Windows Installer keeps appearing on W2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services (Terminal server)


Each time a user opens Sage 300 ERP then goes to Order Entry --> O/E Forms --> Order Confirmation, Windows Installer would launch saying Intelligence Reporting 2014 Workstation is being installed. If the user closes Sage 300 ERP then performs the same previous action (or it could also be opening Accounts Payable à A/P Transaction Report à Batch Listing), the same behavior happens.

If we check the Event Viewer, this type of warning will keep appearing.

Detection of product '{81BE7886-963E-413F-97E5-592718A2CA9F}', feature 'AlwaysInstall', component '{69136FEB-77CB-4C2B-A4DD-CFA602413468}' failed.  The resource 'C:\Users\dorvil\AppData\Roaming\' does not exist.

  • Hi

    Did you ever manage to fix this? I have the same problem at the moment on server 2016

  • The issue comes from the fact that MSI installer provided by Sage uses the current users AppData\Roaming folder as a directory for a required component. As each user cannot access another users AppData folder this causes the installer to run a repair for the user and logs these errors in the Windows application event log:

    MsiInstaller Event ID 1004: Detection of product '{81EA1799-8C90-436D-BC37-6E151B30DBAA}', feature 'AlwaysInstall', component '{69136FEB-77CB-4C2B-A4DD-CFA602413468}' failed.  The resource 'C:\Users\<another_user>\AppData\Roaming\' does not exist.

    MsiInstaller Event ID 1001: Detection of product '{81EA1799-8C90-436D-BC37-6E151B30DBAA}', feature 'AlwaysInstall' failed during request for component '{22056900-C842-11D1-A0DD-00A0C9054277}'

    The installer then sets the component path to the current user and the cycle continues...

    On inspection of the Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting 2019 Workstation.msi installer it appears the component GUID {69136FEB-77CB-4C2B-A4DD-CFA602413468} referenced in the Windows application event log is the ISX_DEFAULTCOMPONENT and the Directory_ column is set to “AppDataFolder” which is against Microsoft’s recommendations.



    …Developers must avoid authoring components that place files into one of the User Profile folders. These files would not be available to all users in multi-user situations and could cause the installer to permanently view the component as requiring repair.

    The ISX_DEFAULTCOMPONENT appears to be a default from the MSI installer creation software and doesn’t appear to be required for the Sage BI program. Regardless it shouldn’t be set to use the users profile.

    The solution is to either set the ComponentID to null for ISX_DEFAULTCOMPONENT or to set the Directory_ column to a more suitable location such as INSTALLDIR.



    …If this column is null the installer does not register the component and the component cannot be removed or repaired by the installer. This might be intentionally done if the component is only needed during the installation, such as a custom action that cleans up temporary files or removes an old product. It may also be useful when copying data files to a user's computer that do not need to be registered.

    To fix the problem: 

    1. Run the BI workstation installer Setup.exe then take a copy of the extracted MSI installer. Usually you'll find it in a folder in \AppData\Local\Temp
    2. Cancel Setup without installing
    3. Download and install Orca MSI table editor from Microsoft
    4. Run Orca and open the Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting 2019 Workstation.msi file
    5. In the list of tables on the left find the "Component" table set the ComponentID column for ISX_DEFAULTCOMPONENT to null (blank), save the MSI file. 
    6. Uninstall Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting then reinstall using the modified MSI file. 

    This has resolved the problem and the BI installer prompt no longer appears for users. Whether this applies to earlier versions of Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting I'm not sure but it's certainly the case for the 2019 version. 

    Incidently the 2019 MSI installer also contains another error in that the shortcuts in the Shortcut table reference the 2018 version  [INSTALLDIR]\BX64A\SAI64Launcher.exe when they should actually be [INSTALLDIR]\BX66A\SAI66Launcher.exe. Changing these values means the shortcuts actually work after the installer finishes! 

  • I can confirm that this works for 2019.

  • I can also confirm that this works for 2017