• Sage 300 Integration with AQ and Procore

    Hey guys,

    First things first, I'm extremely green to Sage 300 and I'm looking for as much information as I can possibly get together. 

    Long story short, I want to get my company integrated with Procore and Auto Quotes. AQ is a must as it's industry…

  • Sage 300 erp webapi get error


    I m trying to call sage 300 erp webapi - arcustomer, but I m getting dblinkerror

     I m just trying to make a call using swagger using proper credentials 

    but I get the error below, upon a couple of web readings and blog posts…

  • Sage 300 Webapi error -DBLinkError


    I m trying to call a sage300 webapi - for ARCustomers in swagger, without this i wont be able to deploy my  custom app

    log and screenshot attached

     the following test has been conducted

    1. The user credentials and company ID you are using are right…
  • Sage300 Node js API

    Hello, we built a web Point of sales app and we want to integrate some api from sage300  (sales api, inventory, customer info api). we only want some of our api to integrate with sage300. please how do i start ?

  • Unable to post IC Transfers Transit Receipt via webAPi

    Good Day,

    I'm using sage 300 (2023).

    I'm trying to use IC Transfers via webAPi

    I have two operations succeeded

    1- Direct Transfer

    2 - Transit Transfer

    Yet when I try "Transit Receipt" i receive the following error "You cannot import transit…

  • Orchid Notes in OE

    After upgrading Sage 300 from 2019 to 2022 Orchid Notes are not working properly on Order Entry. Any notes related to Items will not display in OE, all other notes, like from AR, working fine. Any tips?

  • SAGE 300 integration with Woocommerce?

    I want to integrate woocommerce with sage 300 how can i do that? How to get SAGE 300 API?

    we are having a SAGE 300 On Premises version

    300 Premium (Version 2020)

  • Sync data by Entities/Subsidiaries from Sage 300

    Hi Team,

    Please, help me with the following question.

    Is it possible to create a few Entities or Subsidiaries at the Company level in Sage 300?

    For example, I have a company SAMLTD.

    In the company SAMLTD, I want to add a few Subsidiaries.





  • Web API for Sage 300 login Screen

    Does sage provides Web API for Sage 300 login Screen. I need it to integrate with another system. 

  • InfoPos


    Does anyone know if Infopos operational.

    Seem to be having issues getting in touch with them and clients are reporting very delayed response times in relation to support.

    If I have to plan to swap out these Pos anyone got any good suggestions?


  • Warning! LanPak Total Exceeded


    We have a customer with 75 lanpak. They have several applications that use COMAPI.  We often receive the error "You have reach the maximum number of concurent users... " from our application. In the event viewer we see ACCPAC - Warning! Lanpak total…

  • Shipping integration with Sage 300

    Good Morning Everyone, 

    First off Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! 

    We would like to integrate Purolator, FedEx, Canada Post and several other couriers with Sage 300 so the warehouse staff isn't manually entering the same shipping info again into each…

  • Sage 300 EDI in US


    We have a customer who is looking to use Walmart and Lowes and I am interested to know what partners use in the US for EDI solutions with Sage 300.

    We do work with Companies in Australia but was looking for some experience from the US partners in relation…

  • Equipment Loan Booking System


    I have an existing Sage 300 Customer looking for a system that allows for Equipment to be loaned out to Customers.

    Some of the desired features are

    • "Tracking system to log:
      • Who
      • When / how long
      • Why
      • Maintenance (recording, scheduling)
      • Financials…
  • Sagekit a Ruby client library for Sage300 API

    Six months ago I have decided to build a Ruby client library to interact with the Sage300 API. I never imagine this gem will reached 5000 downloads. I'm reaching out to finally share this gem with the community. It is released under the MIT license and…

  • Office Repair due to email integration repeatedly breaking

    We are having to do a Microsoft Office repair 2-3 times a month for our Sage 300 clients that use Outlook email integration (not SMTP) to send invoices. The problem appears to happen after automatic Office updates according to our IT department. Clients…

  • Integrate Sage300 with Moodle

    Installed Sage300 in WAMP localhost and Moodle4.0. Could you guide me with integrating Sage300 with Moodle4? Your support is appreciated.

  • SAGE 300 Web API | EFT Customer


    I have a customer that has the SAGE 300 Web API setup.

    One of the requirements from the customer is to get data from a web form and update the AR Customer and also update the EFT Customer.

    I wanted to do everything via Web API but apparently, the Web…

  • Sage 300 2022 API


    Does Sage 2022 allow API calls via COM?  We use Sage 2014 where we utilize A4WCOM.dll as a COM object.  Can't seem to do the same with Sage 2022.  I read somewhere that it's now a web API call

    Thanks for any info

  • LanPak License error on all 3rd Party Integrations (using Accpac Advantage wrapper library) after Sage 300 2019 PU8 to Sage 300 2022 PU1 upgrade

    We are having the following error with our Sage 2022 PU1 3rd party products (Sage users are fine): "You have reached the maximum number of concurrent users for your LanPak license"

    The following two 3rd party integrations are failing with the…

  • SAGE 300 Web API | Issue | dbslink.c - 1274 - ==>No free links


    We are doing an Accounts Payable integration with Docuware and Sage 300.

    We asked our customer Sage consultant to provide Sage 300 Web API so we could do the integration by just doing the communication via HTTP requests.

    Sage 300 (formerly ACCPAC…

  • Sage 300 Office 365 Support

    Hi everyone,

    Does Sage 300 latest version - 2022 . supports Office 365? Does FR already works with 365 64 bits? Any comments working Sage 300 with Office 365? What version of 365 it is compatible?

    Thank you

  • OEOrders WebApi Post Error Using new IC Locations

    Does anybody have any idea why we get errors when posting to the OEOrders endpoint when using new IC Locations?  I can't figure out what the difference is between the locations.

    Endpoint: localhost/.../OEOrders


      "CustomerNumber": "HUS001",…

  • Sage 300 Premium (Version 2022) Software Integration Documentation

    This is my first time working with Sage software.

    I have a Python web application running on the same Microsoft Server as Sage 300 Premium (Version 2022). When a payment is completed through the web application I need to associate the payment, payment source…

  • The underlying connection was closed: A connection that was expected to be kept alive was closed by the server

    We are using API while pushing data from a 3rd party software to Sage 300.

    Entry per batch consist of maximum of 3000 per entry but not all batches has this qty. 

    Before all posting went well until this month we notice  that some entries  are not being push…