• Payment Processing

    How to I store preauthorization information into Sage that I have gotten from an external tool? I see that tables like YPTRAN and OEPAUTH get populated but I can't get the macro record to show me how it is done.

  • Fiscal Period for Specifik Module Macro

    I have some problem in macro

    the case was, i want to get 2022-01 (yyyy-mm) fiscal period status of my IC module in ACCPAC using macro

    Can anyone have some solution for this?

    thanks in advance

  • How to colourize a custom OE Order Entry to match colour of std screen

    I have noticed that an OCX dropped on userform1 does not colourize automatically the same way when you run it as standard screen

    especially the caption bar on top which I guess is not really part of std screen, but the userform1  frame (Caption and so…

  • How do we make fields required when setting up a new job in the Project Management Module?

    We are rolling out the Project Management module and want to require certain fields so our Project Managers are required to enter the information before they can create the new job.

    Is this possible?

  • Late Binding

    I need to late bind an application because a number of users do not have Sage 300 on their desktop and I want to use COMAPI to communicate with Sage 300.  I am stumped how to late bind

    AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacView. .  If I try to Declare it as an object I get…

  • basic macro question

    I'm trying to add 2 new optional fields to about 4000 standing orders, because Sage does not auto-insert opt fields when activating from a Standing Order.  I have a macro that works for one, or when I "mailmerge" to repeat the code for a certain number…

  • Customization: How to get Sage User Id based on username provided

    Hi all,

    May I know is there any ways to get Sage User Id based on username provided?

    Many thanks.

  • Controls on OE Prepayment window

    I have a customer  that wants to hide a field on the prepayment  window on OE Order  (OE1100)

    in the list of controls for OE1100 there is none for Prepayment window

    Does anyone know if there is a list ? or how to access list of fields and controls


  • Sage Notes on User forms

    If I drop v2020 OE1100 OCX on a userform in VBA  I do not get Notes popups for customer code

    Any info would help, thanks; trying to avoid making my own little window and reading Notes tables on record change event

    Ron Boyd

  • Order/Purchase Order Detail Records

    How does I get the detail record of an order or purchase order if I only have the item number? Item Number is not a Key field.



    i recorded a macro to copy orders but it does not run , I get automation error.  the 'actions' don't work

    same problem on different version of Sage 30

    Anybody know why

    OEORDC1Fields("FRCUST").Value = "1100"…

  • Web UI Customizations - are we there yet?

    Has anyone bridged the gap between web screen customizations vs legacy screen VB6 / VBA customizations?  We have a client with a desire to use the web OE screen for Opportunity quotes via CRM.  In the legacy screen, it's fairly easy to program the desired…

  • My budget macro has been over written and I need to refresh it. I am using sage 300 2020.

    I need to replace my budget macro because it has been overwritten by an excel worksheet.  How do I do this?

  • how to go to a line in a PO

    I know in OE  can do something like     OEdet1.gotorecordnumber 3      for example to go to 3rd line in grid

    but when I try this in PODET1 view  (POPORL) I get an automation error

    i can podet1.gotop  and podet1.gonext and browse all the details

    how do i go to the…

  • Indicator for a successful and failed insert in Order Entry

    Hi all,

    I am making a macro program to insert OE transactions in bulk by reading a csv file with a lot of Order transaction.

    Some of the Order might have error while trying to insert. So, I need an indicator that this specific transaction failed or successfully…

  • Bank Transfer Screen - Prevent Rate Date Auto Change in Pop Up Screen

    Hi all,

    I had some technical issue that need to seek help. May I know is there any way to prevent Rate Date in pop up screen as below to auto change when we manually key in Exchange Rate and manually key in amount (Transfer Amount, Deposit Amount)?


  • Pick List of Values as Sage Connector Values

    When using Sage connector, is there a way to present a multiple choice pick list?  If I've a list of location IDs and want to user to choose 1 or more, can an interface be presented to accomplish this similar to have a calendar widget is presented to choose…

  • Crystal Report Error

    I made a report with crystal report on my local, it all went well but when running on the client pc the following message appears

  • Error on using ACCPAC libraries for custom 3rd Party Application

    Hi all, 

    I am developing an app using ACCPAC libraries:

    I have difficulty to do an Order Entry from my application, especially on setting the value of CUSTOMER (OE0520) and ITEM(OE0500), to do RecordCreate(ACCPAC.Advantage.ViewRecordCreate.Insert) fu…

  • class not registered C62A69F0-160C11CE-9E98-00AA00574A4F

    Good Day, our client upgraded there office from 32bit to 64bit.

    But now we are getting a class not registered error when trying to open macro to display user form.

    We have tried to reg edit the fm20.dll file and that also gave us an error.

    How else…

  • Macro VBA Sage 300

    I found an error when running the macro file

  • sage 300 welcome screen published app

    not sure where this goes - but it is technical

    sage 300 v2021 when deployed as published app (not full desktop for rdp user)

    the welcome screen stays on the user screen even after menus appear.

    anyone seen this before ?


  • Financial Reporter - Legal Name


    We have difference details input in "Doing Business As" and "Legal Name" in the Company Profile.

    And we wanted to add these 2 field in our FR. 

    But the field name "CoName" from FR Paste is linked to "Doing Business As".…

  • custom report for web screens

    Hi, we have a customized order confirmation form. i added to the webscreens reports. it prints fine but the parameter prompt does not allow you to search or select options such as check delivery method.  values must be entered. any help resolving this would…

  • API: OE with Ship all and Post Invoice

    Hi all,

    I try to add new Order Entry with ship all & auto create invoice using API with the following json

    {"CustomerNumber":"2347", "OrderDetails":[{"LineNumber":0, "Item":"A11030", "QuantityOrdered":10 ,