• Sage 300 always prompt SQL login database when Custom Report from Crystal Report is printed

    Hello, I want to ask about a custom report that I made using crystal report.
    So my custom report has been completed. The report uses a stored procedure because it saves time, compared to using a table / view. then I put the custom report into sage 300…

  • Installing Excel Sage BI Tools on Local computer

    Good day

    We have Sage 300 set up on a remote server. However, when Sage 300 outputs a report, it populates in excel on my local computer. Is there any way to install the Sage 300 BI tools on my local computer with the sage 300 files being set up remotely…

  • Accpac ComAPI asking for parameters


    I have written a console app in C# to export Purchase Orders to PDF. When using the standard Crystal file that ships with Sage 300 (POPOR01.rpt), the export works perfectly fine without requiring user intervention.

    If, however, i change to the crystal…

  • AP Invoice Date and Check Date Report

    I am having trouble finding any AP report that I can range/condition to display both the check date, not payment date, and the original invoice date. The payment date is prefilled when the invoice is entered, so that data is meaningless, the actual check…

  • T5018 (CPRS) Print Form Option No Longer Available To User.

    Hi Everyone,

    We seem to be having an issue with our A/P Vendor Reports. One of our users was able to run a T5018 form from the "Print T5018 (CPRS) Forms" icon on Feb 10th. Now when she goes to run the report the icon is no longer shown, along…

  • Print Conditions

    Can I set a Print Condition on a LOOKUP Formula? 

    I successfully added a LOOKUP formula to my report. When I go to set a Print Condition based on that field, I get the never ending spinning circle.

  • Sage 300 - FR - Microsoft Compatibility checker?


    When I generate a Financial Statement in Sage 300 I now get a MS Excel Compatibility Checker warning.  When I generate numerous reports at once I now have to sit there and push 'okay' for the process to continue.  

    This did not happen until…

  • Antregrate Custom made piped Crystal Report / existincg Exe in Sage 300 Web Screen

     Anyone Please share the process to Integrate Custom made filter Based Crystal Report  / exe in Sage 300 Web Screen.

  • sage 300 Retail (RMS) error: crystal reports: f(20728)

    I am trying to print an invoice, in retail POS, but I am getting the error above.

  • Does Sage 300 offer SOC 1 Type 2 Report?

    Does Sage 300 offer SOC 1 Type 2 Report?

  • Received not Invoiced report?

    Is there a standard report that will show me POs received but for which an AP Vendor Invoice has not been entered into the system?

  • Print Error - Failed to load database information

    Any ideas how to fix?

    Partially fixed with backing down Crystal Reports to 32-bit after an upgrade to 64-bit got through, but still having problems.

  • Current Accounting Month

    Using MyAssistant, I am trying to create an excel doc that contains the "Current Month" in the top row.  If I go into JC and select File > Company Settings > JC Settings, I can see in the Accounting Date section the Current Month is "September…

  • Sage300 PO Y/N optional field. Value not changing.

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am new to Sage 300 and crystal reports but have a decent handle on both.  We recently implemented a yes/no optional field for PO line details, everything tested fine for a few days but now it seems like the value remains as 1 no matter…

  • crystal report error

    Hello, I am using SAGE/ACCPAC on a local computer and trying to run a "A/R Aged Trial Balance Report" but I am getting the following error after clicking the print button.

    A window with the heading " Crystal REports Windows Forms Viewer"…

  • Custom Crystal Reports - Crystal Report Windows Form Viewer - Error : The remaining text does not appear to be part of formula. Details : errorKind

    Hi everyone,

    A customer change its PC - we have all programs ate server and we run workstation setup - and suddenly a custom crystal report we create from scratch doesn't work !!!! Error...."The remaining text doesn't not appear to be part of formula…

  • Problem in showing Arabic characters within the Reports Only

    Hi All

    We have Sage Line 500 Ver. 5.5 installed as xERP System for our company, and we have been requested to extract some reports for old data.

    I have created a new VMWare hosting Sage Line 500 Server and Client as well with MS SQL 2003.

    And since the…

  • Report issue running a report from Sage 300 where the database is CRM

    Client is having an issue where a report inside of Sage 300 will not run.  The screen below appears.

    The report was built using a DSN file.  It worked before but this is a new workstation.  Entering the password does not work and it complains the user or…

  • Cost Code Report

    Does anyone know if there is a report I can run for the total amount paid per year for a specific cost code? I do not need it broken down by job. Just need a sum for all jobs combined for that year.

  • Need to update a crystal reports invoice with a specific field

    Hi - how do I find this in crystal reports to add it in:

    So, where do I find that "Item" in the field explorer in crystal reports so I can map it to the invoice



  • Limiting User Reports based on "Allowed" Locations

    We have multiple users across our branch network who can run different reports but I want to be able to limit their access based on "allowed" locations.  For example, I want to limit a reorder report for a user so they can only run for their…

  • PO Receipts blank when printed to preview (PORCP01.RPT ~ PORCP04.RPT)

    Using Sage 300 2014.

    After we post a PO Receipt, we select Print.  All forms PORCP01.RPT, PORCP02.RPT, PORCP03.RPT, PORCP04.RPT just show an empty grey window in the SAP Crystal Reports preview.

  • Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer. The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula. Details. errorKind


    A customer has a custom report we create from scratch for AP transactions a long time ago. After they update workstations to Windows 10 in some of them that custom report doesn't work but in others its OK. So not sure what's the issue to fix. They…

  • sage 300 web screens and reporting


     I would like some clear direction on where Sage 300 is headed for reporting for the Web screens. 

    1   GL Financial Reporter   - Financial Reporter for Web UI - possibly on road map for August 22?  Whereas previously this had been ruled out?

    2  Sage Intelligence…

  • PrintBoss Accent Characters in File Name

    I have a client that was using version 5.6 and now upgrading to the latest version of Sage, Printboss was set up years ago and has worked for year using umlaut/accents for the French/German characters for the file names, eg was sending invoices that were…