UK VAT reporting for Europe

Client in Canada has an entity that resides in the UK.  They received a letter saying that they are 'required' to use MTD (Making Tax Digital) software to file their VAT returns.  It seems that Sage 300 Cloud is not on their supported software list.  Has anyone come across a work around for this??



  • There is a module and it is supported for UK MTD.  I know because I helped design it with Sage.

    First you need to install and use the UK Tax module in Sage 300.  Then use the external (not Sage 300) Sage UK MTD Submissions module to submit the VAT returns.

    It is the MTD Submissions module that is on the supported software list.  It is a general submissions systems so submits data from various Sage systems including Sage 300, Sage 200 and Sage 50.

  • Doh. 

    I see the module now in the client's subscription.  This is the first company that I support that has needed it so I wasn't concerned about it before.

    I will get it for them.  I may have more questions about using the MTD Submissions module.  

    Thanks for your reply.