• Lot Number Finder

    I just recently upgraded a Customer from 2017 to 2021. I can no longer see lot number optional fields in the I/C Lot number finder, nor can I select them. Is that a feature that has been removed or am I doing something wrong? 

    Much thanks in advance! 

  • Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.1 training is now available on Sage University

    Sage 300 What's New in Version 2022.1 training is now available on Sage University

    A new What’s New in Sage 300 Version 2022.1 anytime learning video is now available on Sage University for customers and consultants. This video provides you…

  • Vendor Details

    My SAGE 300 is setup the way  every time we enter receipt it will update vendor cost in Vendor Details. In general this is fine but lately we experiencing problem where PO’s are delivered after 3-4 moths and price is changing frequently, so old PO will…

  • Sage 300 – Customer Training Catalogue

    Need Sage 300 training? Not sure where to start? Or what discounts apply to you as a Sage customer?

    Check out our updated Sage 300 - Customer Training Catalogue

    It contains all the information you need to get the training you want.

    If you need…

  • Multiple users printing different customer statement concurrently - sage 300

    in one of our client , Users cannot print different customer statements concurrently. Is this how sage works? If for example a user has printed a statement for Customer X and while it is still open on his machine, another user tries to print a statement…

  • Apply Open Credits to an Invoice during Invoice Entry

    How to apply open credits e.g. prepayments, open credit notes etc directly to an Invoice in A/R while entering the Invoice.

    The Invoice amount should reduce with the credits amount.

  • Adjust a BOM during a transaction

    Is there a way to adjust a BOM during a transaction.  My client has a BOM that can use substitute materials.  We are creating versions of the BOM for normal customizations, like using 50% of one material and 50% of the other, but they can make many versions…

  • Can't Set Column Order in Quotes and Orders in CRM's Sage 300 Integration

    Hi All,

    We have Sage CRM setup with Integration with Sage 300. On the quotes and orders pages in Opportunities, our users are used to being able to select which columns are displayed on the item grid (Item number, description, qty, etc). Which has all…

  • Extending Demo Access

    I have a sage 300 I'm using locally for just testing. Is there a way to extend the demo license?

  • Web API IC Adjustment posting handle Sage 300 errors


    I am very new to using the Web API integration in Sage 300. I am in the process of writing a system that will integrate IC Adjustments using the Web API and so far all seems to be working as expected.

    One question I have:

    If the API returns an error…

  • The program UP0023 has been deleted or damaged .net API Order Insert

    var view = OpenView("OE0520");


    view.Fields.FieldByName("ORDNUMBER").SetValue(order.OrderNumber, false);
    view.Fields.FieldByName("CUSTOMER").SetValue(order.CustomerID, true);

    This code is returning…

  • How to figure out errors ViewExceptions .NET API

    I'm trying to insert an order using the API - and I'm getting back an error that just says 6666

    How can I find what this means, and in general, is there a way to get the COM exceptions and error codes? I know how to get session.Errors, but that…

  • Sage 300- Failure to activate Sage 300 data sources- Macbook

    Hi everyone,

    When I click on Options icon in G/L Setup, this error occurs.  “Closing the UI due to failure to activate Sage 300 data sources”. How could I resolve it ?

    Thank you in advance. 

  • Idle time out in Sage 300

    Is there a  way in which Sage 300 ERP can log out users after a period of inactivity? If there is kindly assist.

  • Auto Log out

    Is there a 3rd party tool or a functionality within sage that auto logs out user after 15 to 20mins of non activity. 

    We have sage setup where users do remote desktop and use it and we need Lan Pak free as the PO requisitioners sometimes dont log out…

  • Sage 300 doesn't allow removing posted AR Documents

    Hello Team,

    I cannot remove posted documents in Sage 300.
    Could you clarify how I can remove posted documents?

  • How to see the payment (receipt) exchange rate on UI?

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify how to see the payment (receipt) exchange rate on UI?

    I opened a payment, but I cannot find it.

  • system error cannot verify user information

    When i log into sage an error message appears, can anyone help?

  • Change item from User Specified costing to Lot Costing


    I would like to change some items from User Specified costing to Lot Costing.  The option to use a Lot Costed account set is not available until I uncheck "Allow lot quantities to be different from the quantity in the entries."   But, that…

  • Importing Receipt Batches

    I am able to import misc receipts into Sage 300 AR successfully.  I create a batch, set my bank and batch date which equals my deposit date, then import a single file of multiple misc receipts to reflect that day of deposits.  My question is that I have…

  • Period locks change on upgrade to 2021

    I just upgraded a customer from Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  After upgrading they pointed out that many of their "Locked" periods were now unlocked.

    In their old database in the CSFSCST table there are NO lock records for 2020, 2018 and 2016…

  • csv file uploads in reverse order

    Hi - We just updated to Sage 300 2020 from 2014 and use CSV files for exporting and importing sales orders between Sage and our warehouse Access db.  For some reason, some of the shipped quantities brought back into Sage come in with quantities in reverse order…

  • Cannot find adjustments among posted documents

    Hello Team,

    In Sage 300, I created the adjustment and allocated it to the invoice.
    Then, I posted the adjustment.

    But, I cannot find adjustment by Adjustment Number on the Document Injury page. Also, endpoint ARPostedReceipts doesn't return this adjustment.…


    As per my understanding Sage 300 budget linked to Account code (on GL). How can I handle objective based budget?

    Objectives are like optional fields:

    Eg: Acccount  1010 : Allowances

    Objective 1: budget $100k

    Objective 2: budget $200k

  • Multi-currencies supported

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify does Sage 300 includes the Multi-Currencies feature?
    I found how to add currencies in Sage 300, but, for example, I cannot change the Customer currency.
    How I can do it?
    If I should install the Multi-currencies module, how to do…