 is compatible with a specific operating system or browser" and "Don't guess what the recommended system requirements…

  • POPORH2 table - 2014 PU4


    In the data dictionary, for the above table, I see an 'ENTEREDBY' field; when I open POPOR04.rpt to try and modify it to include the 'ENTEREDBY' field in the report, I do not see this field in the POPORH2 table in Database Fields panel of Crystal…

  • Migration from PFW to Sage 300 ERP

    Hi there,

    We are migrating from Sage PFW to Sage 300 ERP 2014 and when processing the Sage ERP Migration Application the following error occurred:

    “SemMain has stopped working”

    -We uninstalled and reinstalled the program

    -Ran the program as…

  • loading data error


    We are using Sage 2014 and We have the following error message when we load data  ( error=856, native code=476485).

    any clues?


  • Data Integrity Check


    We ran the Data Integrity Check and we have the following error message:"E: Database XXDAT uses an application CS that is not installed.

    1 Error found in Administrative Services.

    Any ideas?

  • T4a E-filing in Sage 300 Canadian Payroll. How to specify which box for Other

    One of my clients issues T4a's for student allowances.  The allowances are coded as T4a other in the earning setup and when we print the hard copy it we can tick on Other information, Print Totals and we can specify the box 105.  However, when we went…

  • error GL Batch list UI failure


    We are on Sage 2014/ OS Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 1 we are using Workstation Setup and when running G/L transactions the following error occurred:

    [G/L Batch List] Closing the UI due to failure to activate Sage 300 ERP data sources. And the…

  • Sage 300 ASP pages do display properly in CRM V7.3

    Sage 300 V2014 / CRM V7.3b / WIn 2012 R2 / SQL V2014 / IE V11 /

    - I am just testing an upgrade of S300 & CRM to the above versions on my test server for a client.

    - I have everything working fine except for the Sage 300 .ASP pages

    - when I open any…

  • Restoring MS SQL backup to another database

    MS SQL server 2012, Sage 300 2014 PU 3

    I am trying to restore a test database using the most recent backup of its associated production database - in SQL Server Management Studio. I am restoring to another name and that task completes without errors.

    I have…