Email invoices to several recipients

Hello, we need to email invoices to several recipients within one of our customers. Where does Sage get the email information to send this kind of document? How can we add a second and third individual? Ty.

  • On the customer record in the processing tab you specify the delivery method as mail, email, or contacts email. If you set it to email it will use the email address on the customer record. If you choose contacts email, it will use the email address on the contact from the customer record. You need to configure your company profile email address and SMTP email settings as well. If you want the quote to go to several recipients, I would tell the customer to set up a distribution group and add the required people to it their end and then you set the contact or customer email address that that distribution group. That way, they control who the invoices go to.

  • If you have a current Sage 300 install ( I think 2019+) with Multiple Contacts (It might be a subscription feature), it also allows you to enter multiple contacts and there is a switch to include the email when sending A/R Invoices and/or Receipts and/or Statements