• Invoices in APIBH but not in vendor activity

    Hi, we have 2 invoices that can be seen though SQL in the APIBH file but are not displayed in the vendor activity window.

    Has anyone encountered this before? Ty.

  • how do I import data into a new Sage 300 database?

    how do I import data into a new Sage 300 database? I would like to import data but I have never done it before.  Can some one give me any advise?

  • Check number field


    We are creating a report of paid AP invoices with the APTCP table. This table does not contain the check number used for the payment. Where can we find that information?


  • AR Receipt Import - Auto apply in the import


    I am setting up an import template so that we can take all of our payments and apply them to the outstanding documents / invoices. I am wondering what the field is called in import to make that happen. If I was manually entering it in sage I believe…

  • Assigning a new close to account using import / export function in Accounts

    I need to remap a bunch of the close to account. Instead of me going one by one and selecting close to segment, can I just export this data and then do an import to fix it ?

    When I export the G/L Accounts screen I get the options to export basic account…

  • Filling up the GL-JE Import template in Excel

    Hi All,

    Trying to fill up an import template in Excel - As you can see in the screenshot, there are 4 transaction per journal entry but in some cases there are 5 - 6 transactions as well. I know that excel follows a 20-40-60-80 patter in the TRANSNBR…

  • Internal Error: field [25] of [AP68AOBP] is not a string field.-when using Vendor Number Change

    We have a client running 200 2021 with Product update 1.  On the machine that is the main one (server), they get the above message when posting a combine Vendor request using Vendor Number Change.

    Anyone have any sugeestions as to how to proceed.

  • Recurring Entry - Adjusting Last Run Date

    The recurring entries will not run because the last run date is later than the date I need (2 months later - batch was run and deleted by mistake).  I tried exporting the entries and importing them again but it does not update the last run date.

    has anyone…

  • Cannot export customers

    I have a client, where for a couple of companies, I cannot export the customer or ship-to records.  When I attempt to export my customers, the screen that shows the records, the first record should be customers, but it only shows a "-".  If I…

  • A/P Importing Error - G/L account cannot be blank

    I am trying to import an A/P batch into Sage, I'm using the template downloaded from an already existing batch. The issue is when I select the file (Excel 200 format) and click OK an error window pops up with the G/L account cannot be blank message…

  • Vendors Single File CSV import with multiple contacts activated

    Hi all,

    Have a customer that imports new vendors monthly with a Single CSV file created from another system.  When I try to import after upgrading there is a new table for Vendor_Contact_Selection because multiple contacts have been activated. The Status…

  • Customer Number Change v2020 SP2

    I have a test import file that works on version 2018, 2019, 2020 Sp1 but won't work with 2020Sp2.   Has anyone tired importing a customer account change in V2020 with sp2 and been successful and if so what format did you use?

  • Shipping payment term

    Hello, can someone point to me in which table we can get the shipping payment term for an order, such as "Prepaid". We looked at  OEVIA table but don't find this information in there.  Many thanks!

  • Changing Banks for Credit Card Processing

    I have a client that is planning on changing banks.  The problem is that they have over 1000 credit cards saved.  They are using PAYA, but the problem is that in Sage 300 the credit card is associated with a bank.  I have been told that when they change…

  • QFX Export from Capital One Credit Card not importing "Error End Document Tag"

    I have successfully imported transactions from several banks and credit cards. However, Capital One credit cards are giving me an error

    "Error End Document Tag" 

    Which means there is some kind of problem with the xml file. Anybody run into…

  • AP PAYEMENT, error Posted payment record not found

    When i'm trying apply docs


    I have several entries in several different batches that error out and make an error batch with the message

    Currency conversion failed. Source=CAD, Functional=, Rate date=0000-00-00, Rate operator=M, and Rate=1.000000

    anyone seen this before ? What…

  • G/L Inquiry with Income Statement Year End Income Statement Amounts


    I am trying to export the 2016/2017/2018 year end income statement accounts and amounts to excel. I cannot find which column definition displays this information. Every column definition I have tried does not tie out with the actual income statement…

  • Balance due is not equal to the sum of open documents for vendor

    Currently running Sage 300 2019 and have noticed a number of errors during the data integrity check. Balance due $ is not equal to the sum of open documents for vendor. Restoration of data is not an option as the errors go a long ways back before my time…

  • how to import into Sage 300 2017 General Ledger ?

    our company have more than 40000 journal entry history data  - how to import into Sage 300 2017 General Ledger ?

    I tried entering manual Journal and export in excel sheet then add 5 journals on headers and details , then import from excelsheet

    it's imported…

  • excel invoice import error

    I am importing an excel template for invoices. An error message appeared 'Terms code 1 must be blank'. There was previously a '1' in this field and I deleted it and retried the import but the error message came up again. Can some help to resolve this…

  • Excel 2007 option to export and import


    We upgraded our office product from 32 to 64 bit. Office 2010.

    Now in Sage when we Import/Export in any module, the option for Excel 2007 disappeared. Only Excel 2000 is available.

    Any ideas? Do I need to uninstall-reinstall Sage?

    Sage 2016 Product…

  • SQL Server Native Client 11.0 Doubt


    We are upgrading to Sage 300 2018 and need SQL Server Native Client 11.0 but not sure where I can found. Apparently one comes with SQL Server 2012 but not sure if thats OK no matter we have SQL Server 2016 or 2017? Any idea?

    Thank you

  • Bank transactions data dump

    Hi there,

    If i wanted to see all bank transactions on SAGE 300 ERP Accpac that occurred on a particular day, how do i do a data dump of all transactions that occurred on that day? This includes all withdrawals,deposits, transfers etc.

    Ive looked around…

  • Sage Online Crystal reports and SQL query

    Can anyone advise me if you can run custom crystal reports against data that is on the Sage Online hosted offering.  Also is there any way to query the SQL data through tools like SQL enterprise manager.