• Sage 300 v2022 and excel 64bit, balance sheet runs correctly in FR designer view, when printing financial statement using FR print icon does not balance.

    balance sheet does not balance, primarily problem with Net income accts not totaling correctly.

    No errors, just out of balance. installed 64bit addin correctly.

    Again, when running in designer no issues,  running under print Financial statement icon, balance…

  • Recommendation for ODBC consultant?

    Need recommendation for ODBC consultant.

  • Cannot add report link in sage 300 webscreen

    Sage 300 webscreen cannot add the report name while browse throgh it. May I know how to solve it? Thanks.

  • Accounts Receivable Statements and AR Ageing

    Good Day

    What causes a statement and the ageing not to balance.The Ageing is showing a debit balance but the statement is showing the credit balance.

    The customer statement Run Date is the current date but the cut off date is 2020.

    I have changed the…

  • Multiple users printing different customer statement concurrently - sage 300

    in one of our client , Users cannot print different customer statements concurrently. Is this how sage works? If for example a user has printed a statement for Customer X and while it is still open on his machine, another user tries to print a statement…

  • AR Aging

    My company is not posting cash receipts until the previous month is closed because they cant go back and print and aging with the proper cut off dat to tie to GL. This is causing a delay of up to 2 weeks for accurate agings.

    Does anyone have a work around…

  • Name of department and account group values of a department.

    I am new to Sage300 so i'll apologies in advance. I am trying 2 things to work on sage300 (2021).

    1) I am trying to get department name on FR View dynamically. I have tried following but did not work for me.


  • Custom Crystal Report not working in Sage 300 2019

    Have an Excel .xls spreadsheet with 4 columns of data Item, Description, Qty Sold and Date Sold. Also created a 2016 Crystal Report to generate a report sorted by item number. Works fine once run within the Crystal runtime where the report was created…

  • Period 13 and Period 14 in Sage Business Intelligence

    Hello everyone,

    I need to report Period 13 and the adjustment period (Period 14) on a financial report in Sage Business Intelligence from Sage 300 GL. 

    Is that possible?

    Any Advice would be greatly appreciated


  • Inventory Movement Report - Opening not tally with Closing balance

    We have one item code, the closing of End Jun 2021 does not equal to opening of Jul 2021. The closing as at 30 Jun 21 is 15,800 pcs and the opening as at 01 Jul 21 is 31,596.84 pcs. May I know how to solve this problem? Thanks.

  • Sage 300C 2020 Web Screens - Reports are Blank

    We have Sage 300C 2020.  New to Web Screens, not new to Sage 300.

    Trying to print an order confirmation after posting.  Neither the canned report (OECONF01.RPT) or a custom report are displayed.  They both appear to run and return a blank screen.

    We have…

  • How to edit G/L trial balance report?

    May I know how to edit trial balance report in database? Because the amount in trial balance is not tally with the G/L transaction.  May I know how to open the GLTRLA dll file and how to add dll to crystal report? Thanks.

  • PO uninvoiced receipts


    We need a report of PO items that have been received but for which we have not received an invoice.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

  • What is the syntax to add a budget column of a specific year?

    What is the syntax to add a budget colunm of a specific year?  How to specify 2020 budget column to the report?

  • OE invoices ship to information

    Hi, we are pulling a report on OE invoiced. We need to include the ship to information. We can't find a ship to field.


  • Sage 300 FR formula

    Hi there,

    I would like to create a budget report breakdown by month in columns side by side, what FR formula should I use for each column?



  • Intellgence reporting error #values and User Licence is required error


    I have a client using Sage 2021 and I made a copy of the Dashboard report. When I run it there are #value errors and user licence required errors. Does anyone have any ideas.

    Side note they dont have the Report Vliewer Licence installed or it says…

  • What is the recommended version compatible with Sage 300 version 2021 and moving forward ?

    We are currently running Sage 300 version 2021. We are looking at buying  a Crystal Reports license. 

    What would be the recommended Business Objects (Crystal reports) to buy ?

    I would have preferred the 2021 version of Crystal Reports but l am not sure…

  • Need report including number of produced items


    We need to create reports that include dollars and quantity produced. How can we accomplish this?


  • Selecting items with optional field

    Working on report that is selecting items with optional field value CS using ICILOC, ICITEM, ICITEMO tables. I tried several formulas including  if{ICITEMO.OPTFIELD}<>"CASE" then "1" else "0" or if{ICITEMO.OPTFIELD}="CASE" then "1" else "0" and they all…

  • Using sub-report values in main-report

    I have sub-report:  

    Shared stringvar O;

    if trim({ICITEMO.VALUE}) = "CS" then

        O := "B"


        O := " ";

    And formula in main- report: Shared stringvar O;   O

    In main report I am trying to exclude all items with optional field…



    i would like your assistance, i recently created a user in sage 300 erp 2014 but when he tries to preview any reports (trial balance, batch listing e.t.c)  it sends directly to printer  instead of preview. other users can view the reports without any…

  • PJC work in progress report

    I'm trying to figure out the WIP report in Sage.  The report in PJC doesn't give me what I would consider to be a proper balance even when looking at the totals in the contract maintenance screen.  My client and I have run this on live data and…

  • AP control payments

    Working on a crystal report that will show me all invoices on hold in AP. Not able to find how those are flagged in several AP tables. Any help is appreciated.

  • Sage 300 on Terminal Server

    Does one really needs to have full installation of Office on the Terminal Server running Sage 300 or would the Office runtime files suffice especially where Users access the Server/App via RDP sessions? Would the runtimes files allow the Admin to modify…