• Sage 300 always prompt SQL login database when Custom Report from Crystal Report is printed

    Hello, I want to ask about a custom report that I made using crystal report.
    So my custom report has been completed. The report uses a stored procedure because it saves time, compared to using a table / view. then I put the custom report into sage 300…

  • Using Crystal Reports to customize Ardinvo, how do I add database tables and fields from those tables?

    I'm customizing the Ardinvo report in crystal reports. I took a copy of the report, saved it as a different file name.

    Now I want to add some fields to it that are not in the set of data tables already in the report. 

    In the "Field Explorer" I right…

  • Are ICPRIC and ICCPUR accessible via the Sage API?

    Are ICPRIC and ICCPUR accessible via the Sage API?

    If not, is there any other way to access Price Lists, other than by direct SQL Query or middleware such as Realisable IMAN?

  • AR (or OE) table with unpaid invoices

     I am trying to locate a table from which I could find invoices for all customers that are unpaid.


    I have a requirement to create a SQL view with a timestamp field for synching purposes. Converting the AUDTDATE to a date is old hat - creating a combined field was not intuitive (for me). After pecking at it for a few days, I have an approach that works…

  • OE Prepayment Data Integrity

    I have  a macro v2018 that makes an OE Order and Prepayment

    it seems to work fine and prepayment goes to AR Receipt Batch and you can post the Receipt batch

    when I run  data integrity in OE I get an error like :

    Order Prepayment: 2402630   <<ORDUNIQ #…

  • Using CS0120 to connect to read and write to a non-Sage 300 SQL database (Sage CRM)

    I have this working with the Sage 300 company database but need to read from another SQL database.

    Does anyone have some sample  code to get me started?

    Any and All advice greatly appreciated,


  • Sage 300 Budget Macro and Excel

    I've been working on a new budget for 2020, and started out using the Sage 300 macro to export the previous year's budget to Excel. I've kept the column layout and titles the same, and filled in the new numbers for the 2020 budget. Used the export macro…

  • Budget Macro

    Good Morning;

    I have a client that is using the Budget Macro, to populate the budget for the current year.  It seems to skip a few accounts.

    Any ideas?

  • Importing Employee Transaction History from Excel

    We have many employees with pre-tax 3rd-party short-term disability deductions. When those employees receive payments for short-term disability, some employer-related taxes must be calculated. I have a custom Excel workbook to carry out these calculations…

  • Can the details on A/R invoices for a customer be exported in bulk?

    I do the work for two separate customers (slightly different ownership).  One company -- Company A -- frequently invoices the second company for various items -- and the A/R invoices have many, many lines.  The second company -- Company B -- wishes to post…

  • How can you create a daily schedule for DB Dump?

    Hi Forum,

    I have created a macro that automatically dumps my company databases but my challenge is HOW to attach this to a scheduler like "Task Scheduler" and make it run successfully. When I tried creating the task and thought I had done everything right…

  • Tracking back from AR detail to SO detail

    Is there a way to look at AR detail data and "walk it back" to the original OE detail line?

    We have a reporting requirement that would need us to do this.

  • Is there a link on How to use sage intelligence using the connectors ODBC Driver in EXCEL to link the data in excel ?

    Is there a link on How to use sage intelligence using the connectors ODBC Driver in EXCEL to link the data in excel ?

    We are trying to get information from Microsoft Excel data to be use in the integration of ODBC Driver SQL Server of Sage Accpac (Auto…

  • How to automatically import inventory items into Sage 300?

    I am aware of how to import items manually through I/C Items > File > Import. And I tried to record a macro from this but it doesn't seem to show up in the macro code. Are there any other ideas?

  • Bank Rec Tables?

    Would anyone be able to point me to the table(s) I would need to query in order to retrieve all outstanding bank rec transactions for a particular bank?  I'm referencing an older database schema, but it doesn't seem to match up 100% with the tables that…

  • Sharing: AUDTTIME to local time via SQL

    I needed to convert the Sage 300 time field to locale time in a SQL query.  I put the following together from a Stack Overflow post.  It, however, doesn't take daylight savings into account (and apparently that's not the easiest thing to do).


  • [Order Entry - Misc Item - .NET] Misc Item Extended Amount is always set at zero...

    Hello there!

    I need to add new Orders Entry through code. Everything is working fine, but now I need to add some Misc Item to new Orders Entry. I can successfully create new Orders, but my Misc Item Extended Cost(EXTINVMISC) is always set at zero. I need…

  • Re: Remove 0 in the report

    Hello All, 

    My Financial Report that exported from system by using template include a lot of 0, the cells without any number. 

    The template is wrote by myself. I was wondering if somebody can advise how to remove 0 and just show clean cell? I mean how to…

  • A/P Invoice Import/Export not including Project/Segment/Employee information

    I hope this is the right place to ask this. Im just a lowly IT person attempting to help our Admin dept. They are using Sage 300 and we are trying to import an excel doc into Projects A/P Invoice Entry. I exported one that was manually entered correctly…

  • Sage 300 2014 Build 0 to Build 3 (PU3)


    I did not run Day End in the PO module before updating to PU3 Build 3 from Build 0 Sage 300 2014 (AP,AR, GL, PO)

    The PU 3 Release Notes mentions that AP, AR, TX and PO have to be activated after PU3 is run. Since I did not do the day end before the…

  • vb.net with sage 300 objects

    I am new to vb.net (been writing in vb6 since it was published) and am trying to write a program that use the PeriodPicker object (also datasource object). However when I try to run the program I get Interop errors. Is there any way round this problem…

  • SIAUD in Sage 300 2014

    In previous version, we look in table SIAUD to see any changes the customer has made to Items.  I notice this table is not in Sage 300 2014.  Does anyone know why that is, and if they are now using different tables to log this information?

  • How can I show invoices from Sage 300 ERP on a website?

    How can I show invoices from Sage 300 ERP on a website?

  • Import Inventory Items and Prices

    We have inventory sku and price data that is provided from our vendors everyday in excel format. I would like this fresh inventory data to be imported into Sage.  What is the best way to have this imported? Should we update the database tables directly…