• Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    In the state of Colorado there is now a Retail Delivery Fee.  It is a fixed fee of $.27 per invoice whenever any of the items on an invoice are sales taxable.  I have been unable to find a way to accommodate this fee in the Sage 300.  Taxes could work except…

  • Database setup : Unable to connect to database error 49153

    Hello Everyone, I am currently learning Sage 300 2019.

    I did install all the software and setup the database as seen on the textbook Using Sage 300 by 2017 Christine A. Heaney.

    After I setup the database in SQL Server Management Studio, for two database…

  • Invoice Amount Due

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following question?

    I created an Invoice.

    On UI I see the following balances:
    The Document Total is $2.55.
    Amount Due is $2.51

    But, when I receive this Invoice from post documents via API, Sage returns the Invoice Amount…

  • Order Entry 66A not activated in SAGE 300 v2019

    Hello City Fellows,

    I encountered an intriguing issue but first some background details:

    I have SAGE 2012 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with SQL Server 2008. 

    On a new server which is  Azure virtual machine I got Windows Server 2019 Datacenter with…

  • Cannot find adjustments among posted documents

    Hello Team,

    In Sage 300, I created the adjustment and allocated it to the invoice.
    Then, I posted the adjustment.

    But, I cannot find adjustment by Adjustment Number on the Document Injury page. Also, endpoint ARPostedReceipts doesn't return this adjustment.…

  • The Invoice doesn't depict a link to the payment.

    Hello Team,

    I applied a payment to the Invoice.
    But inside the Invoice, I cannot see the link to the applied payment.
    How I can detect inside the Invoice that the Invoice is related to payment?

  • The Invoice doesn't change the Amount Due

    Hello Team,

    I need your help with the following question.

    I applied a payment for the Invoice, but the Invoice doesn't change the Amount Due.
    Could you please clarify why Sage 300 doesn't change the amount once the user paid the invoice using a payment…

  • Error during the search Customers by period via API

    Hello Team,

    Could you help me with the following question.

    I cannot filter Customers by date and time.

    http://{BASE_URL}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARCustomers?$top=1000&$filter=DateLastMaintained gt 2000-01-01T01:08:35 or DateOfLastActivity…

  • Difference between payments type in Sage 300

    In Sage 300 when the user creates a Receipt payment, the user can select a few types of payment.

    For example:


    What is the difference between these types?

    I found one difference. If the type is Receipt, the user applies a payment for a few…

  • How to receive Sage 300 account currency via API

    Hello Team,

    I want to receive the Sage 300 account currency via API.
    The account currency is CAD. 

    To receive the currency I use the following endpoint - CSCurrencyRates

    And I expected that Sage 300 should return me one row with the Account currency.

    But, Sage…

  • Sage 300 Currency ISO-CODE

    Hello Team,

    Is it possible to receive the Currency ISO-CODE via API?

    I tried to use the following endpoints:



    But Sage 300 doesn't return the Currency ISO-CODE. Also, I cannot find the Currency ISO-CODE on UI. 
    Could you recommend…

  • Refund payments


    Could you help me with the following question.

    In Sage 300 the user can create a Refund payment.
    Thus, I can create an Income payment (receipt) and then refund it using refund payment.

    What type of documents should this payment be attributed to?

    - Credit…

  • How to receive the adjustment unique identifier


    We use the following endpoint to receive adjustments -> http://{BASE_URL}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARReceiptAndAdjustmentBatches

    What field I can use from the API response as the adjustment unique identifier?

  • Invoices Type -> Retainage Invoice, Retainage Credit Note, Retainage Debit Note.

    Hello Team,

    Once I create an Invoice, I can select the following Invoice types:

    - Retainage Invoice
    - Retainage Credit Note
    - Retainage Debit Note

    In which cases the user should select the following type to create an Invoice?
    Do these Invoice types influence…

  • How to receive the Invoice unique identifier

    Hello Team,

    We use the following endpoint to receive Invoices - http://{BASE_URL}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/AR/ARInvoiceBatches

    But, Sage 300 API doesn't return the Invoice unique identifier.

    Invoice Batch is not unique due to combining a few invoices…

  • Sage 300 API doesn't return deleted Customers

    Hello Team,

    We use the following endpoint to receive Customers from Sage 300:

    But, if the Customer is deleted in Sage 300, this endpoint doesn't return Customers.

    How we can receive deleted…

  • Sage 300 currencies integration via API

    Hello Team,

    I have some questions about how to integrate currencies from Sage 300.

    We use the following endpoint: http://{Base_URL}/Sage300WebApi/v1.0/-/SAMLTD/CS/CSCurrencyRates

    1. API returns the RateTypes. How they influence of the choice which record…

  • Apply a Payment to the Invoice

    Hello Team,

    I want to apply a payment to the Invoice. To do it I use the following endpoint: POST ARPostReceiptsAndAdjustments

    Example of the request:

  • Moving away from segmented item numbers

    Our company started using item structures and segment codes around 3 years ago and it is simply not working for the type of business we do.  Currently we use the hyphen as a segment separator.  We would like to go back to using the vendors item number as…

  • 1099 error after program update 7, v2019

    after v2019, pu7, unable to print w2, get error, no specifed records found.

  • System.AccessViolationException with ACCPAC.

    Hello Experts,

    Facing the below error while accessing the ACCPAC API.

    at AccpacCOMSVR.AccpacSvrViewClass.Process()
    at ACCPAC.Advantage.Server.View.Process(FieldValue[], Int32[])

    We have a .Net based windows service that…

  • GL Consolidation Error CSVI.C Open-ended quote String

    Hi ,

    while consolidating the Child companies to the parent company we are getting this error. we have 14 entities in the same consolidation all are working fine except two companies with the same error. 

    when we further explore it we found that the issue…

  • IC Item Pricing API

    Sage 300 2019 PU 4

    There is no  ICItemPricing endpoint on Swagger UI, Only ICPriceListCodes.

    We need to update and fetch Items prices using a Web API Endpoint.

    Kindly share ideas which endpoint we can use.

  • Sage 300 and Sage CRM integration - cannot export OE quote or order to PDF or Excel


    I am thinking this falls in the Sage 300 category since user is trying to export and OE order or OE quote to PDF from Crystal reports but they are doing in in Sage CRM.

    The Crystal Report shows up fine but when they try to export to PDF nothing happens…

  • Sage 300 Version 6.0 to Sage 300 2019 Upgrade


    when activating applications to 2019, all modules activate but on PJC get the following :

    Check Tables could not load view on the following PM0043, PM00114, PM0061, PM0065, PM0404, PM0301, PM0473. 

    Doing a direct upgrade from 6.0 PU1  to Sage 300 2019…