• Limiting User Reports based on "Allowed" Locations

    We have multiple users across our branch network who can run different reports but I want to be able to limit their access based on "allowed" locations.  For example, I want to limit a reorder report for a user so they can only run for their…

  • Credit Card Receipt Confirmation Report Customization


    We're running Sage 300 2022. We just got Paya installed and did our first Credit Card transaction. I'm still fairly new to the usage of Sage and Crystal Reports. How do I customize our receipt confirmation report to include Order Number or an Invoice…

  • PO Receipts blank when printed to preview (PORCP01.RPT ~ PORCP04.RPT)

    Using Sage 300 2014.

    After we post a PO Receipt, we select Print.  All forms PORCP01.RPT, PORCP02.RPT, PORCP03.RPT, PORCP04.RPT just show an empty grey window in the SAP Crystal Reports preview.

  • Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer. The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula. Details. errorKind


    A customer has a custom report we create from scratch for AP transactions a long time ago. After they update workstations to Windows 10 in some of them that custom report doesn't work but in others its OK. So not sure what's the issue to fix. They…

  • sage 300 web screens and reporting


     I would like some clear direction on where Sage 300 is headed for reporting for the Web screens. 

    1   GL Financial Reporter   - Financial Reporter for Web UI - possibly on road map for August 22?  Whereas previously this had been ruled out?

    2  Sage Intelligence…

  • Adding AR Invoice Number to E-mail Template

    Hi all,

    A client wants to add the A/R invoice number to the email template. I've tried to search from F1 Help -> E-mail Message Variables, but there's no such variables named AR Invoice Number. Does anyone has any idea?

    Thank you.

    Yours Faithfully…

  • ODBC Driver for Excel with xlsx files

    Using Sage 2021, seems the ODBC driver for excel only support .xls files.    When attempting to connect to a .xlsx, get SqlState error S1000 that the table is not in the expected format

    Any way to use the driver with xlsx?

  • sales tax issue - Double counting items as two different classes

    2020  year's sales tax was easy. I just ran the tax tracking report for the relevant fiscal periods and sort by tax class, which for us is 1 for taxable items and 2 for non-taxable. 

    But this year, the same report for both this year and last double…

  • Sage 300 Customers and Suppliers Daily Report With Opening Balances for any given date

    Good Day All, 

    How can i get a report on Sage 300 Customers and Suppliers Daily Report With Opening Balances for any given date

  • Recommendation for ODBC consultant?

    Need recommendation for ODBC consultant.

  • Name of department and account group values of a department.

    I am new to Sage300 so i'll apologies in advance. I am trying 2 things to work on sage300 (2021).

    1) I am trying to get department name on FR View dynamically. I have tried following but did not work for me.


  • Custom Crystal Report not working in Sage 300 2019

    Have an Excel .xls spreadsheet with 4 columns of data Item, Description, Qty Sold and Date Sold. Also created a 2016 Crystal Report to generate a report sorted by item number. Works fine once run within the Crystal runtime where the report was created…

  • What is the syntax to add a budget column of a specific year?

    What is the syntax to add a budget colunm of a specific year?  How to specify 2020 budget column to the report?

  • Selecting items with optional field

    Working on report that is selecting items with optional field value CS using ICILOC, ICITEM, ICITEMO tables. I tried several formulas including  if{ICITEMO.OPTFIELD}<>"CASE" then "1" else "0" or if{ICITEMO.OPTFIELD}="CASE" then "1" else "0" and they all…

  • Using sub-report values in main-report

    I have sub-report:  

    Shared stringvar O;

    if trim({ICITEMO.VALUE}) = "CS" then

        O := "B"


        O := " ";

    And formula in main- report: Shared stringvar O;   O

    In main report I am trying to exclude all items with optional field…



    i would like your assistance, i recently created a user in sage 300 erp 2014 but when he tries to preview any reports (trial balance, batch listing e.t.c)  it sends directly to printer  instead of preview. other users can view the reports without any…

  • F/S by department

    Hi there,

    What FR function should I use in order to create a report showing department side by side? Also, is there a way to combine two departments?



  • Code with leading zeros in FR report


    In an FR report, I have a heading like 00123 but in the output, it shows as 123. I have tried '00123 and formatting the cell as text but the output still comes out as 123.

    How do I preserve the leading zeros ?

    I need the leading zeros as these…

  • Criteria in function and column B of FR report


    I have an FR report where there is a criteria in column B and also in the FRAMT function third parameter in the default row. It seems that when I use the third parameter of FRAMT to set criteria, it ignores the criteria in column B. Is there a way…

  • Reporting in Financial Reporter on inactive GL accounts


    Has anyone written financial reports using the financial designer to report on GL accounts that are inactive. 

  • bank recon report query on sage v2020

    using sage v2020,

    For the bank reconciliation status report (BK1460), under what situation will the report identify the transaction as “RV” status.

  • Reorder Report


    I am currently trying to utilize the Reorder report in I/C and not all the parts are showing up on that report that I need to get reordered. What am I doing wrong? I've checked to make sure the parts have MIN and MAX and made sure they all have…

  • Custom Crystal Report gives incorrect entries for Invoice Credits


    I'm using SAGE 300 Premium (Version 2018) and SAP Crystal Reports 2013. I'm working on a Crystal report and using the following table linkings:

     OEAUDH linking to OEINVH (Linking field- ORDNUMBER, Join- Inner Join)

     OEAUDH linking to OECRDH…

  • Error Web UI, Sage 300

    I get an error message when opening the COA report using the Web UI, can anyone help me?

  • Sage 300 admin profile crashing - due to an excel added to startup report folder

    I tried to add an excel report in the startup folder. After I added it to the startup folder sage 300 admin profile started to crash. Sage 300 is not opening. How to remove it?
    Please suggest - I am not able to login to the admin profile only the rest…