• Mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item

    How to fix mismatch between I/C quantity and Lot/Serial quantity of an item if there is a variance on the I/C Serial/Lot Number Quantity on Hand Report?

    Below is an example in our sample data for this item, A1-405/0 at location 1. As you can see the

  • Extending Demo Access

    I have a sage 300 I'm using locally for just testing. Is there a way to extend the demo license?

  • Idle time out in Sage 300

    Is there a  way in which Sage 300 ERP can log out users after a period of inactivity? If there is kindly assist.

  • Reference for Developer to Sage 300 in a case I want to revert a transaction

    Hi all,

    I have a case where my customer have a grave mistakes from sales transactions down to GL account, and the data displayed wrongly on the P&L report. It have been happening for few months. So he is asking if is there any way to revert only selected…


    As per my understanding Sage 300 budget linked to Account code (on GL). How can I handle objective based budget?

    Objectives are like optional fields:

    Eg: Acccount  1010 : Allowances

    Objective 1: budget $100k

    Objective 2: budget $200k

  • Pacific Technologies Audit Logger support other 3rd Party Product

    Any body know...Is it possible  Pacific Technologies Audit Logger support other 3rd Party Product which is developed by Sage300 SDK?

  • System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. at AccpacCOMAPI.IAccpacSession.GetPrintSetup(String menuID, String ProgramID)

    accpacPrintSetup = accpacSession.GetPrintSetup(" "," "); on reaching this line application crashed 

  • Refund payments


    Could you help me with the following question.

    In Sage 300 the user can create a Refund payment.
    Thus, I can create an Income payment (receipt) and then refund it using refund payment.

    What type of documents should this payment be attributed to?

    - Credit…

  • How to receive the adjustment unique identifier


    We use the following endpoint to receive adjustments -> http://{BASE_URL}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARReceiptAndAdjustmentBatches

    What field I can use from the API response as the adjustment unique identifier?

  • Invoices Type -> Retainage Invoice, Retainage Credit Note, Retainage Debit Note.

    Hello Team,

    Once I create an Invoice, I can select the following Invoice types:

    - Retainage Invoice
    - Retainage Credit Note
    - Retainage Debit Note

    In which cases the user should select the following type to create an Invoice?
    Do these Invoice types influence…


    I have chart of accounts with two segments i.e MAIN & MAIN SUB

    1234 Repair and maintenance

    1234-01 Repair and Maintenance - HQ

    1234-02 Repair and Maintenance - TZ

    1234-03 Repair and Maintenance - ZM


    On printing financial reports only Main Accounts…

  • Incorrect GL account type Balance Sheet > Income Statement

    Our client has a few GL account configured as Balance Sheet account instead of Income Statement account.

    The account was incorrectly created as a balance sheet  account.

    We need to change the account type to income statement but firstly, correct the balance…

  • UPDATED: Sage 300 US Payroll: Issues identified with Q2 Form 941 in Aatrix

    Aatrix recently released an updated Form 941 for Q2 2021; however, we have identified a couple issues with the updated Form 941.

    Due to the extension of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) detailed in the American Rescue Plan Act, the…

  • Invoice close date

    Hello Team,

    Does Invoice have the Invoice close date?
    If yes, what is the name of this field on UI?
    And what is the name of this field in the response for method ARInvoiceBatches?

  • Sage 300 U.S. Payroll tax update (Q2 2021) is available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new in Sage 300 U.S. Payroll (Q2 2021)

    • State and local legislative updates
    • Ability to specify more employee information for Wyoming quarterly unemployment…
  • Sage 300: Canadian Payroll changes – Hotfix available for New Brunswick

    Dear Sage Customers,

    This is to inform you about the upcoming Payroll Tax change for New Brunswick.

    The tax update is as follows:

    • Effective January 1, 2021, a reduced tax rate applies to the first tax bracket (tax rate reduced from 9.65% to 9.4%).
    • A…
  • Bank entry rate different when posted to GL

    Using Sage300 2021 web screen 

    When a bank entry is done with a unique rate the related GL entry is showing a different rate per line ... some entries differ by cents while some are higher (dollar)

    What is causing this ?


    Am trying to import misc payment in AP Payment batch but all misc payment amount is duplicated

    Am using Sage 300 Standard 2020 PU 5

  • Data security and reducing potential threats

    At Sage we take our customers’ privacy and data security very seriously. As more and more business is conducted online, data security becomes an ever more important part of running a business. We need to work together to reduce the risk of potential threats…

  • Create custom WEB API by using Sage 300 Web SDK

    Hi all, I would like to know if it is possible to create my own WEB API to get/post data with "GET/POST" method.

    I am trying to do something like this:

    - create a new table with roto ID using Orchid Extender 

    - create my own API using Sage Web…

  • Sage300 Webscreen [Account Payable] batch lock by another user

    We are currently experiencing a lock batch error when trying to change batch ready to post option to YES.

    We have observed the following.

    Batch created by user1 > User1 edit batch> user1 Save> User1 unable to update ready to post.

    Sage300 2021…

  • AP batch upload behavior problem in Sage 300 Premium 2016

    Hi, a customer is using Sage 300 Premium 2016 and they were wondering if it is possible to modify a behavior for AP batch upload.

    Currently when they upload a batch CSV if there is a problem with a particular AP invoice entry the upload will error out but…

  • Sage300 2021 installation fail when installing web screen

    Installation fails when webscreens selected.

    InstallScript setup launcher Unicode has stopped working.

    Windows Server 2012 R2 [up to date]

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: setup.exe_Sage 300 2021
    Application Version:…

  • Sage 300 2021.2, 2020.5, 2019.8, and Sage CRM 2021 R1

    La version française suivra. Cliquez ici pour lire.

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    What’s new in Sage 300 2021.2

    • Many new Web Screens for GL, AR and User Management
    • Redesigned Finder for…
  • Sage 300 U.S. Payroll tax update (Q1 2021) is available

    NOTE: This release announcement applies to Sage 300 for the North America region.

    IMPORTANT: If you have setup local tax for COVID-19, please make sure your Local Tax Code is following our Knowledgebase Article 104109 prior to Q1 2021 activation. For example…