• Issue with Intelligence reporting after we moved Sage 300 to a new server

    We installed Sage 300 for a client on a new server.  No upgrade involved.  I copied over the BXDATA folder to the new server as welll.

    When the user tries to run one of the reports in Sage Intelligence we get the following message.

    It happened during the…

  • Please wait while windows configures Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting workstation


    I have a client running Sage 2022.0 on RDS Windows 2019. On the RDS, we have published the workstation, hence Sage resides on a different application server.  UAC and Windows firewall are off on both servers. I have also run REGACC as Administrator…

  • Deploy Sage Intelligence through Firewall with Sage 300C


    We have a client that has switched to using the Sage 300C now instead of the Desktop version. We have deployed it via their Firewall by opening a port and everything work fine.

    How do we deploy the Sage Intelligence reporting via the Firewall as…

  • Where can get Sage Data & Analytics Web Address Subdomain?

    In Sage 300 2022, there's an added Sage Data & Analytics under Company Profile -> Options tab.

    May I know where can get "Web Address Subdomain"?

    My colleague encountered the following error msg when she tried to access Web Screens'…

  • Report Manager Screen

    Can anyone help me on how to fix my screen so that I can fully read the right hand panel. Any idea's of what the problem is?

  • Distorted Report Manager screen


    I am new to Sage Intelligence. I think I inadvertently messed up my Report Manager. I have attached the screen shot of how it looks.


    I would appreciate it if some one can unravel…

  • Suppress rows with zero balance

    Is there an easy way to accomplish this in SI? Thanks.

  • parameter lookup

    Dear Sir,

    I have created a Parameter with Lookup.

    But it seems only allow max 2000 rows.

    How can I make it able to display all records.?

  • Method '~' of object '~' failed and Sheet number 12 does not exist in the workbook


    When I run the sage intelligence report I have this error. 

    Sometimes the error is "Method '~' of object '~' failed" and sometimes is "Sheet number 12 does not exist in the workbook".

    I can run the report using the…

  • Run as Administrator

    Some clients are experiencing errors when trying to run Sage Intelligence.  The users do not have local Administrator privileges.  However, If they start Sage by "Run as Administrator," they do not have any problems.  The IT department will not…

  • IR License Manager not seeing valid licenses

    A client recently renamed their company name with Sage. All new licenses were installed to accommodate this change. Everything works fine except for IR which now says there are 0 Report Viewer licenses and that Designer is NO, the License Manager shows…

  • Sage BI in Sage 300 doesn't finish the report

    Sage Business Intelligence in Sage 300 on one workstation does not show any info on the report when run.  It goes thru the normal process of gathering the data and building the spreadsheet but doesn't show any data, Just #VALUES.

    If the client opens…

  • Unknown error was encountered.please contact your administrator..

    Debugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See go.microsoft.com/.../

       at webi.SL.ViewModels.NavigatorViewModel.GetProcessField(String…