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  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    Sage 300 2022 Activating Licenses (Editions Matter)

    In this blog, we will cover the best way of installing and activating your Sage 300 licenses.

    A very important tip before getting started is checking your details.

    When issued your license details, they will look like the below screenshot. (All details in this blog are made up for examples sake only.)


    As we can see in the System Manager it clearly states the edition…

  • Sage 300 R&D Insights: Failed to Import the ActiveX Control

    Over the last couple of years, some partners have had an issue where they were not able to add a VB OCX to a WinForms screen as they would receive a message from Visual Studio stating : "Failed to import the ActiveX control. Please ensure it is registered properly". See this link in the Reports, Macros, and Customizations forum:…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Is 2022 PU1 required prior to installing 2022 PU2?

    2022 PU1 is not a prerequisite when installing PU2 from an install point of view. PU2 will install successfully without PU1 installed. PUs are normally cumulative, so installing the latest PU for that version of Sage 300 should contain material from all the prior PUs. From an install practice point of view, I would recommend installing PU1 prior to installing PU2, especially for version 2022. Then run regacc.exe manually…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: What 1099 forms are supported in Sage 300?

    Currently, only the 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC forms are support Sage 300 in both paper and electronic formats.

    These are the current 1099 Codes/Boxes supported:

    Additional support for new Code/Box 11 (Fish purchased for resale) in the 1099 MISC has been added by 2022 PU2, 2021 PU5 and 2020 PU8.

    Filing Dates:

    1099-NEC – Paper or Electronic – Filed on or before January 31.

    1099-MISC –       Paper – Filed by February…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Good news for PJC Web Screens users!

    With Product Update 2 for Sage 2022, users can now enter job-related documents in Accounts Payable on all A/P Transactions ( AP Invoice Entry, A/P Payment Entry and A/P Adjustment Entry) in Web Screens.  The 'job-related' button is now available for A/P Transactions in Web Screens. 

    If you want to find out more information about other new features included in this product update, please refer to the Release Note…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: User passwords can be forced to be more complex now


    This enhancement is added by 2022 Product Update 2 (PU2), but PU1 is required prior to installing PU2, so all the new tables are properly installed. 

    An advanced option is available for passwords. This feature will require Sage 300 users to create stronger and more complex passwords. This function will require users to create a password that is a minimum of 8 characters and with at least one of each of the following…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Sage 300c – How to Use Debug Mode to Troubleshoot a Sage Intelligence Report

    • Sage Intelligence Report Manager has an additional tool that can be used to assist in debugging the output of a Sage Intelligence Report. Here are the steps to switch to output mode.
    • Open Sage Intelligence Report Manager.  Highlight the Home menu, then either click “Output Mode” from the Tools Menu, or right-click on the Home menu and select “Switch Output Mode”.

    • Ensure “Screen (SQL Debug) option…
  • Sage 300 R&D Insights: Sage 300 Advanced Complex Passwords


    Sage 300 passwords are becoming more complex, and the minimum size has increased!

    Sage 300 prior to 2022.2 (April 2022)

    • A basic password must start with a character and can contain numbers.
    • A complex password follows the basic configuration and additionally must contain one special character and one number.
    • If the Require Minimum Password Length option is enabled, the minimum password length is 4 characters…
  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Do you know you can reserve inventory to ensure the required inventory will be available during shipment?

    Sometimes, an order was created but users may not ship the order right away. In the case that we don’t allow “negative inventory”, we need to make there are enough on hand for the order to ship at a later time. In O/E options in O/E Setup, there is an option called “Default Quantity Committed”. This option allows Order Entry automatically copies the number you enter in the Quantity Ordere…

  • Sage 300 Support and Insights: Additional COVID-19 related paid sick leave available for California in 2022

    Recently, Governor Gavin Newsom has signed the legislation to extend the COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave through September 30, 2022. This means employees in California can take up to another 80 hours paid sick leave mainly in 2 scenarios.

    More information can be found in the following websites.…