• A/P Invoice Batch

    Brand new here in the A/P world!  Have used the G/L side for 20+ years Slight smile

    We entered in invoices to be paid and realized when the checks printed that the vendor was selected to combine invoices and we need the invoices to not be combined on the check.  We…

  • PJC Change Orders

    Hi. We are trying to get posted change orders to be reflected in PJC. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • How to write off an invoice but capture taxes?

    Good Afternoon, 

    I couldn't find anything in the forums specifically about taxes so here goes.  

    We are writing off some OE invoices, customer bankrupt and we will not see payment.  However, in the A/R Adjustment screens I don't see any tax option to…

  • AP and Job Distribution

    How do I correct where the retentioin amount was entered to the discount instead of the retention  on the job distribution line when entering an AP invoice. This invoice has been paid. I need to correct the amount paid show in the job too. Thanks.

  • How to reverse an AR Refund Entry that do not have Bank Code?

    Hi All,

    I posted an AR Refund Entry that is using Cash Payment, No Bank Code, use Cash Account instead.

    It does not have a Bank Code so I cannot use the Reverse Transaction from Bank Transaction.

    Any other way to reverse this refund?

    Thank you

  • AR & AP Settlements

    Hi, we purchase goods from a supplier and we sell items to the supplier as well. therefore, the Supplier A is in both AR and AP Ledgers. so, they settle our payments after deducting their outstanding (our AP balance under the same supplier A) therefore…

  • AR Refund with no outstanding balance on invoice


    How do I record a cash refund to a customer when there is no outstanding balance on the invoice.  The refund was already issued in cash for amounts they paid, but it wasn't an overpayment or anything. The balance owing on the invoice is 0, but we…

  • IC Internal Usage - Reverse?

    Had a user today accidentally write off a huge QTY of an item today due to using wrong UOM.  Just wondering what other users would do to reverse this?  Obviously I can just adjust the items back in but our reports would still see that usage number and it…

  • Vendor refund


    Checking on procedure.

    So we received a payment back from a vendor because they over charged us. How do I apply the payment against the vendor account? I was thinking I could create a credit memo but how do I marry the payment to the credit memo?

  • Disabling "Clear History" in G/L Periodic Processing for certain users

    Hi have been trying to figure out how I can disable "Clear History" for certain Users.) (last item in screengrab)

    Tried unticking "Period End Maintenance" and "History/Budget Maintenance" - both did not work. ( please see list of options for…

  • Accounts Payable

    I am looking for a work around to void a check in my current accounting period, that pays something in a previous closed accounting period so far back the accounting period can not be opened. What is my JE or work around to void check or to reinstate…

  • Invoices and credits in different months

    I have a vendor that drafts the full invoice amount out of our bank account. A credit is due but the credit does not reach our bank until the next month. Typically we will enter the Invoice and then enter the credit. Then when we create a Payment Batch…

  • Inventory Control - Cost Adjustment

    Hi All, 

    Is there a way to restrict cost posting for inventory with zero quantity on hand?

    Users can adjust the cost for items with zero qty on hand. 



  • Edit Posted Order, Shipment, Invoice, PO Number

    On occasion, users make mistakes and rather than allowing Sage to assign the next number, the users enters some text.

    Can I go in to the DB and edit these fields?





  • How do I apply a credit when selecting all my transactions that passed on my credit card?


    How do I apply a credit  when selecting all my transactions that passed on my credit card?

    When I am selection all my transactions that passed on my card and selecting all the different payment that passed. I cannot select a credit that passed…

  • How do I change a customer number?


    I want to change a customer number. How can I do so?

    Thank you.


  • A/P Batch Error, Invoice already exists

    We try to post in A/P entry, but it generated an Error batch and it says Invoice XXXXX already exists.
    It seems that we created an P/O invoice and also a credit note with the same number. 

    How can we void or change the number and process to batch?


  • Payroll Overpayment


    Wondering if anyone might be able to help me.

    I've overpaid an employee by a few hours on his last pay. We have invoiced him for the net amount as per CRA guidelines, but how do I adjust this on his employee activity? 

    I think I need to add…

  • Sage 300 doesn't allow removing posted AR Documents

    Hello Team,

    I cannot remove posted documents in Sage 300.
    Could you clarify how I can remove posted documents?

  • Reference for Developer to Sage 300 in a case I want to revert a transaction

    Hi all,

    I have a case where my customer have a grave mistakes from sales transactions down to GL account, and the data displayed wrongly on the P&L report. It have been happening for few months. So he is asking if is there any way to revert only selected…

  • Cannot find adjustments among posted documents

    Hello Team,

    In Sage 300, I created the adjustment and allocated it to the invoice.
    Then, I posted the adjustment.

    But, I cannot find adjustment by Adjustment Number on the Document Injury page. Also, endpoint ARPostedReceipts doesn't return this adjustment.…

  • Refund payments


    Could you help me with the following question.

    In Sage 300 the user can create a Refund payment.
    Thus, I can create an Income payment (receipt) and then refund it using refund payment.

    What type of documents should this payment be attributed to?

    - Credit…

  • AP clerk entered an AP payment in prior fiscal year incorrectly.

    AP clerk entered an AP payment in prior fiscal year. Then reversed it in the new fiscal year instead of the PY fiscal year.  How do i fix it so that the reversal is in the prior fiscal year not the current one?

    ie: AP payment was entered on 7/8 and posted…

  • Unapplied Receipts - clever way to apply them to outstanding invoices?


    We have thousands of small receipts unapplied in our AR module. In most of the cases it's $0.01.    Is there a way to just apply them to outstanding documents for those customers? We also have thousands of customers we would have to do this…

  • Example of the request for the method - ARPostReceiptsAndAdjustments

    Hello Team,

    Could you please provide an example of the request for the following method ARPostReceiptsAndAdjustments ?

    I found the following article https://www.sagecity.com/support_communities/sage300_erp/f/sage-300-general-discussion/156859/help---using…