• Credit limits overide report

    Is there a report or something to identify what user approved a credit limit overide

  • Equipment Loan Booking System


    I have an existing Sage 300 Customer looking for a system that allows for Equipment to be loaned out to Customers.

    Some of the desired features are

    • "Tracking system to log:
      • Who
      • When / how long
      • Why
      • Maintenance (recording, scheduling)
      • Financials…
  • Does sage Sage 300API allows concurrent post requests?

    Am trying to send post request to sage API concurrently where by many requests are sent at once.

    I got an error  'Record Conflict {en-us I/C Options. Record has been modified by another program'

    and debug .Net debug pop up

    Everything work fine…

  • Sage Accpac ERP Database error=49153 After restore database from another server

    Hi All,

    I just restore Sage Accpac 5.6A from old server to our new server (both database names are the same: "ACCPACSYS" & "ACCPACDAT").

    After restore successfully and launch Sage Accpac ERP on server (on where Accpac 5.6A and…

  • Hide Delete Button in A/R Receipt

    I'm unable to HIDE the delete button in A/R receipt batch and A/R receipt entry screen using UI profiles. The method works with A/P and other screens. but, not with A/R. 

    Any Advice would be appreciated. 



  • Integrate Sage300 with Moodle

    Installed Sage300 in WAMP localhost and Moodle4.0. Could you guide me with integrating Sage300 with Moodle4? Your support is appreciated.

  • SAGE 300 Web API | EFT Customer


    I have a customer that has the SAGE 300 Web API setup.

    One of the requirements from the customer is to get data from a web form and update the AR Customer and also update the EFT Customer.

    I wanted to do everything via Web API but apparently, the Web…

  • PO backorder date default

    Hello a user requested that the default backorder date for POs be changed from 1 year to 2 years. Is this possible?

    Sage 300 2017. Thank you.

  • New Benefit - Sage Member Masterclass: Discover talks and articles from the world's leading experts!

    All Sage customers and partners have automatic access to Sage Membership, which includes Member Masterclass, networking opportunities, and expert human advice. 

    In Season 1 of Member Masterclass, go deeper with our experts, learn how to find and keep great…

  • On Journal Entry, Rate value is different from the other item line

    Hi all,

    my customer is making a journal entry when this happen. Please refer to the Rate column and the cell value in red rectangle. The value of the rates on this column are prefill accordingly. But the value for the last item line is different from…

  • Querying SQL server Invoices vs Sales History discrepancy

    I am trying to validate some data for our team and am stuck trying understand the data layout. My boss is using stonefield reports to generate a monthly sales report and he has 2 versions generating different #s. There seems to be confusion on what date…

  • Sage 300 Workstation Setup Feature Transfer Error

    I've taken over as the IT for a small organization. They have Sage 300 setup and running on a client server setup. I'm attempting to setup a new computer as a workstation and have been following the instructions.

    I've gone to the shared folder…

  • User restriction.

    Is there away to restrict a user from logging in again with same user name if one session is still open.  

  • Disabling "Clear History" in G/L Periodic Processing for certain users

    Hi have been trying to figure out how I can disable "Clear History" for certain Users.) (last item in screengrab)

    Tried unticking "Period End Maintenance" and "History/Budget Maintenance" - both did not work. ( please see list of options for…

  • CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API

    Is that possible to add CS0120 data to accpac finder in COM API, after browse the sql statement.

    mDBLinkCmpRW.OpenView("CS0120", out csQry);
    sSQL = "Select Name, Description from MYDB.dbo.Table";
    csQry.Browse(sSQL, true);

  • Sage300 Font issue

    Just upgraded to Microsoft Azure. Same version of Sage300 and crystal reports. If you print preview a report fonts are crazy and look strange on screen . Export and view in Adobe font is as specified in the report layout. Arial font is loaded on server…

  • Sage 300 wiki login

    Anyone know how to get a user and password in the wiki page for Sage 300 SDK?



  • Direct Deposit set up

    Setting up Direct Deposit in Sage 300 ERP -  with BMO in Canada.  The bank said we are missing our short name and long name in the file we are uploading to them, so it was rejected.  Does anyone know where to enter this information in Sage 300 ? Thanks.

  • Sage 300 What's New in Version 2023.0 training is now available on Sage University

    A new What’s New in Sage 300 Version 2023.0 anytime learning training is now available on Sage University for customers and consultants. This training provides you with information on the exciting new features and improvements that have been implemented…

  • Sage 300 FTP Credentials

    It seems sage have changed their FTP credentials.

    How can I download patch updates

  • Why does Sage 300 not seem to convert the unit weight when clearly using a UOM that is different than the stocking UOM?

    Sage 300 OE module has 3 units of measure per line.  A pricing UOM, invoice UOM and costing UOM.  However it does not have a weight UOM, so it is taking the unit weight (which is for the default stocking unit of measure, and not using the conversion factor…

  • German Accounting - DATEV

    Hello All~

    I was wondering if anyone is exporting out of DATEV and importing into SAGE 300. We use SAGE 300 is our ERP system and are merging with a German company who uses DATEV and will remain using DATEV for a myriad of reasons. I would like to export…

  • [Sage 300] I cannot add optional fields.

    Hello Team,

    I cannot add the optional field for A/R Documents.
    Previously, I used the button Create New


    But in Sage 300 2022 the button is absent.


    Could you clarify on how to add the button 'Create New' optional field?

  • How to reverse posted job-related transactions?

    There are two types of job-related transactions. One is done within the Project and Job Costing module ( in PJC transactions folder).  The other one is done outside of PJC module and it’s a job-related transaction.

     Now we are going to talk about…

  • Sage Web API - ARInvoiceBatches (How to assigned the current Batch Number without create a new Batch?)

    Hi all,

    I try to assigned the current open batch(E.g: 75), that I manually created in Sage, when I called web API ARInvoiceBatches with BatchNumber=75, it still will create an entry inside new batch (E.g: 80) instead of my current open batch (E.g: 75…