• Sage 300 API - AP Payment - updating payment batches

    i am reviewing the Sage 300 web API and looking for a means of updating a  AP payment batch (eg. removing a cheque from the batch, updating cheque dates, removing invoices,etc...) and all I can see thus far is GET and POST for APPaymentAndAdjustmentBatches…

  • IC Macro fails during edit with Out Of Memory error

    I built two macros that create IC adjustments for a certain class of items for a client.  Works fine on the system in my office.

    I coped the two macros onto the clients server and when i go to edit either macro I'm getting an 'Out of Memory' error.…

  • Sage 300 Web API - Sage 300 2020

    Getting below error when calling API for AR module.

    The 2 config files are enabled  (https://www.sagecity.com/support_communities/sage300_erp/f/sage-300-general-discussion/110205/unable-to-make-a-get-call-using-sage-300-web-api) and in Sage 300 USER a…

  • VB6 Programming question regarding OnRecordChanged

    Back on the custom OE Screen.  Here is what I need to do.  Currently the 'Post' button is hidden for certain users and exposed for others so they can post orders and quotes.

    When the 'Order' is a 'Quote' ALL the users should have the 'Post' button…

  • Custom OE screen failing on just one workstation.

    I have a built a Custom OE screen for a client that throws up an error that says "You don't have a license for this product" when it opens.  When you accept the message the OE screen closes.

    The screen was built in VB6 and uses a copy of…

  • Error when create project of Sage UI Customization Wizard on Visual Studio

    Hi all,

    My Sage 300 version is 2023.1.0. I already have the web screen running & working fine.

    My Visual studio version and info below:

    Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017 
    Version 15.9.52
    Microsoft …

  • How do I add a print button next to the post button in every transaction window?

    I want to add a print button at the bottom of every entry screen (AP, AR, OE, PO, JE) next to the post button. How do I achieve this? 

  • Sage 300 macro won't allow an insert of the OE Order UI

    I'm trying to insert the OE Order screen into a macro and it's giving an error of 'Microsoft Visual Basic.  Element not found.'  I tried all of the other OE screens which worked okay.

    I did this because the Visual Basic project for a custom…

  • Sage's icons Too Small

    Hello Team

    I'm facing a small issue using Sage 300 on my new laptop, all the icons appearing too small (I customized the setting on my pc following the recommendation that I found regarding this issue but no success to fix it) 

  • 430 error in macro after PU8

    Installed PU8 on server and now a macro with OCX dropped on userform1 does not work

    on the server where macro is being developed does weird stuff now like

    1.  no longer generates _OnRecordChange event

    2.   Set oHeader = AccpacOE1100UICtrl1.UIDSControls…

  • Customized Program Icon While Retaining Settings

    Hey Everyone, 

    I would like to add program icons in Sage to print off different Crystal using the same program.  Ex/ Picking slip with CR form 1, picking slip with CR form 2, etc. 

    However, when I change the default setting of each individual icon it saves…

  • customizing a Sage screen in a VBA macro

    I added an additional control screen (AccpacIC3530UICtrl1) to a user form and i want to customize it to perform specific functions

    Such as set the default quantity to (1).

    And also set the location to the quantity on hand above (1)

    Thank You

  • How to make OE CN on account and reference an OE Invoice

    on OE/CN screen you fill in OE/Invoice number and Sage loads details

    I have certain customers where all OE/CN are on account, trouble is once you erase the OE Invoice# the screen details erase (can we stop this from happening?)

    I did not want to manually…

  • fastest update of on-screen order

    Say I have an order of 100 OE Order detail lines and I want to process a partial list of shipments against it

    I have to find the grid line with the item code of the item shipping.

    #1 I can browse the grid using dsoeord.gonext and then see if it is s…

  • Sage 300 Web SDK - Error occur when build solution after using wizard to generate screen

    Hi all, I tried to use Visual Studio 2019 with Sage 300 Solution Wizard to generate a simple screen. Right after the solution was auto generated, I use Sage 300 Code Generation Wizard to create a payment code screen. I tried to build the solution but the…

  • How to colourize a custom OE Order Entry to match colour of std screen

    I have noticed that an OCX dropped on userform1 does not colourize automatically the same way when you run it as standard screen

    especially the caption bar on top which I guess is not really part of std screen, but the userform1  frame (Caption and so…

  • Controls on OE Prepayment window

    I have a customer  that wants to hide a field on the prepayment  window on OE Order  (OE1100)

    in the list of controls for OE1100 there is none for Prepayment window

    Does anyone know if there is a list ? or how to access list of fields and controls


  • AccpacAR3100UICtrl1 : Invalid object name 'POSTDET' error

    Hi !!,

    Need help on above thrown the message from one of the UIAppControls of AccpacAR3100UICtrl1 

    Awaiting soonest reply.

    thanks and regards,


  • Sage Notes on User forms

    If I drop v2020 OE1100 OCX on a userform in VBA  I do not get Notes popups for customer code

    Any info would help, thanks; trying to avoid making my own little window and reading Notes tables on record change event

    Ron Boyd


    i recorded a macro to copy orders but it does not run , I get automation error.  the 'actions' don't work

    same problem on different version of Sage 30

    Anybody know why

    OEORDC1Fields("FRCUST").Value = "1100"…

  • Web UI Customizations - are we there yet?

    Has anyone bridged the gap between web screen customizations vs legacy screen VB6 / VBA customizations?  We have a client with a desire to use the web OE screen for Opportunity quotes via CRM.  In the legacy screen, it's fairly easy to program the desired…

  • Bank Transfer Screen - Prevent Rate Date Auto Change in Pop Up Screen

    Hi all,

    I had some technical issue that need to seek help. May I know is there any way to prevent Rate Date in pop up screen as below to auto change when we manually key in Exchange Rate and manually key in amount (Transfer Amount, Deposit Amount)?


  • Pick List of Values as Sage Connector Values

    When using Sage connector, is there a way to present a multiple choice pick list?  If I've a list of location IDs and want to user to choose 1 or more, can an interface be presented to accomplish this similar to have a calendar widget is presented to choose…

  • Error: Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface VBA

    Having an error on my VBA "Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface" when assigning 

    Set dsGLJEH = AccpacGL2100UICtrl1.UIDSControls("dsGLJEH")

    On "OnUIAppOpened()"

    Public WithEvents dsGLJEH As…

  • Macro VBA Sage 300

    I found an error when running the macro file