• Quantity Available Report not working after upgrade to Sage 300 2023

    Hi, The Quantity Available Report is not working after upgrade to Sage 300 2023. All other Ops Inquiry functions work. It gets to Crystal report "please wait while document is being processed" and then just disappears. We have tried different part parameters…

  • Email invoices to several recipients

    Hello, we need to email invoices to several recipients within one of our customers. Where does Sage get the email information to send this kind of document? How can we add a second and third individual? Ty.

  • Committed Inventory

    A Client is using Inventory Control in conjunction with Order Entry to commit Inventory which is held in stock until it is fully paid. This means that the sale is only recognized when the Item is fully paid. I have tried to look in the Inventory Control…

  • No documents were sent/printed when emailing OE confirmations to customer.

     All settings appear correct. This doesn't happen with every customer but does happen regularly.

  • Emailing invoices from OE has stopped working

    Client is on Sage 300 v2018 PU7.  Recently (couple of weeks now) the emailing of OE invoices has stopped working or works intermittently.

    It puts up the error message below when it fails:

    "Mail delivery failed. Use the Email tab on the Company Profile…

  • Customer Inquiry - Age as of date

    When looking up Customer Credit history within CUSTOMER INQUIRY, why does the "Age as of" and "Cut off Date" default to a date that is several years in the past instead of todays date?  Sage 300 ERP V6.0

  • 1099 forms change

    Good morning,

    We were informed of changes on this form for next year. Does Sage release a patch for the system or how are these changes handled? Is anyone changing the form in the system?

    Thank you.

  • PO uninvoiced receipts


    We need a report of PO items that have been received but for which we have not received an invoice.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.

  • OE invoices ship to information

    Hi, we are pulling a report on OE invoiced. We need to include the ship to information. We can't find a ship to field.


  • PJC work in progress report

    I'm trying to figure out the WIP report in Sage.  The report in PJC doesn't give me what I would consider to be a proper balance even when looking at the totals in the contract maintenance screen.  My client and I have run this on live data and…

  • Open PO by item

    Hello, does such report exist in Sage 300? Thanks.

  • Reporting wildcard

    Hi, which is the wildcard character in Sage 300? Need to run a report for items that start with AC. Neither an asterix or a percent sign work.

  • IC inventory movement report without inactive items

    Hello, is there a way to run this report without inactive items in a location? Thank you.

  • Aged Order Report does not equal the Order Action Report sorted by incomplete orders.

    Why would the Aged Order Report, sorted by customer and the Order Action Report sorted by customer & incomplete orders no match? The aged order shows 19 orders and the order action report only lists 15 orders.  

  • New t4 boxes

    Is there a way that we can enter amounts and have them go directly to the new T4 boxes (57-60) that are required?  We had someone start Payroll partway through the calendar year, and up to July, they just did one lump some history entry.

  • Aged Inventory Report Showing Negatives

    I am having trouble understanding the aged inventory report. See the output of one of the items below. If I just looked at the over 730 days column I would think that I had 602 quantity that was over 730 days old. But in fact I have to look at the other…

  • Most Quotes don't print

    I think this may be a subtlety of Sage 300, but I don't know. I have some converted Sage 300 data including a lot of quotes from up to November 2019. I can't print any of them out. When I enter a new quote, as of today 7/30/2020 it prints fine. I definitely…

  • OE Label Printing Very Slow

    I just started to use the label printing feature in Sage 300 2020 Update 2 and it is very slow.  My last test took almost 6 minutes to tell me that there were no labels needed to be printed.  Is there any way to speed this up?

  • reporting on deleted POs

    Client wants to include deleted POs in the standard PO Transaction Listing, along with user and delete date, and does not want Audit Logger.  He claims that Tech Support told him that his business partner could “easily add” the delete info to the report…

  • RPD or DPSP Registration Number Box 50

    Does anyone know where you can enter this so it prints on the T4 in Sage 300 in Box 50.

  • Sage 300 2019 PU4 Screens close after printing

    Two different workstations at a client are experiencing similar issues.

    On one when they print an order confirm, which prints fine BTW, upon printing the screen closes.  The parameter screen where you select the order and what you want to print closes…

  • Box 013 T4A

    Since the T4A forms come from Payroll, has anyone figured out how to get the Vendor's business number in Box 13 of the form, since there is no place to add it in Payroll.  

  • Sales Analyis - report issue

    When trying to run out one of the canned reports in SA I am getting an error - "Failed to open the connection. PerCatBud.  Details: [Database Vendor Code: 17 ].  Image of the error is included.

    Anybody have any suggestions?  All other reports seem to…

  • Printing Item Labels When Received

    What is the best method to print item labels after it is received in receipt entry? I am using serialized inventory and I was expecting a prompt to appear after I clicked 'Post' to ask if I wanted to print labels, but I didn't see one. Are people just…

  • What the criteria for an item to be reflected on the IC reorder report

    Good Day 

    Please explain what criteria is used for determining which items get reflected on the re-order  report.

    I am experiencing instances of item QOH  below the minimum Qty but not showing on the report. What other factor is being evaluated ?

    Please …