• Sage 300 Employee Information report crash

    We just put the Tax updates for January on our system December 31.  We are on version 2021, UP73 product update 30.  When we enter all of the parameters on the screen for the Payroll Employee Information Report and hit print, it crashes.  By crashes I mean…

  • Fiscal Period for Specifik Module Macro

    I have some problem in macro

    the case was, i want to get 2022-01 (yyyy-mm) fiscal period status of my IC module in ACCPAC using macro

    Can anyone have some solution for this?

    thanks in advance

  • How to figure out errors ViewExceptions .NET API

    I'm trying to insert an order using the API - and I'm getting back an error that just says 6666

    How can I find what this means, and in general, is there a way to get the COM exceptions and error codes? I know how to get session.Errors, but that…

  • Invoice PDF

    Hello Team,

    Is it possible to export the Invoice in PDF format from Sage 300?
    If yes, could you provide an example of how to do it?
    Also, is it possible to receive the Invoice PDF via API from Sage 300?

  • Doesn't work correctly request filter 'allpages'

    Hello Team,

    According to the Sage 300 specification, we can use the following filter 'allpages'
    For example:

    http://{ip adress}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARCustomers?$inlinecount=allpages

    But, we cannot receive the number of customers in the response…

  • Error during API call ARCustomers

    Hello Team,

    When I try to call ARCustomers via API using a filter that designated in the Sage 300 specification, I received an error.

    Example of the request:
    http://{IP Adress}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARCustomers?$filter=DateLastMaintained le datetime…

  • Allow users to run Macros, but not edit or record Macros


    I'm trying to allow users to only run Macros without also giving permission to record or edit.  In Administrative Services Security Authorizations (sage300.com), for the "Maintain Macros" permission, it says "Allows users to record…

  • How to do data filtering in macro VBA?

    Hi all,

    how do I do data filtering in macro? Lets say I want to filter by invoice number in OE0520

  • Work Force Analyzer hangs in startup

    I have a client that replaced their workstation and now they are unable to run the Work Force Analyzer.  We installed the latest updates of Sage 300 payroll and the Work Force Analyzer, but when they launch the program we see a message Connecting to Sage…

  • Crystal Report Error

    I made a report with crystal report on my local, it all went well but when running on the client pc the following message appears

  • Error: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface VBA

    Having an error on my VBA "Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface" when assigning 

    Set dsGLJEH = AccpacGL2100UICtrl1.UIDSControls("dsGLJEH")

    On "OnUIAppOpened()"

    Public WithEvents dsGLJEH As…

  • Is there a way to build a Purchase Order Report to include the "Ship to" name?

    We need to retrieve Purchase Order details to include the PO # and "Ship to" name.   Can this be done with canned reports in Sage 300?  My searches have come up empty.

    We have intelligence but not Connector.  The Purchases Master report doesn't appear…

  • Is there any easy way to show the currency used on a purchase order

    I have a client entering purchase orders in different currencies, but when I print the purchase order, it does not display the currency being used on the order.  Is there a simple way to add that information to an order?

  • Failed to import the ActiveX Control

    Having problem with my SAGE 2020 (300 Premium) (Build 0)

    When I tried to add COM Components for example AP2100 (AccpacAP2100.AccpacAP2100UICtrl)

    and drag that to my Empty Project .NET (VB), it show's the error below (Failed to import the ActiveX Control…

  • LanPak vs Other in Current Users


    We noticed just yesterday that some of users were in the Other tab instead of the LanPak tab in the Current Users window.

    Although the system still works and the users can still access Sage when they were logged in oni the Other tab, what is the difference…

  • Crystal report Issue

    Created a custom crystal report for client with Date from and Date to and customer number as parameters in order for sending all invoices to a particular customer for a specific month or range of dates.

    The  custom crystal report on the sage server (…

  • Am getting an error when am printing customized crystal reports on web (Sage 300 2020 PU3)

  • FR Account suppression

    How do I suppress inactive accounts in FR I have tried ACTIVESW=1 in column B but it does not suppress the account # in column A

  • Item Line Numbers in Orders/Purchase Orders

    I wrote a .NET application for a customer that created Orders/Purchase Orders. No problems with doing that. Now I need to update those Order/Purchase Orders. The problem that I am having is that I can't insert detail items where I want them to go. For…

  • Macro PO Order

    how to retrieve vendor number values ​​on the PO Order screen using macros


  • I/C Transfer Suppress Print Transfer Slip Confirmation Dialog box


    Is there a way to block the Print Transfer Slip Confirmation Dialog box from appearing for IC Transfer.
    We have created a custom Print form and wish to suppress the standard Print confirmation alert box which appears after Saving or Posting a Transfer…

  • AccpacPrintSetup crashing after upgrading to SAGE 2020 PU2

    In previous version, SAGE 2017. This code works fine. But after upgrading, it crashes.

    Dim oRpt As AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacReport
    oRpt = oSession.ReportSelect("APWMSSOFTRMT[APWMSSOFTRMT.RPT]", " ", " ")

    Dim oRptPrintSetup As AccpacCOMAPI…

  • do task after POST in OE Order screen

    I have a custom OE1100 screen

    User will ship some lines and make an invoice and of the course the question to print forms will pop up.

    After views settle I want to set qtyordered=0 for any open lines

    I know the standard _onrecordchanged events; is there…

  • Order Entry Macro, how to get the order number once posted?

    I wrote a simple macro in VBA that enters an order and then posts it.  On post, SAGE 300 assigns the next order number.  How do I return that order number to the macro? 

    I want to put it in the message box for the user.

  • SAGE 300 ERP crash when running User created reports

    I created a folder (new Object) that contain customized reports in Sage 300 premium (version 2016).

    When I run these reports Sage crash and closed with no error message.

    The reports I created work well in another PC.

    What can be the problem?