Tracing or logging for BICore.exe?


I've been working on a solution where we invoke BICore.exe (through PS and/or Batch script, tried both). When BICore is run, the workflow creates a report and sends an email and works perfectly when I run the script manually. Process lasts around 15 seconds. I'm confident installation and configuration of Sage is correct as it's been in use for years. 

In any case, when my automated solution runs the same script it finishes in 5 seconds and doesn't do anything, probably failing mid-way for some reason. This automated process is run with the same Windows account (administrator) that I use when I log in, and the Windows user has full permissions for all apps, files, etc.

BICore.exe doesn't give me any logs nor does it fail cmd/PS, and there are no logs in Event Viewer. I couldn't find any parameter to supply to the process to give me verbose tracing or really any kind of logging. There is practically no way I can troubleshoot what might be causing the issue.

Is there anything I can do to have easier time troubleshooting the issue, or is it a guessing game?

Thank you very much,