• Quantity Available Report not working after upgrade to Sage 300 2023

    Hi, The Quantity Available Report is not working after upgrade to Sage 300 2023. All other Ops Inquiry functions work. It gets to Crystal report "please wait while document is being processed" and then just disappears. We have tried different part parameters…

  • Annual Report of Vendor Payments by vendor by expense type

    Sage 300

    How would I get a .csv file of all vendor payments made during a calendar year by vendor by expense type(account)? 

  • Credit limits overide report

    Is there a report or something to identify what user approved a credit limit overide


    Hello Everyone.

    How do I print the totals for a range of accounts for the whole year using FRPOST function?.(I'm using FRPOST because of the Transnational Optional fields). The current formula '  =FRPOST("TRANSAMT","2400:2400ZMA","(T.ACTIVITIES…

  • Does Sage 300 offer SOC 1 Type 2 Report?

    Does Sage 300 offer SOC 1 Type 2 Report?

  • AR Receipts Reversals

    The AR Customer Transactions Report displays the characters "R" alongside some PAYMENTS transactions and the Legend at the end of the report shows this to be "Reversals". We understand that the reversal process triggers some entries which would invariably…

  • Web Client, Custom Report, Run Time Parameters not working

    - report launches from Sage web client and functions fine with paramater set to a certain department

    - Add a runtime paramater for department report works fine from classic client

    - report will not run from Web client

    Unexpected Error:

    A problem occurred…
  • Affordable Care Act

    Does Sage 300 still support the Affordable Care Act?  The forms have not changed in years and have not kept up.

    My clients are asking...

    Thank you

  • How to change the report format?


    We are using Sage 2017 version,

    Please advise how to change the report format. All report comes with the name who left our company.

    Our sage cannot be opened via web browser (becouse of no cloud version?) and ther are no "setting" botton on my Sage.…

  • AR and AP aging reports export


    Is there a way to export these reports to Excel where they don't have to be worked on? In AR, as an example, the customer information is on one row and the detail on the following ones.

    Thank you.

  • Cash flow forecast

    Hello, does anyone have an automated query or report that we can use for this? Ty.


    Hi , 

    I have clients that require a monthly billing report with specific fields from the transactions processed.

    Invoicing is done from the AR & OE module. 

    Since OE invoicing ends up in the AR tables, I have created a report from the AR tables. 


  • Received not Invoiced report?

    Is there a standard report that will show me POs received but for which an AP Vendor Invoice has not been entered into the system?

  • Print Error - Failed to load database information

    Any ideas how to fix?

    Partially fixed with backing down Crystal Reports to 32-bit after an upgrade to 64-bit got through, but still having problems.

  • Current Accounting Month

    Using MyAssistant, I am trying to create an excel doc that contains the "Current Month" in the top row.  If I go into JC and select File > Company Settings > JC Settings, I can see in the Accounting Date section the Current Month is "September…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud (SIRC) from the Sage 300 2023 release - Question

    Sage 2023 has not been officially released in Australia yet so I have not checked in the install iteself.

    In relation to this thread  https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage300_erp/f/sage-300-announcements/190585/important-information-regarding-sage-intelligence…

  • Sage300 PO Y/N optional field. Value not changing.

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am new to Sage 300 and crystal reports but have a decent handle on both.  We recently implemented a yes/no optional field for PO line details, everything tested fine for a few days but now it seems like the value remains as 1 no matter…

  • Sage300 Font issue

    Just upgraded to Microsoft Azure. Same version of Sage300 and crystal reports. If you print preview a report fonts are crazy and look strange on screen . Export and view in Adobe font is as specified in the report layout. Arial font is loaded on server…

  • crystal report error

    Hello, I am using SAGE/ACCPAC on a local computer and trying to run a "A/R Aged Trial Balance Report" but I am getting the following error after clicking the print button.

    A window with the heading " Crystal REports Windows Forms Viewer"…

  • Financial Reporter will not Preview

    We have a customer that is having an issue on 1 workstation only with the financial reporter.  It will not generate in preview, but they can print to file.  The same statement works from other workstations.  

    It is Sage 300 2021 with the latest Produce update…

  • Committed Inventory

    A Client is using Inventory Control in conjunction with Order Entry to commit Inventory which is held in stock until it is fully paid. This means that the sale is only recognized when the Item is fully paid. I have tried to look in the Inventory Control…

  • error occurred trying to refresh excel's links to its installed addins. the error was [unable to set the installed property of the addin class}. the report will continue to run but it may be incorrect.

    while trying to run sage intelligence report under report manager, hit the following error. 

    error occurred trying to refresh excel's links to its installed addins. the error was [unable to set the installed property of the addin class}. the report will…

  • Sage 300 Web Screen - How to data populated in Activity Trend on the Dashboard?


    Anyone can tell me how was the data in Activity Trend in web screen's Dashboard was populated? 

    Am checking for the Shipment Value on the bar chart. Compared it with the Shipments information on the same date from Sage 300, but could not get…

  • Combined AR Trial Balance including multiple companies

    I have a client who wants to be able to report a combined AR Trial Balance from multiple companies.

    I was thinking someone already created this report.  Am I imaging this or does it exist? 

    I can build this reporting process but if someone already has it…

  • Custom Crystal Reports - Crystal Report Windows Form Viewer - Error : The remaining text does not appear to be part of formula. Details : errorKind

    Hi everyone,

    A customer change its PC - we have all programs ate server and we run workstation setup - and suddenly a custom crystal report we create from scratch doesn't work !!!! Error...."The remaining text doesn't not appear to be part of formula…