upgrading to Sage 300cloud, integrating automated journal uploads from Aloha Enterprise POS

We are in the process of converting from an older version of Sage 300 ERP onto the 300cloud platform.  As part of this process, we want to be able to automate the journal upload process for our daily revenue entries.  We have multiple locations, and our POS platform -- Aloha -- has provided a BI solution (Aloha Enterprise) that has allowed us to build a query for each store that then is sent to us by email in .csv format.  

In previous businesses, we have used these .csv files with the integration manager tied to MSFT GP Dynamics so that the upload of these entries was automated - once entered, we would review, edit if necessary, and then post.  Because of the number of stores that we have, we want the efficiency of automated upload.

Guidance as to what add-on we would use with 300cloud to do this?

  • An out-of-the-box solution such as Iman would certainly be able to handle this, but really might be over-kill.
    I've written several small programs which read csv or Excel files and generate GL Journal Entries or AP Invoice Entries or...  You get the idea.
    Please feel free to have your Business Partner reach out to discuss.
    [email protected]

  • Thanks Shane - we'll be in touch as we move closer to pulling the trigger.  To be clear, Aloha Enterprise has an ASCAP template from which we built on off-the-shelf query which then generates a complete balanced revenue entry -- our need is on the actual integration side, i.e., moving the .csv files from the desktop into the G/L on an automated basis.