• Sage Intelligence end of life

    Hi, does anyone have information on this? How long is Sage going to develop and support this product for Sage 300? Ty.

  • Sage Intelligence Sales report stops running at "Running Add-In PLPluga.A.ExtendFormula"

    Sales Intelligence reports stops at "Running Add-In PLPluga.A.ExtendFormula" the "there's already data here, do u want to replace it" comes up.  

  • "There's already here. Do you want to replace it" error

    I keep getting this excel error message when I run the sage intelligence report.  How do I fix this?

  • Does Sage Business Intelligence in Sage 300 Require Excel to be 32-bit?

    Does Sage Business Intelligence in Sage 300 Require Excel to be 32-bit?

    Sage 300 v2022

  • Financial Reporter

    Hi there,

    I would like to create a Revenue and Expense statement for budget purpose, that shows current year YTD, Last year Annual Auctual, and the year before Annual Actual, what is the FR function I need to use?

    I also would like to create a 7 year…

  • Annual Report of Vendor Payments by vendor by expense type

    Sage 300

    How would I get a .csv file of all vendor payments made during a calendar year by vendor by expense type(account)? 


    Hello Everyone.

    How do I print the totals for a range of accounts for the whole year using FRPOST function?.(I'm using FRPOST because of the Transnational Optional fields). The current formula '  =FRPOST("TRANSAMT","2400:2400ZMA","(T.ACTIVITIES…

  • Web Client, Custom Report, Run Time Parameters not working

    - report launches from Sage web client and functions fine with paramater set to a certain department

    - Add a runtime paramater for department report works fine from classic client

    - report will not run from Web client

    Unexpected Error:

    A problem occurred…
  • How to change the report format?


    We are using Sage 2017 version,

    Please advise how to change the report format. All report comes with the name who left our company.

    Our sage cannot be opened via web browser (becouse of no cloud version?) and ther are no "setting" botton on my Sage.…

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Cloud (SIRC) from the Sage 300 2023 release - Question

    Sage 2023 has not been officially released in Australia yet so I have not checked in the install iteself.

    In relation to this thread  https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage300_erp/f/sage-300-announcements/190585/important-information-regarding-sage-intelligence…

  • error occurred trying to refresh excel's links to its installed addins. the error was [unable to set the installed property of the addin class}. the report will continue to run but it may be incorrect.

    while trying to run sage intelligence report under report manager, hit the following error. 

    error occurred trying to refresh excel's links to its installed addins. the error was [unable to set the installed property of the addin class}. the report will…

  • PJC Canned reports input screen date format problem


    Using Sage 2022 on Windows 2019 server.

    I am facing a problem with running PJC canned reports in Intelligence reporting. This is with the dates in the filter screen that comes up as soon as I run the report. Please note that I am using European date…

  • Report formulas stop working when opening a second report

    I am having issues with opening multiple Intelligence Reporting reports from the same company database.  If I only have one open everything is fine and works well but if I open a second one (from the same company database) all of the formulas from the…

  • Date Parameters Being Ignored

    I am attempting to create an On-Time Shipping Report.  I want to add a parameter to only show items shipped during a certain date range.

    I am using the same logic as the OE Sales Report, but my parameters are being ignored and I see all records.

    Any ideas…

  • Export data with formatting

    Hi, we need to send financial statements in Excel to a third party. How can we create a separate Excel sheet with the data and formatting produced by Intelligence? Ty.

  • Sage 300 Intelligence reporting

    When using Sage 300 webscreens, is there a way to run Intelligence reporting with installing Sage 300 desktop version.


    I am having difficulty after upgrading SAGE 300C to 2022 version running any Designer reports, as the Toolkit add-in is no longer appearing in Excel.  The client is using Office 365.

    I tried the same directly on the server with Office 2019 and the BI Designer…

  • report designer license required sage intelligence please help me.

    I've tried all of google about this error on excel about report designer license required sage Intelligence.

    Anyone please help me.

    Sage 300 2022 Premium with Connector, designer, viewer and manager license.

    Microsoft excel 64 bit 365 office version…

  • Union report from different companies

    Where do I specify the different companies to run the report in.

    I created a container and the report and it is currently "auto connecting" meaning the report runs in the company in which you are.

    I want the report to run the information on…

  • Sage 300 2022 Intelligence Report Data Table Names

    Hi Sage 300 Community,

    How do I export or get a list of data table names so that I can build out specifics in Intelligence Report?

    Is it simply going through our database server and doing a generic query?

    If so, is there a quick query that anyone has…

  • Need to create a SQL stored procedure with a date range parameter

    I am trying to create a SQL stored procedure with a date range parameter to be used in a Sage Intelligence report.  One old procedure uses the following:


    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here

    @[email protected] date…

  • Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Financial Report Error Message

    I am getting this error message when I clicked Quick Edit or Quick Generate:

    Initiialization of System Windows Data ObjectDataProvider threw an exception.

    I have attached a pdf of the error.

    Intelligence Reporting error message.pdf

  • Period 13 and Period 14 in Sage Business Intelligence

    Hello everyone,

    I need to report Period 13 and the adjustment period (Period 14) on a financial report in Sage Business Intelligence from Sage 300 GL. 

    Is that possible?

    Any Advice would be greatly appreciated


  • Intellgence reporting error #values and User Licence is required error


    I have a client using Sage 2021 and I made a copy of the Dashboard report. When I run it there are #value errors and user licence required errors. Does anyone have any ideas.

    Side note they dont have the Report Vliewer Licence installed or it says…

  • Need report including number of produced items


    We need to create reports that include dollars and quantity produced. How can we accomplish this?