• Is there a way to have CRM notes print on the picking slip?

     I have the option for it to print on the packing slip but want to include notes for our shippers on the picking slip. Is there an option that would allow this?


  • Report issue running a report from Sage 300 where the database is CRM

    Client is having an issue where a report inside of Sage 300 will not run.  The screen below appears.

    The report was built using a DSN file.  It worked before but this is a new workstation.  Entering the password does not work and it complains the user or…

  • How to print TB for future year.


    The scenario is like this:

    The Financial year is Jan - Dec 2021 while the transaction that entered in the system is until Jan 2022. Note that the user is not yet create new year as the transaction of Dec 2021 is not yet completed. So, here, how to…

  • Cost Code Report

    Does anyone know if there is a report I can run for the total amount paid per year for a specific cost code? I do not need it broken down by job. Just need a sum for all jobs combined for that year.

  • Payroll Error exporting checks as PDF -2147221164 class not registered.

    We have a client getting an error message when posting cheques in Payroll:  Error exporting checks as PDF -2147221164 class not registered.  They are running Sage 2021 and Payroll 7.3 (no July Tax Table installed yet.  Any one have any suggestions.

  • Export data with formatting

    Hi, we need to send financial statements in Excel to a third party. How can we create a separate Excel sheet with the data and formatting produced by Intelligence? Ty.

  • Accounts Receivables SAGE 300

    Hi Good Morning, could some one list all the tables in SQL server that are related to Accounts Receivable Aging Report.  We have SAGE 300 2021 version



  • Is Sage 300 2022 PU2 Compatible with MS Office 2021 32bit?


    One of our client upgraded their Microsoft Office version to Office 2021 MSO (Version 2205 Build 16.0.15225.20028) 32-bit. Does it compatible with Sage 300 2022 PU2?

    They need to run FR, but encounters the following errors:

    Description: PrintReport…

  • Printing Multiple Invoices

    Hello everyone, this there a way to print multiple invoices under a customer number at once? (I use Sage300)

    Example: A customer sends me a list of multiple invoices that they need. I don't want to search each invoice individually and save as a pdf and…

  • Sage 300 Intelligence reporting

    When using Sage 300 webscreens, is there a way to run Intelligence reporting with installing Sage 300 desktop version.

  • Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • Open AP invoice not showing on aging

    Hello, we have an invoice that is unpaid and displaying in the vendor activity screen. This transaction is not listed in the AP aging report. The payment status for the invoice is on hold. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  • financial reporter with previous fiscal period closing entries

    Looking for a formula for a comparative balance sheet. This would only come in to play at fiscal year end. For the current year I can use the BALCLOSE formula to include closing entries, but I cannot find a way to pull the same data for the previous year…

  • Need to update a crystal reports invoice with a specific field

    Hi - how do I find this in crystal reports to add it in:

    So, where do I find that "Item" in the field explorer in crystal reports so I can map it to the invoice



  • Limiting User Reports based on "Allowed" Locations

    We have multiple users across our branch network who can run different reports but I want to be able to limit their access based on "allowed" locations.  For example, I want to limit a reorder report for a user so they can only run for their…


    I am having difficulty after upgrading SAGE 300C to 2022 version running any Designer reports, as the Toolkit add-in is no longer appearing in Excel.  The client is using Office 365.

    I tried the same directly on the server with Office 2019 and the BI Designer…

  • Sales rep on AR aging report

    Hi, we added the sales rep name to our AR aging report. The report is now excluding all customers that don't have a sales rep assigned to them

    Thoughts? Ty.

  • A/R Customer Reports - Statements / Letters / Labels can i re run this after I print it?


    I was warned that if I go to A/R Customer Reports and then run the Statements / Letters / Labels, that I won't be able to run it again. The person telling me this said it's a one and done thing.

    My question is how often can I run it? I…

  • report designer license required sage intelligence please help me.

    I've tried all of google about this error on excel about report designer license required sage Intelligence.

    Anyone please help me.

    Sage 300 2022 Premium with Connector, designer, viewer and manager license.

    Microsoft excel 64 bit 365 office version…

  • Credit Card Receipt Confirmation Report Customization


    We're running Sage 300 2022. We just got Paya installed and did our first Credit Card transaction. I'm still fairly new to the usage of Sage and Crystal Reports. How do I customize our receipt confirmation report to include Order Number or an Invoice…

  • PO Receipts blank when printed to preview (PORCP01.RPT ~ PORCP04.RPT)

    Using Sage 300 2014.

    After we post a PO Receipt, we select Print.  All forms PORCP01.RPT, PORCP02.RPT, PORCP03.RPT, PORCP04.RPT just show an empty grey window in the SAP Crystal Reports preview.

  • Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer. The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula. Details. errorKind


    A customer has a custom report we create from scratch for AP transactions a long time ago. After they update workstations to Windows 10 in some of them that custom report doesn't work but in others its OK. So not sure what's the issue to fix. They…

  • Open transactions not showing in AR aging report


    We are finding that we have some customers with open invoices that are not showing in the AR aging report.

    Has anyone encountered this scenario? Ty.

  • sage 300 web screens and reporting


     I would like some clear direction on where Sage 300 is headed for reporting for the Web screens. 

    1   GL Financial Reporter   - Financial Reporter for Web UI - possibly on road map for August 22?  Whereas previously this had been ruled out?

    2  Sage Intelligence…

  • Union report from different companies

    Where do I specify the different companies to run the report in.

    I created a container and the report and it is currently "auto connecting" meaning the report runs in the company in which you are.

    I want the report to run the information on…