• Can Sage 300 web works with proxy (through Azure)?

    Hi all,

    I know that the Sage 300 web is a bit slow through VPN (by experience and have been discussed on Sagecity as well). I would like to know if Sage 300 can work with proxy through Azure, and how is the performance? 

    thank you

  • Sage Upgrade


    We want to upgrade one of our Sage databases to Sage 2017, while maintaining the other databases temporarily on Sage 300 ERP 6.0. The network will be same but different application and database servers. Will there be any major issues?


  • Sage & Orion

    Hi Support,

    We are using Sage 300 ERP 6.0 for our group of 3 companies. At present, we have one application server and multiple DB's and Terminal server for other 2 companies. One of the sister companies will be implementing Orion POS in the near future…

  • Is there an "inactivity" or "timed-out" setting on AccPac/Pervasive?

    Hi everyone,

    We are a small setup (with about 5 concurrent users) with an antiquated AccPac version 5.4A/Pervasive 9.6 system. This has been running well, until the network guys segmented the AccPac client-users to a separate VLAN from the servers.