• Date Parameters Being Ignored

    I am attempting to create an On-Time Shipping Report.  I want to add a parameter to only show items shipped during a certain date range.

    I am using the same logic as the OE Sales Report, but my parameters are being ignored and I see all records.

    Any ideas…

  • Row Edit Query

    I am creating a customized report on sage 300C webscreens intelligence reporting. After selecting a set of rows, when i edit a row it couldn't be save or proceed further. So i have to close the report.

  • Cannot get the calendar to show up when adding a parameter to a report

    I have created a new container and report, but when I attempt to add a start date >= parameter, it will not show the calendar.  The user has to enter the exact date.

    Any ideas?

  • Missing Fiscal Years in BI consolidated report designer

    I am consolidating 3 companies

    company 1 current year is 2019

    company 2 current year is 2019

    company 3 current year is 2020 (does have different fiscal year end - am not consolidating on a single worksheet)

    When I run the statements i only see 2019 to…

  • Migrating Servers, An error occurred trying to create the Reporting Trees folder

    We migrated Sage 300 to a new server and de-commissioned the old server. 

    We save intelligence reports monthly on our network drives, when opening the files that were created prior to migration, we get the following error message:

    An error occurred trying…

  • Is there a way to run a report from Sage 300 that shows ALL unique vendor numbers and transactions for a given period at the G/L level across all entities?

    Report might look like this:

    • Fiscal year:
    • Fiscal period: 
    • Due date: 
    • Vendor Number: 
    • Order no:
    • BS GL code (Header):
    • Expense GL (line):
    • Transaction currency:
    • Gross amount:
    • Tax amount:
    • Net amount:
  • Issue after installing Intelligence Reporting Excel Add-in

    Hi there,

    We are having an issue in Excel after installing Intelligence  Reporting and enabling the Excel Add-in where the ribbon will no longer display.

    This is on Office 2019 64bit version 1910.

    I assume this issue is due to a compatibility issue with…

  • Sage 300 I Sage 300 Intelligence Training I October-December 2019 Training Schedule

    New to Sage Intelligence? Or want to take your reporting to the next level? We have the right Sage Intelligence Reporting course for you.

    Sage Intelligence:



    Sage Intelligence:



    Sage Intelligence:


  • Sage 300 Intelligent Reporting - Actual figure not the same as GL

    Hi guys, I have an issue where I have created an actual vs budgeted financial report  in Sage Intelligence however my actual figure is different from what is in the GL when I run the GL transaction listing. 

    How can I fix this or where can I see where…

  • Sage 300 2017 Business Intelligence - Missing Accounts Tool

    I'm having an issue when running the missing accounts tool.  On one report I've built, the tool will only show missing balance sheet accounts even though I know for certain there are missing income statement accounts.  I even went so far as to build…

  • Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting module :- Run-time error '13':Type Mismatch

    We are working on a project where we have installed Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting module.
    The session date is showing correct format of regional date setting (e.g. South Korea).
    Also, all transaction screens show correct date format (e.g. YYYY-MM-DD…

  • Designer License Required in Standard Templates

    Hi All,

    We have the designer license in place (shows YES in the license manager) yet standard reports fail to generate data and appears as "Designer License Required" instead.

    Sage 300 2018 PU1

    Screenshots attached. Any issue with our licenses…

  • Show Optional Field Data to Report

    I've set a few criteria in optional field in Order Entry module, user will insert their data to each of the created optional field, now how can i show Optional Field data which have a few lines to reporting? It should showing all Order Confirmation although…

  • in $000

    Hello Guys,

    i am designing a highlight report and need to use (in $000), anybody know how to create it ?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • 65K row limit

    I just attempted a Sales Report and received a warning about exceeding the 65K row limit.  I am using Excel 2013 so that is not a limit from Excel.  Is there something I need to do to get around this limitation?

  • Sage Intelligence Report - Sales by Ship-to State

    I need to total my Sage Intelligence Report by the state of the ship-to address.  What table(s) do I need to link to Sales Master 3-0 data container.

  • Sage Intelligence Sales Reporting by Territory

    How do I add the territory to the Sage Intelligence Sales Report?