• Desktop has stopped working

    When exporting one of the custom crystal reports we suddenly get the below error message:

    Deskto has stopped working.

    When l went to the windows Event log to check what is the issue l get the below error log:





  • What is the recommended version compatible with Sage 300 version 2021 and moving forward ?

    We are currently running Sage 300 version 2021. We are looking at buying  a Crystal Reports license. 

    What would be the recommended Business Objects (Crystal reports) to buy ?

    I would have preferred the 2021 version of Crystal Reports but l am not sure…

  • Help understanding Crystal Reports integration with Sage 300...

    Is there any information regarding Crystal Reports and how it is integrated with Sage 300?  My understanding is that Sage 300 includes a Crystal Reports runtime (or something like that) and uses it for any reporting-related tasks.  If so, does Sage provide…

  • Emailing from multiple contacts to PrintBoss

    Anyone had any experience/success passing more than one email address from Sage 300's new Multiple Contacts module to PrintBoss? I assume we'd assign the email addresses in a subreport. Concatenating and delimiting the would be tricky, unless PrintBoss…

  • Trial license for Crystal Reports Designer

    Hello all Citiers,

    I am working on an upgrade of server and SAGE 300.

    The server is Windows Server 2019 and SAGE 300 is Premium 2019 . The install of SAGE was OK although i had an issue with SAGE .NET libraries installation. This is now fixed.

    The SAGE…

  • Barcode dates with Crystal Reports

    We have some barcode labels that pull from optional fields. most of them work just fine, however some dates are wonky.  we have one that we selected 03/27/2021 from the date picker, but when you go to print it, the printed barcode has  */J3/027/03031/J…

  • Sage 300 2019 Upgrade Custom Reports now out of alignment

    Our client upgraded from Sage 300 2014 PU5 to Sage 300 2019 PU1.  We had developed a specialized invoice form for OE for them.  After the upgrade everything is out of alignment.

    Any ideas why?


  • Print Preview not working - Sage 300 2018 PU2

    Upgraded sage accpac 6.0 (200) to sage 300 Advanced 2018. 

    When trying to print preview any default sage reports get error message.

    Not implemented. Error in File . Operation not yet implemented. Attached image snap . Anyone faced this issue and fixed…

  • Cyrstal report cannot pickup default customized paper size

    Sage 300 ERP 2018, custom written reports, custom page sizes defined.

    When printing this report to print preview, then print to printer, the printer will default to the printer as specified within the report but paper will change to Letter type each time…

  • English to Arabic Translation of the Reports Printed From Sage 300

    I need translation of all my Crystal Reports to Arabic (Complete Report to Arabic).

    There is a Client Requirement to translate complete report in Arabic from English.

    I had tried DataLink Viewer, SoftLang Crystal Translator but none is giving the perfect…

  • Determine which Invoices are listed in OE Pending

    Is there a way to determine which Invoices are listed as OE Pending from a database level whether it be looking at the OEINVH or some other table as I am trying to build a Crystal Report based off these Pending Invoices.

  • Sage 300 2017 u2lcapw.dll not accessible in Crystal Reports Professional 2016 designer

    On Windows Server 2012 R2, after installing Sage 300 2017 and Crystal Reports Pro 2016, some Crystal Reports dlls (such as u2lcapw.dll) are not accessible from Crystal Reports Designer, so custom reports don't run in the Designer. The dlls were installed…
  • SOLVED Error While Installing 15.1 Revision 2 - Package Crystal Runtime Engine (x86) Error 1904 crtslv.dll Failed to register HRESULT

    We got this error while installing Sage 300 15.1 R2.  the error came up while the Crystal reports runtime was being installed.  

    The way we fixed it was to manually Download Microsoft C++ Redistributable Package for x86 platforms. and install it.    Our server…

  • Reprinting Order Confirmation

    Dear All,
    I would like to reprint order confirmation with different completed status in OEORDH & OEORDD.
    So I edited the selection formula in crystal report (oeconf01) like that.

          ({OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 1 or {OEORDH.COMPLETE} = 2) or
       // order header…

  • Sage dates in Crystal Reports

    I am doing pwFormatDate(ORDDATE) = CurrentDate -1 to obtain yesterdays date and then trying to filter on this date for yesterdays orders. But I need to convert this date back to a Sage date to do the filter. Is there a function that converts back to Sage…

  • Crystal Reports version?

    Hi - currently running Sage ACCPAC ERP v6, but upgrading to 2014 in the next month or so.

    I currently have and use Crystal Reports 2008 ( to modify and create new reports.

    I assume I will need a newer version for the 2014 product - but do…

  • Crystal Reports

    I picked a report from my clients Sage 300 2012 system and transferred it to my local machine for modifications. I have Sage 300 2014 and Crystal Reports 11. The report renders blank when I want to test it.

    Does anybody have an idea why this happens? Is…

  • Exporting previewed reports to Excel

    Recently upgraded to 2014 300 Advanced

    Version 6.0 functionality for exporting a previewed report to Excel included a dialog box where column sizing could be based on header, details, or other choices.  That dialog no longer appears and the exported Excel…

  • Custom Crystal 11 Parameters

    We have a number of Custom reports that require some user paramaters to be inputted for selection criteria. these reports was originaly written in crystal 8 and accpac 5.4 over the years the reports has been updated without an issue and even the change…

  • Fail to print GL Transaction Report

    Hi, i have few client fail to print GL Transaction Listing Report and it show the message below. This is standard report without any modification and getting this error.

    The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula.

    Details: errorKin…

  • Crystal Reports random bolding of text in invoice forms

    • Sage 300 Prem 2012, PU1
    • SQL 2012 R2
    • App & TS servers Windows 2012 R2

    A client is reporting an issue with random bolding of text on invoices in OE, on custom and all standard rpt files.  This does not occur with other reports.

    Interestingly this behaviour…