Updating Price List Prices from Average Cost

Does anyone know of a way to to be able to update the base price of a rate sheet based on average cost.  I realize that I can achieve this at the time I add the IC item to the price list if the price list is set to markup on average cost.   But as the average cost changes due to buying more product throughout the year I can not see a method within Sage 300 to be able to have it update that price based on the current average cost - at least not through the update item pricing utility.

Does anyone know of a third party application, or even a SQL query that is available that may allow a client to periodically update their price lists based ona % markup from the average cost without visiting each item one at a time.

  • Item Pricing:

    Base Price type = Base Price Calculated Using a Cost

    Calculate Base Price Using = Cost Plus a Percentage

    Cost Base = Average Cost

    Percentage = your %

  • Thanks Ettienne, 

    I have a similar issue however, l am using a specific amount instead of percentage. l also noticed that the price from the price list setup does not automatically update/change when the average cost moves from zero upwards . The reason why the Average price will get to zero is because there would have been zero quantity at a specific time. 

    However, after increasing the quantity on hand through transfers /  manufacturing or buying , the  price setup in the items pricing does not update automatically .

    Would you probably know why or what is it that l am doing wrong ? 

    This is the same case for both the below methods:

    Base Price Type : Base Price for Single Unit of Measure
    Location : xxx
    Default Base Price Using : Cost Plus an Amount
    Base Cost : Average Cost
    Amount : xxx

    and the

    Base Price Type : Base Price Calculated Using a Cost
    Calculating Base Price Using : Cost Plus an Amount
    Cost Base : Average Cost
    Amount : xxx

  • You might look at the 'Discounts Tab' in the price list setup.