• Download the Sage300 v2023

    Where can l download the Sage300 v2023 suite ?

  • Sage 300 Web screen - Password change no prompt or warning displayed on web screens.

    The user password for our Sage users (Sage 300 web screens 2023 advance security) has expired.

    On the desktop version, there is a prompt to change your password; however, there is no prompt or warning displayed on web screens.

    Is there a different…

  • Account Code Change 7.0A is not backward compatible with Order Entry


    I have a company database in which Order Entry was not activated as it's not in use.

    I tried to change Account Code but I got error `Account Code Change 7.0A is not backward compatible with Order Entry`

  • Sage300 Node js API

    Hello, we built a web Point of sales app and we want to integrate some api from sage300  (sales api, inventory, customer info api). we only want some of our api to integrate with sage300. please how do i start ?

  • How to reverse an AR Refund Entry that do not have Bank Code?

    Hi All,

    I posted an AR Refund Entry that is using Cash Payment, No Bank Code, use Cash Account instead.

    It does not have a Bank Code so I cannot use the Reverse Transaction from Bank Transaction.

    Any other way to reverse this refund?

    Thank you

  • Quantity on S/O amount missing In IC Location Details in Sage 300 for on hold customers


    Can any one help with why qty on sales orders is missing in IC location Details in sage 300 for the customers are set to on hold. Once we remove the on-hold check, quantities start appearing on IC Location details >> Qty on S/O.


  • Sage 300 2023.1.0 - Web Screen Print Destination> Preview | Print to Email

    Utilizing Sage 300 2023.1 to access Sage300. How can the print destination be modified using Web screens?

    Currently, whenever we print any report, a new tab is opened with a file format menu [PDF, Excel, Word, etc.].

    In addition, how email functionality…

  • Print Preview Screen never finishes and can't close to continue

    They are able to print to email with no issues, print to printer with no issues, but about 20% of the time when they print preview it will start, takes about the regular amount of time, just when it's about to display the results to the screen it locks…

  • sage 300 2022 product update 4

    Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone has Sage 300 2022 Product Update 4 release notes or what's new in release ?

    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

  • Deactivating tax authorities

    Hi everyone, I started using an AP automotation software by Beanworks which is tied to our Sage 300 system. When I view our tax authorities within the Beanworks environment, it shows some tax authorities as inactive but when I go to the tax authorities…

  • Disconnect from database

    I just installed Sage 300 v2021 on a client workstation.  Full install of the software plus PU3.

    The server is remote and the workstation is connected thru a VPN.

    I logged into Sage as ADMIN and it seemed to be working fine.

    I actually logged into several…

  • Lot number and Serial Number in IC not found

    Hi all,

    On a Server, we have install a Sage 300, and have the Serialized Inventory and Lot Tracking 2022 checked during the installation. However, the module does not appears on the License manager or data activation.

    Please guide be how to solve this…

  • What Sage 300 2022 program screen ID is ZX1000?

    What Sage 300 2022 program screen ID is ZX1000?

    On one customer site, when logged into Sage 300 2022 PU2 Advanced as ADMIN, the Help/Current users - Show Screens option sometimes shows ADMIN is in AS9010 Desktop and ZX1000. As far as we know, user ADMIN…

  • Supplier profirna invoice

    Our customer is looking to record proforma suppliers invoice and allocate payments to it. Has anyone got a system to do this. 

    I did suggest creating a po and allocate payments to supplier but he says there is no record on supplier of what proforma the…

  • SAGE 300 Web API | EFT Customer


    I have a customer that has the SAGE 300 Web API setup.

    One of the requirements from the customer is to get data from a web form and update the AR Customer and also update the EFT Customer.

    I wanted to do everything via Web API but apparently, the Web…

  • Functional Currency and Home Currency

    we have a client running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    Being an International Company, we have set their functional currency as USD and our Country Currency is KSH. Our Tax authority want all Invoices to be printed in KSH. For Kshs customers…

  • Does anybody know what table and field the Notes module stores the note status? (Active, Future, Expired, Dismissed)

    I see there are 4 tables for KN module.  KNNOTEH is the main one.

    KNNTDIS is apparently to make a list of notes that have been dismissed, however, these records remain if you restore the note so this cannot be where Sage records the note status. 
    KNSEQ just…

  • Printing Multiple Invoices

    Hello everyone, this there a way to print multiple invoices under a customer number at once? (I use Sage300)

    Example: A customer sends me a list of multiple invoices that they need. I don't want to search each invoice individually and save as a pdf and…

  • Financial Statements fails to open in MS Office 2019 Pro Plus

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know a solution to this error when running G/L Financial Reporter to Print Financial Statements? We are using Sage 300 2022 and 32-bit MS Office 2019 Pro Plus on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. I've enabled all macros and did a repair…

  • Anyone having issues with Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 Installation

    Currently unable to complete the install of Sage 300 2022 Product Update 2 - the install shield keeps been suspended for over 40 minutes

    Gets to this point and no further:

    And the install shield:

    Any ideas on how to get past this?

  • Sage 300 Integration

    Hi Everyone, 
    I am working on one sage integration with python web application and I want to send data from python application and create customer in sage. I am using desktop version of sage. My question here is if the API https://cdn.na.sage.com/docs/en…

  • Increasing the Size for G/L Account Description to 120 Characters

    My client is running Sage 300 Premium Edition Version 2020.

    They want the G/L Account Description field to be increased to 120 Characters. Is there an available utility for doing this? How can I achieve it in the easiest way possible?

    All responces will…

  • Item Segment Length Change


    When I try to change the segment length I am getting the following error.

    How can I change the segment code length?

    Sage version: Sage 300 Standard(version 2019)


    Does someone have a template that I can use for importing invoices into SAGE 300 AP using Excel?  I tried an export but the arrangement of the output doesn't make sense for a template.  Also, I cannot locate the function to import.  So I am not sure…

  • Vendor Item Number vs Manufacturer Item Number


    In IC, is there a way to put a Manufacturer name? I saw Vendor Name in Vendor Details, but this only for Vendors and not Manufacturers.