applying order level discounts with taxable items

Hi - I have a program that is importing orders (downloaded from an ecommerce site) and sometimes there is a general discount applied to the order.  Sometimes there is a taxable item on the order.  When I import the order into sage I am using all of the prices from the web site and applying the order level discount.  When doing this, the discount is distributed evenly across all of the line items and this has the affect of reducing the tax base amount for each item.  Most of the items are nontaxable and therefore not a problem but some are taxable.  When reducing the tax base on a taxable item of course the calculated tax is reduced and then the total transaction no longer matches the web transaction - because the web site calculated the entire order, with taxes and then applied the discount.  So I am thinking that I should apply the discount then go back and update the tax base amounts to pre discount amounts.  Do you foresee any problem with doing this?


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