• Can Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Add-ins be manually installed on a workstation?

    I have a client that wants to send the financial reports to a partner that does not have access to Sage 300.  We would like the partner to be able to change the parameters on the Excel workbook that is e-mailed so he can take different looks at the data…

  • Sage300 2018 Intelligence license are able to see only if run as administrator.

    Sage300 2018 v6.5
    Program: Workstation local
    Share Folder: Server folder

    - Win10, UAC enabled (Cannot change)

    SI Activate License in Server.
    Server is working fine.

    All workstation able to see IR license if run as administrator.
    All workstation…

  • Date Parameters Being Ignored

    I am attempting to create an On-Time Shipping Report.  I want to add a parameter to only show items shipped during a certain date range.

    I am using the same logic as the OE Sales Report, but my parameters are being ignored and I see all records.

    Any ideas…

  • Sage 300 Intelligence reporting

    When using Sage 300 webscreens, is there a way to run Intelligence reporting with installing Sage 300 desktop version.

  • Please wait while windows configures Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting workstation


    I have a client running Sage 2022.0 on RDS Windows 2019. On the RDS, we have published the workstation, hence Sage resides on a different application server.  UAC and Windows firewall are off on both servers. I have also run REGACC as Administrator…

  • Need to create a SQL stored procedure with a date range parameter

    I am trying to create a SQL stored procedure with a date range parameter to be used in a Sage Intelligence report.  One old procedure uses the following:


    -- Add the parameters for the stored procedure here

    @[email protected] date…

  • Intermittent Dropping of Distribution Instructions

    We have created a Financial Statements SAGE Intelligence Report Template that has default Distribution Instructions attached to it.

    For one particular user, it seems that these Distribution Instructions intermittently do not load with the template for…

  • Why isn't TRIM() working?

  • Default selected year in report parameters

    Is there a way to link the year in the parameters sheet to the year selected when the report is initially generated? Thanks.

  • Row Edit Query

    I am creating a customized report on sage 300C webscreens intelligence reporting. After selecting a set of rows, when i edit a row it couldn't be save or proceed further. So i have to close the report.

  • SQL Error in SQL exprsssion using a SUBSTRING

  • Missing Fiscal Years in BI consolidated report designer

    I am consolidating 3 companies

    company 1 current year is 2019

    company 2 current year is 2019

    company 3 current year is 2020 (does have different fiscal year end - am not consolidating on a single worksheet)

    When I run the statements i only see 2019 to…

  • Licensing

    My client runs Sage 300 Advanced version 2018.

    They are on ALF Model. The ALF Licenses came together with Connector 6.4A and Designer 6.4A activations and I have already activated them. For the client to start using the module what do I need to procure…

  • Sage 300 I Sage 300 Intelligence Training I October-December 2019 Training Schedule

    New to Sage Intelligence? Or want to take your reporting to the next level? We have the right Sage Intelligence Reporting course for you.

    Sage Intelligence:



    Sage Intelligence:



    Sage Intelligence:


  • Sage BI in Sage 300 doesn't finish the report

    Sage Business Intelligence in Sage 300 on one workstation does not show any info on the report when run.  It goes thru the normal process of gathering the data and building the spreadsheet but doesn't show any data, Just #VALUES.

    If the client opens…

  • Why can't I add a filter?

    I want to limit the output to only one specific currency type.

  • Sage 300 2017 Business Intelligence - Missing Accounts Tool

    I'm having an issue when running the missing accounts tool.  On one report I've built, the tool will only show missing balance sheet accounts even though I know for certain there are missing income statement accounts.  I even went so far as to build…

  • Sage 300 Intelligence Cloud Error You Are not Authorized


    I'm using Sage 300 2018 PU 2, when running Sage Intelligence Cloud got this error You Are Not Authorized to view this page. I have given admin and a user with Financial Report and WEB Api access through the sage desktop. But still having this error…

  • ActiveX component can't create object

    In Intelligence Reporting module, whenever I try to open any app (ex. Report Viewer, Report Manager, etc) I always get an error message that says "ActiveX component can't create object" and it just doesn't work. It used to work with Sage 300 version 6…

  • Designer License Required in Standard Templates

    Hi All,

    We have the designer license in place (shows YES in the license manager) yet standard reports fail to generate data and appears as "Designer License Required" instead.

    Sage 300 2018 PU1

    Screenshots attached. Any issue with our licenses…

  • Sage Intelligence Intermediate Reporting class coming soon

    Are you ready to start using Sage Intelligence Reporting to create your own reports?  The next Intermediate course is scheduled for May 17.  Click here for more information.  It is recommended that you view the Beginner Anytime Learning topic first.

  • Default Password for Intelligence Reporting security

    What is the default password for Sage 300 Intelligence Reporting Security?

  • SQL Expression to query Optional Field value from APIBDO Table

    Hello all,

    I'm trying to create a SQL expression to view the value from an optional field in the APIBDO table. The report being used is a GL Transaction Detail report with the following source container join:

      ON [GLPOST…

  • Viewer security not working

    Hello everyone! And thanks in advance for your help. :-)

    We are using Sage 300 2012 with PU5 and we have a security right issue in Sage Intelligence Viewer functionality.

    We have a user that should have access to only one report as a Viewer, but he can…

  • Intelligence Reporting

    Hi There,

    We're on Sage 2014 and we know that Intelligence Reporting is already included but when I open any icon I have a missing file  [path\bx62a\bicore.exe cannot be found.

    Checked the path and the file is there.

    Any idea?