AP check run posting missing GL entry


After printing checks we proceeded to post the check run. For some reason the system "hang" for several minutes. We closed the Sage windows in an attempt to make the system work again. Now our AP aging is updated with the checks that were issued but no GL entry was created.

Has anyone encountered this situation? If so, other than doing a GL manual entry to AP and cash, does the system have some kind of temporary file that can be recovered?


  • Try the create go batch recommended by Musick.

    if nothing, then in AP retry that or another payment posting. If there is a restart record it will auto pick it up and complete the posting .

    if nothing picked up, there _may_ be a restart record preventing posting into the GL. If this is the case you can solve this problem for future batches, but you would still need to rekey the effect of the batch into the Geo journal manually.( use the AP GL posting report  to see the entries)

    -login as admin and go to administrative services / restart maintenance. See if any restart records exist. If there are none, or all of them talk about imports, then you would be okay to clear the restart records. 

    To clear the record : in the sage shared data folder,  under the SITE folder. ( you can find the shared data folder location under the help menu, about, system information). Rename the file restart.ism. 

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