• Internal Error: field [25] of [AP68AOBP] is not a string field.-when using Vendor Number Change

    We have a client running 200 2021 with Product update 1.  On the machine that is the main one (server), they get the above message when posting a combine Vendor request using Vendor Number Change.

    Anyone have any sugeestions as to how to proceed.

  • HELP! Can I edit or delete a posted receipt in Purchase Order

    I receipted my purchase order and posted it in Sage 300  but I did not put the correct amount down and hence I cannot Invoice it. Is there a way for me to edit or delete the the receipt for the purchase order. 

    Please help me  ASAP. 

    Thank you. 

  • Checks were voided when trying to reprinting checks in AP Sage300

    The first time printing checks it did a print to file and did not print the physical checks. I went into reprint checks, I input the check range that should have printed but did not change the starting check number, so it voided the first range of checks…

  • "Description: Bank <BANKCODE> is not set up to use currency <CUR>.

    Getting this error when trying to delete an open batch. Any help is appreciated!

  • correcting payment made to wrong vendor. check was printed but not mailed

    An payment entry was made to the wrong vendor in AP.  Check was printed but not mailed.

    Need to removed this check from Vendor A  and enter the invoice and pay it under Vendor B

    I do see a selection called Reverse Transactions under Bank Recon.  However…

  • A/P Importing Error - G/L account cannot be blank

    I am trying to import an A/P batch into Sage, I'm using the template downloaded from an already existing batch. The issue is when I select the file (Excel 200 format) and click OK an error window pops up with the G/L account cannot be blank message…

  • Aged Payables Report - Functional Currency Issue

    I am trying to print the aged payables report in functional currency as at March 31. The problem is, that its showing some documents with dates after March 31, just because those documents were applied against prepayments with dates before March 31. This is…

  • Vendors Single File CSV import with multiple contacts activated

    Hi all,

    Have a customer that imports new vendors monthly with a Single CSV file created from another system.  When I try to import after upgrading there is a new table for Vendor_Contact_Selection because multiple contacts have been activated. The Status…

  • Subcontract adjustments

    I have a subcontractor who is supposed to provide materials & labor. Due to financial problems, he has charged materials to one of my supplier accounts. What is the best way to adjust the subcontract? Change order? Send subcontractor a bill?

  • Unable to find Prepayment in Reverse Transactions


    A user has entered a Prepayment in AP for a vendor. Now, they want to reverse it but it cannot be found in Bank Services -> Reverse Transactions.

    The prepayment in visible in the vendor activity and also has a balance.

    What could possibly be the…

  • Revalue specific AP PrePayment


    Is it possible to Revalue a specific AP PrePayment? One PrePayment was posted with a wrong exchange rate. Now, the client wants to revalue this PrePayment so that the GL values are correct.

    Appreciate your input.


    Ubaidullah Nubar.

  • EFT solution that supports web screens

    Hi, We have a Sage 300 financial client that wants to move entirely to the web. Has anyone seen a web screen solution for EFT? We know that Orchid EFT isn't available in the web screens and isn't moving across soon.

    Thanks for any suggestions…

  • AP Paid Status Incorrect

    How can an invoice show a status of 'Fully Paid' but the distribution line (there is only one distribution line) show a status of 'Open'?  The invoice is NOT paid, and shows in the Select for Payment screen.

    How can the 'Fully Paid' status…

  • Check numbers are skipped in a check run

    Check numbers skips when printing a check run in sage 2018 Update 4.  This does not happen all the time but is a random event.

  • How to reverse a credit card payment that has been posted


    Could someone please help with a payment that was posted to a wrong vendor through the credit card. The payment had to be applied to a different vendor. Is there a way that I could unapply the payment to that vendor and apply it to a different vendor…

  • Prevent Duplicate Invoices Across Companies

    I already have the default setting that prevents an invoice from being entered twice, but is there a way to extend this to prevent duplicates across all companies in our system? Almost all of the bills that come to my office are addressed to 1 company…

  • Saving AP-GL Integration settings


    How can I save/export the GL Integration settings in AP so I can restore/import the settings to another company?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Ubaidullah Nubar.

  • Bank Reconciliation - wrong check reconciled, how to correct?

    Bank Activity:

    Item 1: Customer 1 4/2/2018 Wire Transfer $500.00

    Item 2: Customer 2 4/26/2018 Check 1234 $500.00

    Item 3: Customer 1 4/30/2018 Wire Transfer $500.00

    The person who reconciled the bank cleared Item number 1 and 2, instead of Item 1 and 3…

  • Opening balance AP and Bank


    To setup enter AP opening balances in previous versions, a SETUP bank account had to be created to enter to outstanding payments. Hows is this done in new sage versions.


    I'm not sure why we can reverse A/R payments and not A/P payments? I have had situations where we have prepaid items and then for whatever reason the funds were returned to us at a later date after I have reconciled the account. Then I have to do a debit…

  • PrintBoss time again

    I have a bit more information and still in search of a suggestion.  

    On new/test server, running PB (newest version, just updated again yesterday) w/ Sage 300 v 2017, it takes 36 seconds for an AP check batch to begin to print if there are one or two checks…

  • AP detail description


    In AP GL integration, if the detail description option was not selected to be transferred to GL initially, what happens if this setup is done mid way. Will the detail description be transffered for history data? If not, then how can this be retrieved…

  • “The applied amount exceeds the job distributions current balance of document XXX for vendor XXXX.”

    This error is generated when AP payment batch is posted. The applied amount is prorated by amount to individual projects by using jobs option.

  • Does anyone use Global VCard to pay vendors?

    If so, how is it working out and how did you setup your vendors?  We are considering using them and wanted some feedback.

  • Reversed cheque from AP not showing in my GL trial balance report


    I'm running on Sage 300v2016 and I reversed a cheque from Account Payable. The issue is the reversed cheque is not showing in the GL trial Balance Report.

    Any clue?