• Sage CRM 2022 and Sage 300 2023 integration error using Microsoft Edge

    We are using Microsoft Edge to access Sage CRM 2022 PU2 and Sage 300 2023 PU1.  When trying to access Customer, AR Inquiry or OE Inquiry on a Customer, we receive the following error:

    Unable to get past this security no matter what credentials we use…

  • System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80004005): Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. at AccpacCOMAPI.IAccpacSession.GetPrintSetup(String menuID, String ProgramID)

    accpacSession = new AccpacSession();
    accpacSession.Init("", "XY", "XY1000", "67A");
    if (!accpacSession.IsOpened)
    accpacSession.Open("ADMIN", "ADMIN", "SAMINC", DateTime.Today…

  • Webscreens within Sage CRM


    I have a company that has 11 Sage 300 lanpaks.

    They are on Sage 300 2021 PU1 with integration to Sage CRM 2020R2

    These users also use Sage CRM and open webscreens from within Sage CRM.

    Question: when a user opens a webscreen from within Sage CRM does…

  • Merging images

    Is there a way of merging images using Sage CRM mail merge? The clients wants to store various signatures in image files and then merge them into an authorization form whenever it is merged.

  • Sage CRM integration with Sage 300c

    It needs to access the new web screens not the old portal. Stops install on one machine.

  • CRM 7.2 Time Scrolling doesn't work right

    When I create an appointment (or task) the time in the schedule box defaults to the system time like below:

    But when I select the clock icon to scroll and select another time it always starts at 12:00am instead of close the system time like below: