• AR Adjustments

    How do you remove a posted adjustment in AR.  I had a xact that I adjusted incorrectly, entered the correct adjustment but left with an adjustment that is essentially hanging.  I can't adjust the adjustment because the document's balance is 0.  Any…

  • Mass Apply Documents

    Sage 300

    Any solutions that can Auto-Apply mass open documents for all Customers in the A/R?

    Credits (Open Receipts, CN etc) against Debits (Invoices, DN etc)  using a certain criteria e.g. Date etc

  • Sending Both A/R Invoice and Statement in the Same Email

    Sage 300 Cloud

    How possible is it to send both A/R Invoice and Statement in the same Email communication as separate attachments.

  • Timeout while sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email

    Sage 300 2019 PU7

    While sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email, the system sends some e.g. 50-90 and returns the Error below;

    "Description: Mail delivery failed. Use the Email tab on the Company profile screen to send a test email and confirm that…

  • Statetement designer - not updating current year figures


    I am trying to run a an IS through the statement designer function in Sage 300 ACCPAC. August would be period 1 of FY2022, however when I select this period, all the figures that come back are 0. If I select period 12 FY2021, everything runs as…

  • Period locks change on upgrade to 2021

    I just upgraded a customer from Sage 300 2018 to Sage 300 2021.  After upgrading they pointed out that many of their "Locked" periods were now unlocked.

    In their old database in the CSFSCST table there are NO lock records for 2020, 2018 and 2016…

  • Sage 300 FR formula

    Hi there,

    I would like to create a budget report breakdown by month in columns side by side, what FR formula should I use for each column?



  • A/R Prepayments Payment Plan

    Customer Receipts are posted in the A/R as Prepayments because there is no Invoice.

    There is a plan on when and how much the Customer should pay.

    How can this Plan be managed in Sage 300 without raising an Invoice?

    An invoice is raised at the end when…

  • Currency Rate

    Hello Team,

    To receive the currency rate I use the following endpoint -> CSCurrencyRates

    The response has the following structure:


    I have chart of accounts with two segments i.e MAIN & MAIN SUB

    1234 Repair and maintenance

    1234-01 Repair and Maintenance - HQ

    1234-02 Repair and Maintenance - TZ

    1234-03 Repair and Maintenance - ZM


    On printing financial reports only Main Accounts…

  • Tax Services Setup for Irish Entity

    Good day,

    Sage 300 2021 PU2

    I have a new Irish entity to setup which will be my first time setting up an Irish/European entity.  In looking at the VAT/Tax reporting requirements I was wondering if there were any samples out there of the Tax Services configuration…

  • Internal Error: field [25] of [AP68AOBP] is not a string field.-when using Vendor Number Change

    We have a client running 200 2021 with Product update 1.  On the machine that is the main one (server), they get the above message when posting a combine Vendor request using Vendor Number Change.

    Anyone have any sugeestions as to how to proceed.

  • Multicurrency with Multiple Entities in Single Sage 300 Database

    A company wishes to setup Sage 300 for their operations in 4 different countries, 4 different currencies all reporting back to a single currency.    There are two options

    Option 1:  4 different Sage 300 Databases

    Option 2:  1 Sage 300 database with a entity…

  • Moving some transactions from a Customer to another in A/R

    Sage 300 2019 PU7

    How can we move some posted transactions (Invoices, Debit/Credit Notes, Receipts etc) between Customers in Accounts Receivable.

    Break the Account move some and leave the rest.

    Without creating Debit/Credit notes.

  • Cannot export customers

    I have a client, where for a couple of companies, I cannot export the customer or ship-to records.  When I attempt to export my customers, the screen that shows the records, the first record should be customers, but it only shows a "-".  If I…

  • Box 52 Pension Adjustment not showing up on the T4

    We have 2 deductions set up for Pension.  One is for the Employee contribution, and one for the employer portion.  Both are set to 5% (Percentage of Base).  The employee portion is set to go to box 20 and 52, and the employer is set to go to 52 only.  They…

  • Payroll Transaction history and the ROE

    We have a client that noticed that the entries she is doing in history to update hours for employees are not being reflected in box 15C of the ROE.  They are using the latest payroll tax updates and running version 2020.

  • Can't add lines in AR invoice in Webscreens

    I have a client using Web Screens (V6.6) 1 of many users can't insert lines on an AR invoice in some companies.
    She can in one company, but can't in others. - I have checked permissions - all the same,
    I have tried logged in as ADMIN, and can't…

  • how to reverse a credit note on A/R


    i would like to reverse a credit note done on a previous month. how can i do that?



  • Contract/Billings Module

    I have added a contract in the Contract Module and it has been approved.  But when I go into the Billings module, it is not listed as an active contract.  What step am I missing?

  • Force Zero Quantity in A/R Invoice

    Sage 300 2019 PU 5

    How to force a zero quantity in A/R Invoice using item detail type where the Invoice has an Extended Amount  >0?

    Using summary detail type is not an option because there are other Items to be loaded on the same Invoice.

    Using Quantity…

  • 2019 Print Financial Statement - Statement Name

    My client has 3 databases on their Terminal Server, they also use Customisation Directories.




    When Printing Financial Statement using Print Financial Statement Option…

  • Sage 300 2017 Intercompany Transactions Module


    Currently we are using Sage 300 2017 for AP,AR & GL for almost 3 years now. As for the Intercompany Transactions Module 6.4A already installed but not yet activate..
    I have tried to activate by the below message pop up.. all batches already posted…

  • Why I export and import batch payment batch list as payment amout is double.

    Why I  export and import batch payment batch list as payment amount from older batch

    payment amount is double payment amount but in detail is not double 

    double all entries in misc.payment.

    I inqured excel template is the same as old template.

    or do we…

  • Vendors Single File CSV import with multiple contacts activated

    Hi all,

    Have a customer that imports new vendors monthly with a Single CSV file created from another system.  When I try to import after upgrading there is a new table for Vendor_Contact_Selection because multiple contacts have been activated. The Status…