• Data Activation at v5.4 : Error converting table ARRRH


    I am doing upgrade of ACCPAC data from v5.2 to v2017.

    During the activation of AR data at v5.4, I got the error: Error converting table ARRRH.

    Any idea on this?



  • SAGE 300 License Error

    Hi Guys

    When sage is launched with single click below error comes up:

    But when right click run as administrator is launched than sage application works fine. Any advise as to what is happening here ?


  • Sage 300 License have missing data

    Hi all,

    I installed Sage 300 and web screen in separated servers for my customer, and during the installation, I insert the license for the web screen. After installation, I find web screen show 

    Then I check the license manager, it have missing data…

  • Order Entry 66A not activated in SAGE 300 v2019

    Hello City Fellows,

    I encountered an intriguing issue but first some background details:

    I have SAGE 2012 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008. 

    On a new server which is  Azure virtual machine I got Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with…

  • Installing web screen on another server

    Hi all,

    I have 3 servers:

    A - 1 DB  Server

    B - 1 Sage 300 Application server (using Sage 300 2021)

    C - 1 Sage 300 web screen server (using Sage 300 2021)

    Installing A and B is okay. I have a bit of problem installing C. I am following guide from https:…

  • Upgrade Sage Accpac 5.5 to 5.6 issues

    During upgrade process Sage Accpac 5.5 to 5.6 while Activating modules, the process ends with errors.

    Bank transaction header. Database error (operation=REV-BROWSE, error=0). Cannot activate Bank Services data.

  • InstallScript Setup launcher unicode has stopped working

    Hi I'm using windows server 2012 R2 trying to install sage 300 2018 but it gives error almost at the end to the installation.

    InstallScript Setup launcher unicode has stopped working

    Please advise quich support

  • Installing Web Screens crashes IIS

    After failed install at client, test as follows.

    New VM with Windows Server 2019 and SQL 2019.

    Configure IIS.

    Install Sage 300 with Web Screens. It stops Windows Process Automation Service (WAS) and therefore IIS stops.

    Did restore and installed Sage…

  • error while installing a workstation

    im getting the above error while installing a workstation. kindly help.

  • What are Sage 300 ".NET Libraries"?

    We are upgrading from Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  After installing Sage 300 2021 in our test environment, we ended up with "Sage 300 2021" showing up in the software inventory for that machine, which was expected, but we also now see "Sage 300 .NET…

  • US Payroll

    Is Sage 300 US Payroll 2017 the latest version of that product?  or are there later versions like Sage 300 itself has?  

    For example, we have just upgraded Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  Is there an upgrade of Sage 300 US Payroll 2017 to Sage 300 US Payroll…

  • Uninstall old Sage 300 versions after new versions are already installed?

    Is it possible to uninstall an older version of Sage 300 if a newer version of the same product is installed?  In our case, we just installed Sage 300 2021 on the same computer that has Sage 300 2018 installed on it.  Now we see both products are listed…

  • Sage300 2021 installation fail when installing web screen

    Installation fails when webscreens selected.

    InstallScript setup launcher Unicode has stopped working.

    Windows Server 2012 R2 [up to date]

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: setup.exe_Sage 300 2021
    Application Version:…

  • Sage ACCPAC 5.0a quit working at end of 2019.

    Sage ACCPAC 5.0a quit working at end of 2019. Entries for 2020 go to 1920. Sage Support says we dont exist as a client.I bought it from Accpac direct and have the invoice. Any suggestions other than starting over.

    Sage won't let me talk to tech support…

  • Sage 300 FAS User Guide

    Hi All,

    Kindly share a user guide on Sage 300 Fixed Asset Management..

    Kindly help me.



  • SAGE 300. closing the UI because you are not authorized to access it

    Hello, i am trying to do a data activation and i have always ended up getting this error. Kindly help. Done multiple uninstallation and installations but end up with the same error. Logged in as an admin.

  • Sage 300 Workstation outside of LAN?

    Hi all, 

    can Sage 300 Workstation work outside of LAN? Because having an RDP CALs for each user is expensive so I am trying to workaround.

  • Release notes for Canadian Payroll tax update for Jan 1,2021

    Can someone tell me where to find the release notes for the most recent tax table update for Canadian Payroll?  I'm not seeing them in the Docs folder.

  • Tax service activation

    When activating Tax services in version 2021, it stops at 99% with no error message. If I close that screen it goes on to the next screen and shows activating, but never finishes. 

    Does anyone have any ideas as o what could be wrong?


  • Sage 300 ERP 2020 in Azure Environment

    Is the latest version Sage 300 ERP 2020 / 2021 is fully supported to use in Azure environment? 

    Is it supported in Azure VDI or Azure application publishing ? Any specific system requirement for this environment?

    Can we use Azure SQL managed instance rather…

  • Sage 300 2021

     I was told that Sage 300 2021 will support General Ledger FR 64 bit

    May I  know if this is true?

  • Trial license for Crystal Reports Designer

    Hello all Citiers,

    I am working on an upgrade of server and SAGE 300.

    The server is Windows Server 2019 and SAGE 300 is Premium 2019 . The install of SAGE was OK although i had an issue with SAGE .NET libraries installation. This is now fixed.

    The SAGE…

  • Sage 300 Implemented in Israel


    We are an Australian Business Partner.

    One of my clients has asked has Sage 300 been implemented in Israel?

    I am sure it would have been but would love to know from a BP.



  • Sage has detected Module Update inconsistencies that require activation for one workstation not others

    I am getting the "Sage 300 has detected module update inconsistencies that require activation on one workstation which happens to be a VM". 

    I can run logged in as the network ADMIN or logged in as the user as long as I run ACCPAC as administrator…

  • Crystal Reports Download for Sage 300

    Where can we locate the download for Sage Crystal reports?