• How do we make fields required when setting up a new job in the Project Management Module?

    We are rolling out the Project Management module and want to require certain fields so our Project Managers are required to enter the information before they can create the new job.

    Is this possible?

  • Bank entry import template

    Hi, does anyone have a template created that only includes the required fields? We are trying to save some time on testing.


  • Late Binding

    I need to late bind an application because a number of users do not have Sage 300 on their desktop and I want to use COMAPI to communicate with Sage 300.  I am stumped how to late bind

    AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacView. .  If I try to Declare it as an object I get…

  • basic macro question

    I'm trying to add 2 new optional fields to about 4000 standing orders, because Sage does not auto-insert opt fields when activating from a Standing Order.  I have a macro that works for one, or when I "mailmerge" to repeat the code for a certain number…

  • Need help with logic re icitem

    I'm trying to create a query for a client to find items that haven't been used since a certain date (ICILOC.LASTUSED).  They don't want to see items that were created recently and haven't been used yet (LASTUSED=0), but still show items that were…

  • Customization: How to get Sage User Id based on username provided

    Hi all,

    May I know is there any ways to get Sage User Id based on username provided?

    Many thanks.

  • Speed of the Browse Filters

    I'm calling the browse method and trying to find an order by number. This code takes around 4-5 minutes. Are these method really that slow?

    var view = OpenView("OE0520");
    view.Browse("ORDNUMBER = 5555555555", true);

  • Sage 300 Web API: How to filter item by field in Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.AP.WebApi.Models.Invoice?

    Hi All,

    I want to get only the specific invoice by DocumentNumber in Sage.CA.SBS.ERP.Sage300.AP.WebApi.Models.Invoice, but failed.

    I try to use the $Filter field => DocumentNumber eq 'IN00000000000000000031' but I just got error

  • Custom Development - AR Invoice and AR Receipts eliminate import step

    I am looking at what options are available to eliminate the step of importing multiple batches into AR invoice Batches and AR REceipt batches.   Currently we generate a import file from the Non Sage 300 product  and the client imports the batch.  Invoice…

  • Chart of Accounts in Web Screens

    I cannot seem to find the "Chart of Accounts" screen in web screens.

    Is this not available or am I missing something?


    Ubaidullah Nubar.

  • Controls on OE Prepayment window

    I have a customer  that wants to hide a field on the prepayment  window on OE Order  (OE1100)

    in the list of controls for OE1100 there is none for Prepayment window

    Does anyone know if there is a list ? or how to access list of fields and controls


  • How to get username programmatically in macro

    Hi all,

    I want to get the username of current login user in macro. What Roto ID should I use?

  • Custom macro to do AR Receipt Entry: can I bypass ARPOOP and insert directly to ARTCR?

    Hi all,

    I am making an AR Receipt Entry import to import the receipt in bulk from an excel file. I follow the recorded macro to create it. And I see that the ARPOOP (in recorded macro is using ARRECMAC1detail4) set the APPLY value to "Y" on line 124.…

  • Import Optional fields using Interop SDK for AR

    Hi, Can any one help on this optional field in .Net API

    Problem: Optional field can't be inserted. Only the tick mark can be viewed in AR invoice entry UI screen

    Source code:


  • Statetement designer - not updating current year figures


    I am trying to run a an IS through the statement designer function in Sage 300 ACCPAC. August would be period 1 of FY2022, however when I select this period, all the figures that come back are 0. If I select period 12 FY2021, everything runs as…

  • Sage user Interfaces failure

    I'm using sage 300 but when I click on some icon, instead of opening the related forms, an error form pops us with the description as shown in the attachments

    The solutions I have tried to apply include:-

    1. reinstalling the application

    2. reapplying…

  • How to see the payment (receipt) exchange rate on UI?

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify how to see the payment (receipt) exchange rate on UI?

    I opened a payment, but I cannot find it.

  • Purchase order with no amounts for Shipping/Receiving Department

    In Sage 300 purchase order - how do I print a purchase order with no amounts showing for the shipping/receiving department?  

    I know what I want, but maybe I'm not using the right words.  We would like to print out a second copy of our purchase orders…


    As per my understanding Sage 300 budget linked to Account code (on GL). How can I handle objective based budget?

    Objectives are like optional fields:

    Eg: Acccount  1010 : Allowances

    Objective 1: budget $100k

    Objective 2: budget $200k

  • Journal Entry errors: unable to add new GLJED row because of multiple error


    I am doing customization to add multiple lines to GLJED. But I get multiple error that I cannot find out why it is happening, note that I only trying to add to GLJED, not GLJEH

    Below is my code. Instead of getting the record by Batch in GLBCTL, I…

  • Notes and attachments


    Any recommendations for this add on other than Orchid?


  • A/R Prepayments Payment Plan

    Customer Receipts are posted in the A/R as Prepayments because there is no Invoice.

    There is a plan on when and how much the Customer should pay.

    How can this Plan be managed in Sage 300 without raising an Invoice?

    An invoice is raised at the end when…

  • 2014 sage 300 advanced - kit items do not print component qty's on pick list

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to have component quantities print on a pick list for a kit. is this a form modification or is there another modification that needs to be completed? I am able to see the component list which is part of what…

  • Optional fields based on item categories


    Can I have optional fields in ITEMS set as required only in certain scenarios, such as an item category?

    We dont need all optional fields for all types of items but when we do need it I want to require it.

    Whats the best way to set that up?


  • Sage Notes on User forms

    If I drop v2020 OE1100 OCX on a userform in VBA  I do not get Notes popups for customer code

    Any info would help, thanks; trying to avoid making my own little window and reading Notes tables on record change event

    Ron Boyd