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My SAGE 300 is setup the way  every time we enter receipt it will update vendor cost in Vendor Details. In general this is fine but lately we experiencing problem where PO’s are delivered after 3-4 moths and price is changing frequently, so old PO will override current price when received. Is there any solution for that?

  • Another option is to hold your vendor costs in PO Contract Costs instead.  Vendor Cost will still be updated, but the cost you enter in PO Contract Costs is what will be used as a default on the PO -- and because it is assumed to be under contract, it does not change.

  • That is a great idea. Let’s see a year from now we are going back to normal with Supply chain, can I delete those contract prices or they will have to be continually updated?

  • I believe there’s an expiration date.  You might want to test setting up a few, and see whether you can import an expiration date when you’re ready to retire those prices.

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