• We want to automate due invoice and statement to our customer by email

    Hi , is there way to send monthly customer statement and invoices due to customer by email ?

    Thanks for helping out 

  • Sage 300 2021 AR Invoice batch print to customer only works for single invoice, if there are more than one invoice selected it fails with error

    At a customer site when they print to customer location(e-mail) when it is only one invoice it goes through, when there are multiple invoices it fails. Sending test mail from company tab works.

  • Sending Both A/R Invoice and Statement in the Same Email

    Sage 300 Cloud

    How possible is it to send both A/R Invoice and Statement in the same Email communication as separate attachments.

  • Timeout while sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email

    Sage 300 2019 PU7

    While sending A/R Invoices/Statements via Email, the system sends some e.g. 50-90 and returns the Error below;

    "Description: Mail delivery failed. Use the Email tab on the Company profile screen to send a test email and confirm that…

  • Multiple Contacts not working

    - in a test environment I have setup 3 contacts - made sure the "consent" is checked

    - I assign those three contacts to a customer

    - mark them to receive AR invoices

    - send a single invoice and receive the error Mail delivery failed. Use the…

  • EFT AP remittances by email

    I use Orchid Systems for EFT Vendor payments. how do I send AP remittances to my vendors by email? I can't find Orchid help anywhere. 

  • Sage 300 2016 AP Invoice Batch Report Export to Excel encounter "Sage 300 UI Container has stopped working" error


    These two weeks, we have two clients reported the similar issue as mentioned in subject above.

    This morning, this Client A approached us for assistance.

    She encounters the following error :

    Client encounters the error msg when print preview certain…

  • Send email advise to all vendors you are paying

    Hi everyone,

    A customer wants to be able to send an email to all vendors they are paying.

    That advise must show information about invoices they are paying as invoice date, invoice number, amount, amount paid.

    Im sure I see an add-on or third-party module…

  • emailing invoice from AR through Web Screens takes 5 min per email

    choosing the customer method who is set to email to company contact does work but it takes exactly 5 min per invoice. Sending from the desktop client it is instant.  Any ideas what can be done ot make the a more management length of time.  It takes 5 min…

  • Error when I try to email a AR invoice to customers.

    Hi all, 

    I have a customised form which I have tested and tried the email to customer function(in AR) from my end and it was successful(Sage 300 2014 PU3)

    My client is also using the same version and update when she sends, she encountered this…

  • Sage PDF print function increasingly slower - ERP 2012 PU5


    We have a client using outlook 2013, Sage 2012 PU5.

    Emailing statements from Sage Statement function, starts off fast  it is as quick as one minute and then slows down to 4 minutes per statement.  its taking around 4 days to send 2000 statements.


  • Using the e-mail capabilities in Sage 300 using a Yahoo e-mail account

    I have a client that would like to use the e-mail capabilities in Sage 300, but they only have a Yahoo e-mail account.  Will this work and if so, I do we make it work?

  • Re: Citrix - FR Save As not able to see Local C drive


    We just upgraded our clients to Sage 300 ERP 2014 using Citrix. When they print the Financial Report and wanted to

    save the file, user is unable to see other drive (local drives of individual PC).

    Any help is much appreciated.