Order Entry 66A not activated in SAGE 300 v2019

Hello City Fellows,

I encountered an intriguing issue but first some background details:

I have SAGE 2012 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008. 

On a new server which is  Azure virtual machine I got Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with SQL Server 2019 and SAGE 2019.

A couple of months ago,  i moved SAGE database backups to the new server and upgraded it to SAGE 2019. There were no problems and all modules were activated.

Just yesterday, I moved a new set of SAGE database backups to the new server , did a restore and did the upgrade again. All modules were successfully activated but Order Entry 6.6A and dependencies.

The strange detail is that when activating order entry 6.6A,  SAGE does does confirm it as activated but Order Entry module is not displayed on the left menu and if I go to data activation again, the box shows Order Entry 6.6A in the list as to be activated. 

I checked O/E 6.6A license key and it seems to be fine. 

Does anyone please has a clue on what caused this issue, how to debug or fix it?

Many thanks !!!