Custom Crystal Report not working in Sage 300 2019

Have an Excel .xls spreadsheet with 4 columns of data Item, Description, Qty Sold and Date Sold. Also created a 2016 Crystal Report to generate a report sorted by item number. Works fine once run within the Crystal runtime where the report was created. Placed the Crystal Report within the Sage 300 2019 environment as a custom report, nothing happens, no report generated. Tried with .xlsx, same result. Tried setting up the excel file as a direct read with named range, as ODBC file , nothing works.

  • Using external data in a report that the Sage desktop is being asked to run typically requires that you access that data in a sub-report.

    I'd be tempted to have you import that data into a series of optional tables, or on a sales quote that stays on hold.  You can also look into Orchid's Extender to create a custom table within the Sage database to hold that data - which would make it available for Crystal reports.

  • If the report uses data from another source other than Sage then you need to install the 'Report' as a Program where you launch (Run) Crystal Reports and it opens your report.  This means that Crystal Reports Designer software must be available at the workstation.

    The concept is that custom reports designed for Sage 300 will use whatever the database is for the company you're logged into.  That way reports will work across companies.  If you're not using Sage 300 company data then...

  • Appreciate the education, will see how that option goes.