Problem in showing Arabic characters within the Reports Only

Hi All

We have Sage Line 500 Ver. 5.5 installed as xERP System for our company, and we have been requested to extract some reports for old data.

I have created a new VMWare hosting Sage Line 500 Server and Client as well with MS SQL 2003.

And since the reports should show Arabic characters, I installed all the required packages for Arabic including the clients, CSForms, messages, options...etc.

I have then restored the data required after creating its company through Sage Macros.

Now, I can see the Arabic characters through any sage form if I do any data browsing or even edit the record. In other words, it is working fine.

But, if I run the Detailed Trial Balance or Summary Trial Balance reports, the Arabic characters are shown as (*). 

Before, this was an issue if the field length is less than the data length. Actually, I put one Arabic character while the field length is 20 characters, and still the same problem.

Is there any solution for this problem? I am attaching a snapshot with dummy values.


Saed Ali

[email protected]