• How to filter OptionalFields collection via Sage 300 WebAPI


    I was trying to perform some oData filter on the ReceiptOptionalField2s collection but the return from Web APi is:

    statusCode: 400

    "error": {
    "code": "InvalidParameters",
    "message": {
    "lang": "en-US",…

  • Sage's icons Too Small

    Hello Team

    I'm facing a small issue using Sage 300 on my new laptop, all the icons appearing too small (I customized the setting on my pc following the recommendation that I found regarding this issue but no success to fix it) 

  • Tracing or logging for BICore.exe?


    I've been working on a solution where we invoke BICore.exe (through PS and/or Batch script, tried both). When BICore is run, the workflow creates a report and sends an email and works perfectly when I run the script manually. Process lasts around…

  • Querying SQL server Invoices vs Sales History discrepancy

    I am trying to validate some data for our team and am stuck trying understand the data layout. My boss is using stonefield reports to generate a monthly sales report and he has 2 versions generating different #s. There seems to be confusion on what date…

  • Vendor Search Finder issue

    Using the Search Finder to list all Vendors, the result gives only a short list of about eight Vendors out of 200.

    The Vendor list includes Vender codes starting with a numeric character only. 

    I dumped the data and loaded into an off-site system.  Tested…

  • Customized Program Icon While Retaining Settings

    Hey Everyone, 

    I would like to add program icons in Sage to print off different Crystal using the same program.  Ex/ Picking slip with CR form 1, picking slip with CR form 2, etc. 

    However, when I change the default setting of each individual icon it saves…

  • Charles Schwab 401K export file

    I know this is a very specific question and I may not get any replies.  But I thought it was worth the ask.  We are transiting our 401K fund to Charles Schwab.  They have a quite extensive file spec for uploading payroll data in regards to 401K deductions…

  • customizing a Sage screen in a VBA macro

    I added an additional control screen (AccpacIC3530UICtrl1) to a user form and i want to customize it to perform specific functions

    Such as set the default quantity to (1).

    And also set the location to the quantity on hand above (1)

    Thank You

  • Sage Alerts and Workflows with 2 Factor Authentication

    Our IT company has turned on 2 factor authentication and now Sage Alerts and Workflows is not able to send out e-mail notifications.  Has anyone figured out a way around this?


  • Description: Error occurred when activating Sage 300 Data Source.

    I have a program that was written a while back.  Specifically it uses the AP Invoice Entry screen and does some things in the background when they enter an invoice.  All is well unless they close the screen, re-open the screen, and then they navigate to…

  • Report Designer Print Controls - Sage 300

    I recently added a notice about accepting credit cards to our custom AR Statement via Report Designer.  However,  It only prints on the last Statement.  I see I should be able to change it in the Print Controls way at the bottom, however, when I go to the…

  • [Sage 300] I cannot add optional fields.

    Hello Team,

    I cannot add the optional field for A/R Documents.
    Previously, I used the button Create New


    But in Sage 300 2022 the button is absent.


    Could you clarify on how to add the button 'Create New' optional field?

  • Reduction in number of decimals in OE invoice form


    Which change do we need to do to the unit price formula in the OE invoice form to go from 6 decimals to 4? This is the formula in our Crystal form:

    // Price…

  • applying order level discounts with taxable items

    Hi - I have a program that is importing orders (downloaded from an ecommerce site) and sometimes there is a general discount applied to the order.  Sometimes there is a taxable item on the order.  When I import the order into sage I am using all of the prices…

  • Functional Currency and Home Currency

    we have a client running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    Being an International Company, we have set their functional currency as USD and our Country Currency is KSH. Our Tax authority want all Invoices to be printed in KSH. For Kshs customers…

  • Sage 300 Web screens - You do not have a license to use this product. Ask your system administrator for help.


    I have a client who is running Sage 2018 Pu 2 windows server 2019

    I have installed the web screens, and run the portal.

    As soon as I access the web screens I get this.  I can confirm the web licence is activated.

    I am wondering if the fact that sharedata…

  • Recreate Crystal report in Intelligence reporting

    Does anyone know of a way or what the best way would be to recreate a Crystal Report in Intelligence Reporting?  I have created a container with all of the data tables but when I run the Sample data nothing comes up.  I know it has to do with the sql expressions…

  • How to add Forgot Password as an option on Login screen?


    When logging into sage I would like users have an option to click forgot passwords, rather than them emailing an admin to send them a temp password. How to add that as an option?

  • Extending GL Account Groups

    I am aware that the Account Groups, particularly with the latest version of Sage 300 ends at Group 26 and the Group Category Codes ends with 210.

    My question is whether it's possible to extend and create new Group Category Codes beyond what the system…

  • Sage 300 Windows 2020 SDK Development


    I am new to Sage SDK development ,I am creating add-on in Sage 300 windows 2020 by using SDK.So I want know number of views we can created in add-on .I also want to know how to generate unique key (both long,Integer and string type)? How to compose…

  • pwFormatDate() and other custom crystal functions - where is the dll for these?

    I am writing some reports on a machine that does not have Sage installed.  Can I find the dll that has the custom Sage formulas like pwFormatDate() and istrue() somewhere on a machine with sage in order to copy it over?

  • Locations Inquiry


    We need to know the quantity available for one location only. Is there an inquiry for that?



  • T4 Date range is wrong, not pulling Jan - Dec


    Our T4's pull employee income from our fiscal calendar date range instead of the require T4 date range of Jan - Dec.   How do I edit the dates it is using to pulling it? I can't seem to find anything. The only option I have when printing t4…

  • Unable to add Optional Fields to GL Accounts and Transaction Details

    In Sage 300 2022 when I try to add Optional Fields to Account and Transaction Details in the General Ledger, I come across a error message that reads as follows:

    "Cannot insert, update, or delete General Ledger Optional Fields until all other Users have…

  • FR date format for rolling 12 month income statement

    There must be a simple formula for the FR date function on 12 month rolling income statements that crosses fiscal years. If I have the current selected period [email protected]("End") in the first column and want the 11 preceding months in the next 11 columns, what…