• CA ETT tax

    CA ETT tax, does not print on any reports?  Should the Unemployment box be checked instead of FICA?

  • Federal Indexation factor effective January 1, 2022

    The Release notes of the Canadian Payroll January 1, 2022 tax table stated:

    The federal indexation factor effective January 1, 2022 is 2.4%.

    Shouldn't it be  4.27% ?

    The 2021 Basic exemption was $13,808 and the 2022 exemption is $14,398.

  • Using order entry to track job costs


    We've often wanted to find a way to track our job costs in Sage, but have struggled to find a built in way to do so without purchasing additional modules or 3rd party software. Recently, we had the idea that we could make an item category such…

  • CS0120 Options for Calculated fields

    I was having a discussion in another post but it was getting too long and I figured this might be a good post for others to find. Trying to grab a lot of data from Sage, and I was pointed to CSO120. It's been great so far, but I've run into a couple snags…

  • We don't pay Overtime rate on PTO. How can we get Sage 300 Payroll to deduct PTO hours from OT calculations?

    Like most companies, if an employee has over 40 hours solely due to PTO (vacation, holiday, sick, etc..) in a given week, we do not apply the overtime rate to the hours over 40.

    However, we can't find a way to get Sage Payroll to not factor in the PTO…

  • Sage 300 Accounts Receivable

    Sage 300 Accounts Receivable invoicing - how can I have a negative line item within my invoice.  We are giving a discount, but when we print the invoice, it prints out as a separate credit note.  We would like it all on one invoice.  Any help would be greatly…

  • Workers Comp Codes Sage Payroll

    I import my hours and rates and let Sage determine overtime and overtime rate based upon the rules I setup in Overtime Schedules. Is there a way to get Sage to change the Workers Comp Code when it imports to exempt for Overtime? It will not allow an full…

  • Rate Table error

    Hi! I keep getting the below error when trying to generate the WIP "No Markup Table for Rate Calculation". I don't have a markup table though, just a rate table....thoughts?

  • OCIP Job - Zero Amount General Liability Payroll Fringe

    Looking to see how to set up OCIP job to calculate general liability payroll fringe to zero. I found instructions on how to set up OCIP to calculate workers' comp (WC) to zero but one of our new jobs is an OCIP job (just GL, not WC).

    Right now, our…

  • Q4 2020 Canadian Payroll tax update

    Can anyone confirm how the amounts in Boxes 57 to Box 60 are accumulated?  Does the form use Pay Period End Date or Pay Date for inclusion?

    Client is questioning the amounts and saying they are calculated wrong.  I looked at the CRA website and the example…

  • How to calculate sales commission on aged receipts

    How to calculate sales commission on actual receipts from debtors(credit customers)

  • 2020 Form W-2

    Does anyone know when Atrix will issue the 2020 W-2 so we can start testing the COVID calculations for SS and MED?  

  • 1 inventory code with 2 categories


    Can one inventory item have 2 categories? The reason behind my question is because the item can be associated to 2 types of revenues and costs depending on the project. 

    We are using Sage300.



  • Sage300 inventory average method - COGS


    We are going to implement Sage300 using Average inventory method. If we buy item A at $1500 and the next time at $2000. I understand that it takes the average cost in my item valuation. But, when we ship item A that was purchased at $1500, will…

  • Wage garnishment

    I need to garnish a wage if the before tax amount is greater than 300 dollars.

    If it is then the amount that is over the 300 dollar amount will be with held at a rate of 50% to a maximum of 100 dollars.

    If the answer is to create a macro, I have no problem…

  • CPP Not calculating

    Starting in 2020 our Status employees will be paying into CPP - I have added the CPP tax code to their Employee Profile under the Taxes tab - just ran a pre-cheque payroll register to see if it was calculating and it's not. Any suggestions ?  The non…

  • Sage 300 Vacation accrual

    my client is having to manually calculate Vacation accrual... how do i fix this for them?


    Hi All,

    i'm feeling lost and think I've just confused myself.

    We bring an item in and receive it as LBS, we stock it as FT. 

    1 FT = .379166 lbs


    Receive 364LBS - I want inventory to read 960 FT.

    I'm just not sure if SAGE divides when…

  • Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave Tax

    Has anyone figured out how to drive the taxable and subject-to wages back to gross for the Washington Paid Family & Medical Leave tax?  I am under the impression that the tax is based on gross wages, yet if you use the Sage knowledge base instructions…

  • Tax Services

    Is there any way to set up in tax services to calculate a set dollar amount on specific products vs a percentage rate?

    We sell automotive tires & batteries and must remit to the state at .50 per each.

    Currently we track through OE miscellaneous codes…

  • Labor and Overhead Rates

    Updated direct labor and overhead rates have been set up in AccPac Sage 300, but I still see the old direct labor and overhead rates are being applied to closed manufacturing orders. What are the steps to setting up and activating new rates for applied…

  • Canadian Payroll 7.3 and latest Tax Table Update - Calculating Tax on non-periodic payments has changed

    Has anyone else had an issue with tax calculations on non periodic payments since the installation of the January tax table update?

    We have a client, that had used these types of payments for retro pay for a number of years, and always added that non…

  • Large FWH decrease after tax update

    We are noticing a large decrease in our employee's FWH amounts in their paychecks in 2019 after downloading and updating the 2019 payroll tax update.  Reductions of between 15 and 20% in the per week FWH tax with no other changes to any parameters…

  • Ship all, no warning if item doesn't exist

    We used to allow negative inventory as a way of solving some BOM issues.  However we quickly realized that caused more issues than it solves, so we didn't let someone ship to negative quantities.  This was easy as when they went to hit ship all, it…

  • Anyone using Sage 300 V.2016 to do Budgeting ?

    Hi all,

    My company hasn't been using Sage 300 (V.2016) to do budgets. Its typically been done in excel. I know it can be done, (use sage to budget) but don't know where to start or what reports i can print.

    Are there any courses just for the budgeting…