• Intermittent Dropping of Distribution Instructions

    We have created a Financial Statements SAGE Intelligence Report Template that has default Distribution Instructions attached to it.

    For one particular user, it seems that these Distribution Instructions intermittently do not load with the template for…

  • in $000

    Hello Guys,

    i am designing a highlight report and need to use (in $000), anybody know how to create it ?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • unable to export to excel


    I have ERP 2012 SP and I cannot export to Excel.When I do so I have this error message" Method not found: CrystalDecision.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.Propertyflag..."

    Repaired Sage, Renamed BusinessObject folder and SAp folder and it was…

  • Not a valid Crystal Report

    After upgrading to Version 14.1, some of our systems will not print Crystal Reports.  When attempting to print we get the following error message.  We have attempted to perform the suggested Resolution on KB 55371 with no results. Anyone have any ideas…