• Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • Inventory transfer macro is failing when negative levels allowed

    I have a client who needs to run their inventory with negative levels allowed. We are running Sage 300 2021 with update 2

    I recorded a macro of doing an inventory transfer from location 1 to 2 with a qty=5.

    Location 1 had zero of these items and so it…

  • Automatic Shipping and invoice Order Entry

    Here is our scenario. We give a customer a qoutation  in Order entry. The customer then goes to the cashier to pay or payonline. Then the receipt is taken back to our sales team to ship and create invoice. Isnt there away that at the time of paying the…

  • Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)

    We are using AccPacc to work with Sage 300.

    When we call View.Insert the error message appeared:


    Timecard Detail.

    Database error (operation=REV-POST, error=229)


  • Sage .NET API Errors

    In the Session.Init method, I'm getting an error that just shows 1.4197.5

    I have no idea what this means and don't see documentation anywhere that explains it. Can anyone help on what this means?

  • Statetement designer - not updating current year figures


    I am trying to run a an IS through the statement designer function in Sage 300 ACCPAC. August would be period 1 of FY2022, however when I select this period, all the figures that come back are 0. If I select period 12 FY2021, everything runs as…

  • Accpac Plus conversion to Sage 300 (5.4) OE Error: The Price List is not in use for this item and specified customer. How do I fix this?

    I have all modules converted (OE Tax, GL, AP, AR, IC), but have error when trying to convert OE. There is nothing that indicates what Price List, Item or customer. This is Multicurrency data (CAD, USD, EUR). IC has 6 Price List (3 CAD, 3 USD), ALB, ALBX…

  • Crystal Report Error

    I made a report with crystal report on my local, it all went well but when running on the client pc the following message appears

  • Failed to import the ActiveX Control

    Having problem with my SAGE 2020 (300 Premium) (Build 0)

    When I tried to add COM Components for example AP2100 (AccpacAP2100.AccpacAP2100UICtrl)

    and drag that to my Empty Project .NET (VB), it show's the error below (Failed to import the ActiveX Control…

  • Importing Transactions into Project and Job Costing


    I am getting the below error message when i try and Import transactions into Costs under the PJC transactions. The Error mentions PM0420 which either has to do with Document Number or Line Number, but I am not able to resolve this error  - Could someone…

  • System.AccessViolationException with ACCPAC.

    Hello Experts,

    Facing the below error while accessing the ACCPAC API.

    at AccpacCOMSVR.AccpacSvrViewClass.Process()
    at ACCPAC.Advantage.Server.View.Process(FieldValue[], Int32[])

    We have a .Net based windows service that…

  • Extender

    Hi, is there anyone using the Orchid's Extender module in Accpac 2019?

    I want to display a message box when the next button is clicked.

  • Black & White Printouts from the Clint system

    Hi Team, Just wondering if anyone can assist me on how i can get black & White Printouts from my client system when printing Quotation, Invoices, etc. I did change the printer preferences to both monochrome and grayscale and tried but still receiving…

  • Macro PO Order

    how to retrieve vendor number values ​​on the PO Order screen using macros


  • Setting paper orientation in VBA

    I have a macro that prints out some reports but I need to set the paper orientation to landscape.

    Is there a way to set that in the macro?  The Crystal Report is designed to be landscape but when I send it to the printer in the macro it prints portrait…

  • I/C Transfer Suppress Print Transfer Slip Confirmation Dialog box


    Is there a way to block the Print Transfer Slip Confirmation Dialog box from appearing for IC Transfer.
    We have created a custom Print form and wish to suppress the standard Print confirmation alert box which appears after Saving or Posting a Transfer…

  • AccpacPrintSetup crashing after upgrading to SAGE 2020 PU2

    In previous version, SAGE 2017. This code works fine. But after upgrading, it crashes.

    Dim oRpt As AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacReport
    oRpt = oSession.ReportSelect("APWMSSOFTRMT[APWMSSOFTRMT.RPT]", " ", " ")

    Dim oRptPrintSetup As AccpacCOMAPI…

  • System error. Call to lnkCommitTrans failed [227]


    Am getting this error when adding or posting an AR Invoice batch in Sage 300.

    System error. Call to lnkCommitTrans failed [227]

    I recently did a database move using the dump and load. Now my AR batches dont want to post.

    What could be the problem…

  • Why does Sage not keep their products up to date?

    Every time i install a Sage product i am reminded of how they 

    1. depend on ancient third-party software versions (e.g. SQL Server 2000, .NET Framework 3.5(

    2. dont certify their products for current operating systems (e.g. Sage budgeting and planning…

  • Sage GL Consolidation Module Integrate with Navision & SAP

    My company is using Accpac system but the sister organisations are using Navision and SAP. To consolidate the GL transaction, we plan to develop the interface files which generated from Navision and SAP. However, Accpac GL Consolidation Import required…

  • Sage 300 Version 6.0 to Sage 300 2019 Upgrade


    when activating applications to 2019, all modules activate but on PJC get the following :

    Check Tables could not load view on the following PM0043, PM00114, PM0061, PM0065, PM0404, PM0301, PM0473. 

    Doing a direct upgrade from 6.0 PU1  to Sage 300 2019…

  • Unable to post via Task Scheduler - System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005)

    When the user is login and the Task Scheduler fired up, the posting in SAGE is successful. But when the user is Signed Out and Task Scheduler fire up. We received an error:

    Error: External component has thrown an exception.. Inner: . Full: System.Runtime…

  • old company data lost during creating a new company

    I am facing a problem in sage 300, I already have two companies in sage 300, but when I open a new company one old one company disconnected from data base, now my old company

    doesn't show any thing, but  in sql server all data is avail able.…

  • SUBVIEW.dll causing AccessViolation

    Does anyone here encounter an error for the SUBVIEW.DLL? We created a WEB API, when deployed it is fine when creating single calls. But when doing multiple calls simultaneous we got w3wp.exe error. Upon analyzing the dump file it shows: \vi65a\SUBVIEW…

  • error when posting GL Batch with status "Post in Progress"


    We are using Sage 300 (Formerly ACCPAC 6.0), and we have been facing the GL Batch post problem. with status "Post in Progress"

    Error Message : Cannot enter data in period 13 because Common Services company profile defines only 12 periods…