• How to create on-demand subreports caption into number value

    So, so I have a custom report to display a list of costs, and each list displays the total cost per category and there is a navigate function using the on-demand subreport to display detailed costs per category. when I want to export the custom report…

  • Sage 300 always prompt SQL login database when Custom Report from Crystal Report is printed

    Hello, I want to ask about a custom report that I made using crystal report.
    So my custom report has been completed. The report uses a stored procedure because it saves time, compared to using a table / view. then I put the custom report into sage 300…

  • Users and User Authorizations Report

    Customer wants a report to be run from Sage which gives the following 5 columns . Currently they export users and they print user authorizations report and then mix and match data but since its a bank involved in Identity access management  and they want…

  • Upgrading Crystal Reports

    Is there any documentation on best practices for upgrading Crystal Reports to a newer version? I can't find anything especially helpful in KnowledgeBase or elsewhere.

  • Using Crystal Reports to customize Ardinvo, how do I add database tables and fields from those tables?

    I'm customizing the Ardinvo report in crystal reports. I took a copy of the report, saved it as a different file name.

    Now I want to add some fields to it that are not in the set of data tables already in the report. 

    In the "Field Explorer" I right…

  • sage 300 Retail (RMS) error: crystal reports: f(20728)

    I am trying to print an invoice, in retail POS, but I am getting the error above.

  • Current Accounting Month

    Using MyAssistant, I am trying to create an excel doc that contains the "Current Month" in the top row.  If I go into JC and select File > Company Settings > JC Settings, I can see in the Accounting Date section the Current Month is "September…

  • Custom Crystal Reports - Crystal Report Windows Form Viewer - Error : The remaining text does not appear to be part of formula. Details : errorKind

    Hi everyone,

    A customer change its PC - we have all programs ate server and we run workstation setup - and suddenly a custom crystal report we create from scratch doesn't work !!!! Error...."The remaining text doesn't not appear to be part of formula…

  • Credit Card Receipt Confirmation Report Customization


    We're running Sage 300 2022. We just got Paya installed and did our first Credit Card transaction. I'm still fairly new to the usage of Sage and Crystal Reports. How do I customize our receipt confirmation report to include Order Number or an Invoice…

  • Custom Crystal Report gives incorrect entries for Invoice Credits


    I'm using SAGE 300 Premium (Version 2018) and SAP Crystal Reports 2013. I'm working on a Crystal report and using the following table linkings:

     OEAUDH linking to OEINVH (Linking field- ORDNUMBER, Join- Inner Join)

     OEAUDH linking to OECRDH…

  • Report runs in preview mode, crashes or fails in print mode

    This is one of those crystal oddities. I have a custom report that works fine in preview mode. When printer destination is set to printer, the admin user can run it ok, but all the other users can't run it. The report fails before it prompts for the first…

  • Is there any easy way to show the currency used on a purchase order

    I have a client entering purchase orders in different currencies, but when I print the purchase order, it does not display the currency being used on the order.  Is there a simple way to add that information to an order?

  • Error in File OELABEL ... The table could not be found

    Hi Citiers,

    I have searched around and and followed all the tips found here there there with no uck.

    I decided to knock on your door to check if you have any solution, hint, tips and a clue on how to debug this error. 

    We got an Windows Server 2019 Datacenter…

  • Crystal report Issue

    Created a custom crystal report for client with Date from and Date to and customer number as parameters in order for sending all invoices to a particular customer for a specific month or range of dates.

    The  custom crystal report on the sage server (…

  • Extender

    Hi, is there anyone using the Orchid's Extender module in Accpac 2019?

    I want to display a message box when the next button is clicked.

  • AccpacPrintSetup crashing after upgrading to SAGE 2020 PU2

    In previous version, SAGE 2017. This code works fine. But after upgrading, it crashes.

    Dim oRpt As AccpacCOMAPI.AccpacReport
    oRpt = oSession.ReportSelect("APWMSSOFTRMT[APWMSSOFTRMT.RPT]", " ", " ")

    Dim oRptPrintSetup As AccpacCOMAPI…

  • Date range appears in preview mode, but not in print mode (sage 300 2020)

    I have a custom crystal report from Sage 300 2012 and am getting it to work with Sage 300 2020. If I run the report with print destination set to preview, it prompts me for the date range and works properly. If I have the print destination set to Printer…

  • AR Aging Report with Description in Crystal Reports


    I wanted to add "invoice transaction description" into it original report file ARTBAL.RPT using Crystal Reports.

    But there is no description field found from it existing table in this report.

    The field that I want to add is in table AROBL…

  • Customise Crystal Reports Forms

    I want to customise the Crystal reports to indicate which user keyed and/or posted batches in AR and AP.  Which tables should i be looking at?

  • How to create customer aging report in custom crystal report?

    I am new in crystal report. I want to create a crystal report of customer aging report.

    I want in column only (docdate,docnum, balance due, but not incoming payment of customer, days in the form of (duedate to getdate shows in days e.g. 90 days)

  • Multiple Logo for Invoice Printing


    I have a standard invoice format that use among few database but now it need to add the company logo for each database. Any suggestion to addin for each databse and still share the same standard invoice ?

  • modify original

    HI I new in the Crystal report area and I would like to modify some standard reports that came out the box and when I do this, as soon I run the parameters input change complete, How I can maintain the same format.   for example: 
    this is the original report…

  • Crystal Reports that output to Printboss

    I took over a client who created a number of crystal reports that output to printboss. Very nice, but they do something strange with the crystal variable that evaluates to the trigger string


    'PB#INFO '+Chr (247)+{@PrintBossForm}+Chr (247)+', '+…

  • Sage 2017 PU 2 Crystal Report parameter values do not display for Citrix users

    With the switch to remote this client's users are connecting via Citrix from home. Things are working in general. However, when we run a Crystal Report from the Sage desktop or a report that we have customized (the AR Aging report) and that Crystal report…

  • Crystal Reports subtotalling with variables

    Crystal Reports 2016 Support Pack 2

    I am using variables to do subtotals of values carried forward from a subreport.  I have set up the following formulas:

    Initiation formula:

    BDG START  - whileprintingrecords; currencyvar bdgfrpd; bdgfrpd := 0