• Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    In the state of Colorado there is now a Retail Delivery Fee.  It is a fixed fee of $.27 per invoice whenever any of the items on an invoice are sales taxable.  I have been unable to find a way to accommodate this fee in the Sage 300.  Taxes could work except…

  • Charles Schwab 401K export file

    I know this is a very specific question and I may not get any replies.  But I thought it was worth the ask.  We are transiting our 401K fund to Charles Schwab.  They have a quite extensive file spec for uploading payroll data in regards to 401K deductions…

  • Posting Payroll

    Our payroll period is 5.9.22 - 5.22.22.  Payday is 5.27.22.  After we are done with payroll, we post payroll.     Our GL manager stated that there are unposted items.  Can we run a repost?  Before our next payroll pay date?

  • Calculate payroll question

    After entering data for a time period for payroll when i go to print the report there is only regualar hours and ovetime hours listed no per diem. ive looked extensivly and cannot find how to add this to the report someone plz help thanks.!

  • Activating Payroll Modules - Historical Data for 3 companies in Sage 300 going back 12 years to current

    As a system administrator, but not familiar with the app Sage 300 app.

    I wish to activate the Payroll Module for three “Historical Data” companies in Sage 300. Need this in order to access payroll information from 2009-Current

    Just wish to…

  • We don't pay Overtime rate on PTO. How can we get Sage 300 Payroll to deduct PTO hours from OT calculations?

    Like most companies, if an employee has over 40 hours solely due to PTO (vacation, holiday, sick, etc..) in a given week, we do not apply the overtime rate to the hours over 40.

    However, we can't find a way to get Sage Payroll to not factor in the PTO…

  • 2021 Second Quarter 941 - can not get rid of worksheet 1

    We are working on our second quarter 941.  It appears when we type in a number on line 21 the system created worksheet 1.  Worksheet 1 is for covid wages prior to April 1.  We do not have any wages prior to April 1 that we need to declare on this worksheet…

  • Q4 2020 Canadian Payroll tax update

    Can anyone confirm how the amounts in Boxes 57 to Box 60 are accumulated?  Does the form use Pay Period End Date or Pay Date for inclusion?

    Client is questioning the amounts and saying they are calculated wrong.  I looked at the CRA website and the example…

  • What is the effect of deleting a Pay ID that has not been used for a few years?

    I ran a report and see that I have 7 Pay IDs that were not used in 2019 or 2020. I would like to delete them so they are not used by accident. My only question is what happens if I run a pay history report for an employee that was paid using one of the…

  • EMP501 Reconciliation cents versus no cents

    The file from VIP which is been imported in Easyfile; the EMP501 recon is rounding the PAYE, SDL and UIF at the total liability and total tax certificates, but the values at the top of the EMP501 which is being imported from SARS show cents.

    This cause…

  • Trying to set up the Sage HRMS/300 Link to run on a schedule automatically

    I'm trying  to run the HRMS and Sage Link Automatically by setting it up in the Schedule Profile Configuration and Schedule User Login Configuration under Sage Payroll Link- Sage HRMS Setup. I'm following the steps provided to me in the user guide…

  • CPP Not calculating

    Starting in 2020 our Status employees will be paying into CPP - I have added the CPP tax code to their Employee Profile under the Taxes tab - just ran a pre-cheque payroll register to see if it was calculating and it's not. Any suggestions ?  The non…

  • PO module reports

    Which report do I use to get status of POs? The report should provide Receipts & Invoices for all POs created

  • Sage 300 Licenses

    Customer with Sage 300 2019 and Payroll 7.3A receives message that a valid license could not be found when opening payroll screen.

    I verified all the 66A and Payroll 73A licensing is in place on the Sage 300 share.  Open license manager and see licensing…

  • Canadian Payroll 7.3 and latest Tax Table Update - Calculating Tax on non-periodic payments has changed

    Has anyone else had an issue with tax calculations on non periodic payments since the installation of the January tax table update?

    We have a client, that had used these types of payments for retro pay for a number of years, and always added that non…

  • FMLA Tracking in payroll

    My HR person wants to track FMLA through payroll time entry (no pay associated only hours), I tested out setting up a pay ID as accrual and zero flat amount and to track units.  Is there a better way of doing this?

  • 401K Safe Harbor

    Does anyone use a formula to calculate the matching for a Safe Harbor plan? We are changing our plan type and I would LOVE to not have to do the math for the IRS mandated matching for Safe Harbor. 

  • ND Unemployment

    We have been notified by the state of ND that we need to track unemployment separately for a new project.  They have assigned us a unit account under our master account and any wages worked outside of this project count toward the taxable wage base.  We…

  • Calculating overtime hours on vacation hours

    Is there a way to set up a vacation earning or other accrual earnings to include those hours plus hours worked on the overtime calculation without doing an overtime override on the timecard?

  • Payroll Wage garnishment

    Client using Sage 300 version 7.2 US Payroll.  They need to set up a garnishment for an hourly employee where:

    1. Gross earnings are entered for the pay period (bi-weekly)

    2. Amounts withheld such as USFIT, USSS, USMED are deducted to provide a disposable…

  • No valid EFT bank exists error in Payroll

    Hi There,

    We're on sage 2014 PU5 and when calculating payroll, following error occurs for a new employee that we pay by Direct Deposit:  'No valid EFT bank exists'. Net Pay is distributed in check, entry sequence XX ".

    Checked the settings tested…

  • Under Reported Federal Wages

    I just discovered that I have an employee who's federal wages are under reported by $2114 on his W-2.  No taxes are due as he files exempt from withholding.  The Social Security/Medicare wages were reported correctly.  I am going to file an amended 941…

  • Sage 300 2014 Payroll Update Will Not Install

    I am attempting to install the Sage 300 2014 Payroll Update and there are no user on the system and I have disables the Apache Tomcat and All the other Sage 300 services, but the update will not load because it says someone is in the system.  I also checked…

  • adding pay code

    Is there a mechanism that you can enter a new earning code to all employees instead of one at a time



  • Question about payroll


    I have few questions about Payroll:

    What is the process if I need to do a ROE online?

    How do I set new pay rate earnings codes for all employees?

    I have both of my payroll batches for the month appear in one batch on GL batch list

    When I enter  timecards…