• Extending GL Account Groups

    I am aware that the Account Groups, particularly with the latest version of Sage 300 ends at Group 26 and the Group Category Codes ends with 210.

    My question is whether it's possible to extend and create new Group Category Codes beyond what the system…

  • Sage 300 Windows 2020 SDK Development


    I am new to Sage SDK development ,I am creating add-on in Sage 300 windows 2020 by using SDK.So I want know number of views we can created in add-on .I also want to know how to generate unique key (both long,Integer and string type)? How to compose…

  • pwFormatDate() and other custom crystal functions - where is the dll for these?

    I am writing some reports on a machine that does not have Sage installed.  Can I find the dll that has the custom Sage formulas like pwFormatDate() and istrue() somewhere on a machine with sage in order to copy it over?

  • Locations Inquiry


    We need to know the quantity available for one location only. Is there an inquiry for that?



  • T4 Date range is wrong, not pulling Jan - Dec


    Our T4's pull employee income from our fiscal calendar date range instead of the require T4 date range of Jan - Dec.   How do I edit the dates it is using to pulling it? I can't seem to find anything. The only option I have when printing t4…

  • Unable to add Optional Fields to GL Accounts and Transaction Details

    In Sage 300 2022 when I try to add Optional Fields to Account and Transaction Details in the General Ledger, I come across a error message that reads as follows:

    "Cannot insert, update, or delete General Ledger Optional Fields until all other Users have…

  • FR date format for rolling 12 month income statement

    There must be a simple formula for the FR date function on 12 month rolling income statements that crosses fiscal years. If I have the current selected period [email protected]("End") in the first column and want the 11 preceding months in the next 11 columns, what…

  • Report search in viewer & Designer

    Anybody know any search report name or report ID feature in Sage Intelligence?

  • Inventory transfer macro is failing when negative levels allowed

    I have a client who needs to run their inventory with negative levels allowed. We are running Sage 300 2021 with update 2

    I recorded a macro of doing an inventory transfer from location 1 to 2 with a qty=5.

    Location 1 had zero of these items and so it…

  • fastest update of on-screen order

    Say I have an order of 100 OE Order detail lines and I want to process a partial list of shipments against it

    I have to find the grid line with the item code of the item shipping.

    #1 I can browse the grid using dsoeord.gonext and then see if it is s…

  • Deluxe echecks

    I really want to get away from mailing printed checks.  I have found a service provided by deluxe that allows emailed checks.  Batches can be imported to their system using csv.  I am looking for advice on the best practice work flow to make this happen…

  • Sage 300 Web SDK - Error occur when build solution after using wizard to generate screen

    Hi all, I tried to use Visual Studio 2019 with Sage 300 Solution Wizard to generate a simple screen. Right after the solution was auto generated, I use Sage 300 Code Generation Wizard to create a payment code screen. I tried to build the solution but the…

  • Increasing the Size for G/L Account Description to 120 Characters

    My client is running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    They want the G/L Account Description field to be increased to 120 Characters. Is there an available utility for doing this? How can I achieve it in the easiest way possible?

    All responces will…

  • Proforma AR invoice


    Is there a proforma invoice in AR?



  • Invoice Form without piped values, enter invoice number and other details and prints invoice

    I need a crystal report that I enter an invoice number and other details and get the invoice copy.  I need to drive the report inside crystal reports editor and not from sage.

    I checked in "PROGRAMS\OE62A\ENG" for oeinv01 ~oeinv05 and none seem…

  • Optional field in OE invoice header


    We created an optional field for the OE invoice header. It was added in the settings of OE. The field is not in the optional field list when we process invoices.

    Any thoughts? Ty.

  • Sage 300 and AutoSimply Barcode application very slow

    Hello fellow Sage 300 users and IT Admins,

    We are using Sage 300 2022 and we use AutoSimply Barcode application along with our Sage 300. We currently are on the latest PU for Sage 300 2022 and we even have the latest customized AutoSimply Barcode 2022…

  • How Can I insert a company logo in an email body sent from Sage?

    We are emailing RFI's, Submittals, etc... out of Sage.

    Is there a way to autopopulate a signature into the body of an email sent from Sage?

    Or do we have type our name and contact info into the message block?

  • VBA macro - Windows Task Scheduler - Sage 300 ERP Signon Manager

    I have a VBA Macro that runs via a VBA Script file triggered by Windows Scheduler daily.  It, and three other similar daily Macros, run an their own Virtual Machine away from any pesky users.  Every two or three months, the scripts stop running and I see…

  • vendor code 468

    Hi, we get an error message while trying to run an AR invoice for a newly setup company, all of the settings appear to be fine but the only issue is when we try to generate an invoice using the ARINVO.rpt file unofrutnately i keep getting a Vendor Code…

  • I am trying to get transaction details of vendor with account numbers vendor was paid from.

    I am just trying to get all detail of a vendor with the account numbers he was paid for.

  • Payment Processing

    How to I store preauthorization information into Sage that I have gotten from an external tool? I see that tables like YPTRAN and OEPAUTH get populated but I can't get the macro record to show me how it is done.

  • Fiscal Period for Specifik Module Macro

    I have some problem in macro

    the case was, i want to get 2022-01 (yyyy-mm) fiscal period status of my IC module in ACCPAC using macro

    Can anyone have some solution for this?

    thanks in advance

  • Some Characters are visible

    Good morning,

    Some characters are not fully display in AP module. For example, I can only see some numbers in check number..

    Could some help me please..

    See picture attached.

  • How to colourize a custom OE Order Entry to match colour of std screen

    I have noticed that an OCX dropped on userform1 does not colourize automatically the same way when you run it as standard screen

    especially the caption bar on top which I guess is not really part of std screen, but the userform1  frame (Caption and so…