• Is there a way to build a Purchase Order Report to include the "Ship to" name?

    We need to retrieve Purchase Order details to include the PO # and "Ship to" name.   Can this be done with canned reports in Sage 300?  My searches have come up empty.

    We have intelligence but not Connector.  The Purchases Master report doesn't appear…

  • Is there any easy way to show the currency used on a purchase order

    I have a client entering purchase orders in different currencies, but when I print the purchase order, it does not display the currency being used on the order.  Is there a simple way to add that information to an order?

  • Macro - Receipt Entry - Do not want to receive all

    Hi All,

    I'm making a macro to post receipt entry based on PO number and the receipt number is pre-generated.

    For the detail line, I do not want to receive all. But so far did not success.

    How to prevent receive all?

    Below is my code. I have set the…

  • Reprint Purchase Order and Receiving Slips


    How do I reprint a completed Purchase Order (PO)? Every time I try to reprint PO from module Purchase Orders -> P/O Forms -> Purchase Orders, I get a blank page.

    I opened the .rpt from crystal report, the database is POPORN which is not an existing…

  • EXTRECEIVE field in table POPORH1

    EXTRECEIVE field in table POPORH1 - anyone know what the value actually represents? i am trying to find the value of accumulated receipts against a particular purchase order which I thought might be this field but sometimes the field contains a value…