• Sage 300 v2022 AccpacGoButton Error


    Run-Time Error '372':
    Failed to load control 'ImageList' from MSCOMCTL.OCX.  Your version of MSCOMCTL.OCX may be outdated.  Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application.

    We are…

  • Accounts Payable

    My vendors names are getting cut off because there is not sufficient character length in the name field.  Additionally, I find that there is occasion that the invoice number field in AP invoice entry is not sufficent character length too. Is there a way…

  • O/E Order Entry - Print Picking Slip on Post rather than Order Confirmation?

    Is there any way to change the print dialoged when you click Post on O/E Order Entry to Picking Slip rather than Order Confirmation?

    We don't use Order Confirmations. 

    We have to keep the OE Forms > OE Picking Slip window open and copy each order number…

  • Quantity on S/O amount missing In IC Location Details in Sage 300 for on hold customers


    Can any one help with why qty on sales orders is missing in IC location Details in sage 300 for the customers are set to on hold. Once we remove the on-hold check, quantities start appearing on IC Location details >> Qty on S/O.


  • Colorado Retail Delivery Fee

    In the state of Colorado there is now a Retail Delivery Fee.  It is a fixed fee of $.27 per invoice whenever any of the items on an invoice are sales taxable.  I have been unable to find a way to accommodate this fee in the Sage 300.  Taxes could work except…

  • Deactivating tax authorities

    Hi everyone, I started using an AP automotation software by Beanworks which is tied to our Sage 300 system. When I view our tax authorities within the Beanworks environment, it shows some tax authorities as inactive but when I go to the tax authorities…

  • PO Copying Feature

    Hey Everyone, 

    I am trying to copy from PO to PO.  However, on the original PO we have modified the description.  When we use the copy feature it doesn't copy over the modified description.  Is there a setting that I am missing?

    The reason I ask is because…

  • AR National Accounts - On Hold but the Child accounts are still open?

    I thought you were able to put the national account on hold and that would force the "on hold" to all the child accounts?  What method would be the easiest to put all the child accounts on hold as well so that people can't keep entering orders…

  • OpsInquiry IC Item Inquiry BOM Description blank

    A client relies heavily on OpsInquiry.

    In IC Item Inquiry, on the BOM tab, all columns show data except "Description", which is very important for the client. I ahve confirmed that description are not blank in the corresponding BOM.

    This behaviour…

  • Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not available

    We just installed a new endpoint protection and I've entered the file and folder exceptions from our previous endpoint protection however, all of our users are getting an error popup after logging into the Sage 300 Desktop. Once they've logged in and…

  • Sage 300 and Microsoft Graph

    Has anyone managed to successfully set up and email using the new Microsoft Graph option?

    I have gone through the process that Ron Fernandez put up in June.  I can send an email using a powershell command with that setup, but I'm just getting the standard…

  • Disabling "Clear History" in G/L Periodic Processing for certain users

    Hi have been trying to figure out how I can disable "Clear History" for certain Users.) (last item in screengrab)

    Tried unticking "Period End Maintenance" and "History/Budget Maintenance" - both did not work. ( please see list of options for…

  • Cost center

    How can i use cost center concept without adding GL code in Sage 300. according to my consultant, there is no option for use Cost center. He suggest  GL will maintain for several cost center and for serious location. I.e if we have 10 Department in my…

  • Inventory Control > I/C Items and PriceLists > Customer Details

    My clients runs Sage 300 2012 with all service packs installed with the modules - G/L,A/R,A/P,I/C,P/O and O/E activated. They can't be able to see the icon for Inventory Control > I/C Items and PriceLists > Customer Details on the Sage 300 Desktop.…

  • Sub-Ledger G/L Integration - Transactions Configuration

    Why or why has Sage still not implemented export/import for the sub-ledger G/L Integration Transactions UI?!  Such a tedious task when it could simply be imported!

    This feature request has been in the Ideas list and voted on for a long time!

    Vent over…

  • Optional field error

    I tried to insert value in option but I get an error

    "Optional Field Value. Attempt to modify a different record than was retrieved."

  • PJC pass though costs based on timecards


    Hi we are using Basic projects, Time and Materials, with Accrual-Basis as the accounting method.

    In PJC, we upload timecards that reference a number of labor costs that should post to individual categories (there is one to one match). Some of these…

  • Web Screens Error: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.

    I am getting an error "Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information." when opening Sage 300 2022 web screens.

    The homepage/login page cannot load. Everything on Web Screens was…

  • PJC: Cost shows in wrong currency


    I have setup a project for Nigeria (currency NGN). The customer is linked to an NGN AR account set, the project account set is in NGN. I can see that the Categories in the project show the NGN exchange rate on top right of the screen.

    When I input…

  • What happen to the transaction when user is removed?

    Hi all,

    In my customer company, a user has resigned and they would like to remove the user from Sage 300. But before we remove it, we would like to confirm the following:

    What will happen to the transaction if the user who created it is resigned/removed…

  • Session Date Can not Changes

    Hi All

    When open Sage 300 Desktop, at login screen have session date, can we setting that session date can not changes?

  • What do the different Customer Types mean? Base...1,2,3,4,5?

    When looking at a Customer record, on the Invoicing Tab, the Customer Type has the choices of Base, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

    What are the meaning of each of the Types and where can I set these?

  • Customers - On hold.

    We're currently having a unusual issue where customers are being putting on-hold without a manual input. Is it possible for customers to be on-hold automatically through a setting?

  • Sage 300 Web Screens are not saving user settings

    I am not able to get column widths to stick on Web Screen forms. For example when I log in as a user and open O/E Order Entry web screen and adjust the widths in the details section, when I return after logging out and back it, the widths revert back…

  • Stuck splash screen on Server 2019 published app. Can it be disabled?

    Hi I'm publishing Sage 300 using Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop published app.   

    It works great, except there is a documented bug with this version of RD whereas splash screens persist in the foreground and do not disappear.     This issue did not exist…